We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
i've landed

well, i'm now posting this entry from Singapore. all about India is over. but the memories will never fade away....

i actually enjoyed the last day of my det. after work, my room-mates planned a dinner out together with their MSG and i was asked to tag along. and so, we went out to buy lots of food and drinks and snacks.. and we travelled to their MSG's room to set up a feast there.. we placed out all the food and we all digged in like hungry pigs.. 14 chicken rolls, 3 bags of noodles, 2 whole chicken, 3 packs of salad, 2 big different flavored nuns, 7 pepsis, 3 bags of potato chips, and the list just goes on and on and on.. we were so full in the midst of eating.. and so much laughs during our meal-time where jokes mainly came from audric.. it was really a great bonding session. even the senior WO came over and chatted with us, joked around and had fun..

after that, i went back to look for PJ, just to find out he was playing game. so i went back to pack my stuff and played psp.. it was a while after he was done with his game and he came over to look for me and we headed over to the other mess to watch the Champions league.. he's probably the only one or one of the few that i talked about soccer and will be willing to watch..

since we were early, we watched the ukraine's champ vs the russian's champ.. well, it ended up 0-0 and we had lots of comments to shot.. haha.. then he went outside to chat with the cool breeze against us.. we actually were very real with each other, chatting anything and everything under the sun.. and i love chatting with him cuz he was frank and was willing to share.. and i felt comfortable talking to him.. and so, we chatted until the match we had been waiting for-Barca vs Inter.. and so, no doubt barca is a good team that played beautiful football and they dominated Inter.. after 20mins and it was already 2-0.. great! but then, as we were enjoying the match, all of a sudden, a blackout occured.. it caught both of us by surprise.. as first, we thought it might be lighted up again but as we waited in the total darkness for more than expected, we decided to leave the dark room, with the light from my ipod leading us out.. we were stunned when we saw street lights and the far away buildings were black, and outside was nothing but black.. and so, we sat down and chit-chatted, with the stars so beautiful, hanging above the sky and the cold weather so soothing.. we talked from the east to the west, north to the south.. oh, and he reminded me of jones (long story).. well, after a while, i started sharing my life and testimony with him, how God brought me from then till who i am now.. as i think about it now, perhaps the blackout wasnt coincident but a time for me to share christ to him.. and i pray he will one day accept Jesus as his personal Lord and saviour.. ya.. we had so much to share and i learnt a lot of things about him too.. well, it was an experience and i was quite happy i wasnt alone.. but of course, i'm used to blackouts as i experienced it a lot of times in Thailand.

at last, the lights came on, after many false hopes where the lights blinked once.. as we went back to continue the match, it was about 70mins++.. so, we counted a good 45mins we spent during the blackout.. haha.. the match then ended 2-0, and i'm glad i managed to see the two goals scored earlier the match.. but pj was sad cuz his beloved liverpool is out of the champions league despite winning their game..

after that, we had a slow stroll back.. and the weather was so cold, we shivered throughout the journey.. funny part was, pj got lost with words again, and even said a few words wrongly.. hahaha.. it was so funny and that always make my day happier..

the next morning was bad.. damn i was angry with myself.. i misplace the ipod cable which i borrowed from a friend. i kept it well until yesterday when i borrowed to somebody and i cannot remember where i left it after somebody returned it to me.. i was quite moody the whole morning.. i searched high and low but to no avail.. that adds on to my misery of leaving my friends in a few hours time.. but i managed to pull away with a smile when they were around.. and let me take this time to thank each of them.. my room-mates were fantastic, a blessing to me.. zk, although quiet but he was generous, willing to offer many snacks to me; kwek was very helpful and gave me many advices on games; brendan was very friendly, and is also generous with his tibits; audric has been one of the greatest entertainment to me, hurmorous and made me comfortable mixing with the group of friends. he often cheers me up and was willing to talk to me and listen to my stories; ben is friendly and nice to me; xiao pang is like the group leader of us, and he was a great man, took great care of me and treated me like one of them. very nice person, always very concern about me and willing to go all out to help me when i was in need.. i was really grateful for all of them. of course(cause "lols), not forgetting the medic pj whom i got closer towards the ending of det. he was a great companion, friendly guy when you get to know him, fun and funny, someone whom i will really treasure. i truly thank God for each and everyone of them cuz without them, this det would be meaningly and lifeless to me.

now back in singapore, alone in my room, thinking of the good times, the good laughs, the fun times, the running, the soccer, the badminton, the jokes, the cold nights, the performance night, the jamming session, the live soccer maraton, the viewing of aircrafts, the orchard rd, bugis street, the snoring, the mahjong session, the ass-hole tai di, the bridge game, the daily facebook session, the chit-chats, the...... the.... the......

i hope those relationships we built we last and continue even when we are back in singapore, even when we are not living near each other.. and hope those memories will never ever fade..