We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, August 27, 2011
Day can't get any better

a day to remember
26 August 2011
where we spent almost the whole day together.
i guess it's the simple actions that can allow us to feel that we care and love each other..
and i know that i see what others dont see in you..
thanks, for a special day i can write in my memories..
i will be there for you.
always. as long as it is you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
the beauty of life

I thank God for placing you into my life..
in actual fact, sometimes, even the waves wont always be calm..
but i know no matter how long or hard i endure,
the storm will always come to an end..and i truely saw the beautiful things in life..
and tasted the wonderful fruit i've planted since i met you..
seriously, it's been a while since i felt so much for somebody..
and i am grateful that i can see the many colours in life you've brought upon..
although i get hurt easily at times,
but i know that these are signs that i cared and loved too much..
sometimes, i wonder if you felt that too..
and in my cup, God's blessings overflows..
and i will do all i can to fill yours too..
everything i felt was real..
everytime i held your hand, i knew i could do more for you..
everytime i hugged you from the back, i knew you deserve more than other children..
life is unfair.. but angels are real..
they are there to balance things..
and i hope that i did enough..i feel your struggles.. and i hear your cries..
and i wished i could carry your burdens together with you..
and to give you a hope..
cuz when everything fails, everyone voids..
i'm here.. here to stay, and here to shelter..
under my wings, i will protect you..
no, i wont.. no i will never..
the ceasing of my unconditional love..
even when i shut my eyes, you presence felt..
my small little dreamland open doors for you..
i know it is you..
be it in the cave of fire, or by the green pasture..
it's not you i'm against.. it's the behaviour..
but you, i shall love...

Friday, August 12, 2011
win or lose?

to be honest, for things that i think i can excel or do well, i put pride into it and aim for glory or triumph, or at least my best.. however, when i played badminton with this kid one of the days, i was so willing to lose.. it brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face whenever i saw him cheer and jumped for joy in victory..

it's worth losing to you =)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Ah Fu's birthday!!! :)

i was invited to one of my student's birthday party..

and so came that sunday i was looking forward to..
i still remember the day when i asked him what present did he want. and he said anything except childish things.. and so i said "what about WII?" my gosh, the expression on his face was priceless.. it was like a begger who saw a pile of gold bars.. if i were colour blind, he face would have taught me colours.. lol~ okay, exaggerating, but then again, it was really funny.. his desire was revealed.. and so he replied, "errr.. very expensive leh.. but if you can buy then okay lor." and there, he blushed.. cannot forget that expression.. :) well, i wished i got what he wished for.. but nah... lol~ even if i could, i couldnt.. anyway, i enjoyed the time there, together with some of my students..

took this photo as the kids sang the birthday song..

and then i gathered some of my kids...

my individual shot with him.. :) i like..

and so, i seek for a second shot.. but then....... ya, as it was shown in the photo.. however, it turned out exceptionally nice and natural.. right?

and so, the better shot.. =D

we spent the night at my kid's house.. and so, had a great time chatting with his brother while my birthday boy entertained his invited guests.. it was definitely fruitful and enjoyable as i thought it was really a bonding time for both of us.. (btw, both the brothers are my students)

birthday boy's brother..
and this was one of his bday present..

the day did not really end well.. but then, i thought that i shouldnt be dwelling on things that were not worth dwelling on, although i did dwell on it a while.. but i looked at the photos with my birthday boy, it puts a smile on my face.. i guess that's worth dwelling on.. great day.. :)

but why? though i know you wont hunt me as bad...

but why arent you the one i like the most?