We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
sunshine after the rain

you're my sunshine after the rain

okay... as what i've stated, i booked this day for my little sunshine sotaro... towards the end of tuition, i was starting to get nervous... haha... having the thought of going to meet him made me excited and anxious... i rushed home quickly after tuition and bladed to sotaro's house...

when reached, the maid prepared dinner for us first while we play balloon in the room with the kids... he used the balloon stick to hit while i took a blue hanger... can you spot me holding the hanger? haha...
then, right after dinner, we quickly took our stuff and went downstairs... just the two of us~! i helped with him all the gears and guards... see how excited he looked? haha... and the forth pic in this college shows 2 of our blades that looked quite similar... red and black base... haha... twins blades!

okay... before we go, photo please~...

okay... here we blade~!!!

aiyoooo, so fast fall down~... haha... stand again!

haha... it's so funny looking at how he walks...

alright... after tired of playing our blades, we had a soccer session!

wa~*exhausted* we played till night... as we took a break, sotaro was on my lap as we looked through photos and videos in my hp...
then, it was our turn to take photo... see how retarded we look... haha..

i love this!
*cute but not so cute* what's the sound of "m" and "u"? haha...
okay... i wonder what i was doing....

haha.. it was such a great and wonderful time spent together... there were unforgetable moments, moments of laughter, moments of love... nothing can compare... went back at about 930pm... johanan reads my blog and i tell you, he's gonna get so jealous... but what to do? have to take turns...hhahaha...

then, i was invited in for supper... his mum was kind to make bread for us... i had like 3 and it was very filling... she also introduced me to a "Walnut milk" which i've never tried before... at first, i was hesitant, knowing that i dislike nuts... however, since i'm a milk-lover, i decided to try it and it turn out quite nice... i had like two big cups of that... hahaaha...

my boy uttering grace

this is proven that how kids loved electronics... sotaro's 2nd sister was playing with my camera and she took like millions of photos, from books, to pictures, to posters, to bags, to everything in the house... haha... and all the unglam photos were captured... haha... but smart me did not post all lah~... haha... okay, some of them...
then, once we were done for supper, his mum drove me to johanan's place to collect something from his mum... it was an amusing ride home... it was sotaro's mum first attempt in driving her husband's car(since he's now in japan)... haha... she turned on the wiper like 3 times when she was suppose to do signal... (because in her previous car, the position of the wiper was the signal) haha... anyway, when reached johanan's place, you could see how johanan looked... aiyooo, so *.* when he saw me sitting beside sotaro... haha... well, i hope he could sleep well tonight... yupp.. then, sotaro's mum drove me home... aiyo, i was so pai seh when she wanted to drive me... but then again, thank you... i'm grateful~... appreciated!

thank you for such a day
please do not be afraid of me
because i still love you
like 9528327956134 times...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
boring day

boring day

i was suppose to stay at home to plan all my birthday stuff... and as i woke up at about 10am, i started doing invitation cards and other stuff... knowing that today, the class i always play soccer with had their outdoor/playground time, i was distracted already... at about 12noon, i shut down everything i was doing and went to st annes to play with the kids...

as i reached st annes, just to find out the kids were lining up beside the playground.. at first, i was quite excited about it... but, as josiah saw me, he signalled me with many hand signs... hahaha... from what he signalled, it was very clear that they dont have outdoor time... yea, the previous night was raining very heavily... so, i guess it's wet in the playground... oh well...

the two bored boys in class...
fine... and worse still, i dont know my work schedule... usually, by sunday or monday, i would know what day i'm working... and by today, i was still doubtful of whether i was being scheduled or not... i was just afraid that i end up not going to work when i was being scheduled, like what happened the previous time... (i was being scheduled but i did not go because assistant manager supposed to sms me but ended up did not and i had a conflict with boss...) so, i sms both the assistant manager and boss whether i was scheduled... the funny thing was, i got the both reply.. however, boss said i was not scheduled.. assistant manager said i was down for work... my goodness~!!! so, i called one of my friends working there to check for me and she told me i wasnt working... zzzzzz! boring... oh well, i went to gave one of my kids tuition and went home...

not long, johanan called me... since he was absent for so long from school due to chicken pox, he got back many homework from school today... so, on the phone, i told him to call me after he finished his homework.. but in a moment, he called back.. reason being, he did not know how to do them... so, i tried to help him... for some, i could... (he spelt out everything on the worksheet and i had to write down all of them and understand what was on the worksheet... at times he would mix up "b" and "d"..) till i couldnt understand what he was saying, i told him i would go down personally and teach him... (because only his grandma was at home but doesnt recognise english and since i had no work, i went down)

taught him at the pool side under his house... it was quite cooling... reading for him and helping him understand...
okay... once done, it's camera time!
(aiyooo hair messy!!)

okay... had dinner at his house and then rushed home to reply my little sunshine sotaro's email... haha... he called me and told me i've got two darlings and one is johanan... and i asked, who's the other one and he said "Me.!" haha... okay... tomorrow i booked my day for sotaro at night for a blading session!! weee~

i'm disappointed in you today
and guess
my sunshine just overwriten your place
try hard, kid...

Monday, February 25, 2008
jo at the clinic


i was free at about 7pm and since i was on my way back and my little boy johanan told me on the phone earlier that he had an appointment at the clinic nearby, i decided to pop by to check out on him... at first, he didnt see me... i was standing outside for quite a while and he was playing at the little house in the clinic... just when he spotted me, i could see his smile widen and joy filled his eyes... he came outside and sat with me... oh gosh, that was a time of my life... cannot decribe, can be felt only... anyway, took two photos only but i was like very satisfied with the two... haha...

yup... and we were singing away outside... here's a video of our duet... hahaha... he havent really master the song.. so, just me singing with lyrics and him harmonizing along... haha...

please stop the "imeem" song at the side of the blog and listen to our duet... it wont take long.. hahaha...



after a while, i saw someone familiar... ETHAN JAMES!!! hahaha... and i tested him something; "what's me name?" and he remembered... "joey kor kor" as he answered... haha... took a photo with me and this johanan was like so jealous lah~!! never mind... shall not go into details...

okay... that's all... doc says that little chicken pox boy can go back school tomorrow lor~.. hahaha... see him tml! and i am going to prepare invitation cards to send soon!!! be prepared to receive them~!!!

yes, i can still feel like i'm hugging you

Sunday, February 24, 2008
2 bdays

two of my dearest birthday

i woke up today and realized it was like 850am. the thing is, church starts at 9am. well, i was really sorry and decided to do a pass for this week...

i left my house at about 12plus noon because i was invited to sotaro's 6th birthday party at mac...when i reached, the mother spotted me and told sotaro. he dashed to me and jumped as i caught him and placed him onto my lap... i wished him happy birthday and gave him his present. very soon, the father came over and took photo for us... he took photo for everyone with the birthday boy on his camera...
birthday boy and i
so, i started eating first and i ordered happy meal (kids) with nuggets, apple dippers and milo... before i ate, i always pray and sotaro always follows me... and i love to take photo of him praying...
okay!! eat~~!!!some of his friends...
after that, it's game time!! the kids when outside mac to play while i stayed inside and chatted with a friend who was working at mac... then, when the kids finished their games, it was time to cut the cake...

make a wish!

then, we ate our cakes and the kids got their goody bags... hahaha... i suppose to have one but i gave it away to some kid... and oh, i saw donavan's mum there... a kid i taught in pap last year...alright, the kids were running around mac... i was then chatting with sotaro's mum... anyway, since i told the mum i had another party to go, except it would be at 7pm, she suggested me to go her house first... well, i was okay... hahaha... happy lah~! and before we left, i had some photo session with him but did not take much cuz he's not like johanan, with many expression...

hahaa.. and then, these were taken on his dad's car...

and i gave my little boy something to wear while i snapped a shot of this... i then remembered he got a cap that looked like mine too... see...then, when reached his house, it was time to OPEN PRESENT!!! first, the kids laid the presents nicely for photo session...

then, the mum was pushing me and asked me to join in the photo... i was like "aiyooo... not my birthday.. not my presents~..." and she continued to push... i was so awkward... haha..
anyway, this was my present... hahaa...
i tell you, these kids dont open the presents by tearing... they were train to open without any tears, slowly... and they really keep the wrappers after the opened the present... wa... i tell you, i open till i was all wet... perspire like siao... haha... see all the presents!!!
then, the mum cooked dinner for all of us... can see the cup on the top? haha... he started using it already...
see? haha... he was eating halfway when he stopped and ran towards me and said "teacher joey, the cup is too heavy." haha... i laugh.. i said he should train and have more muscle so he can carry next time... he can also use both hands to carry... so cute...
left his house about 645pm and his father drove me to sk mrt station... so nice of him... and both sotaro and his mum came along too... (:

met joy and wan at dhoby ghout. we walked towards paradize centre and cross over to Absolute haven, where we had our dinner with another dear birthday boy...

and here is the birthday boy opening our present...*happy*
alright... andrew was so kind, it was his treat... so, here's all the food... first, mushroom soup.
here's my main course, cod fish...
and here's joy's ribeye steak...
that's about it... haha.. didnt take other's food... anyway, the taste was not that bad... after food, it was time for our birthday cake for the birthday boy!!! funny ah... he's allegic to chocolate but still got a chocolate cake on his birthday... hahaha.. i would never ever have a prawn cake since i'm allegic to prawn... haha...
happy couple... hey... i was suppose to be in too~ lol*!

okay.. this, i cant do... a kiss...and we made him blow his cake from afar.. haha... *failed*

then, i helped him cut and distrubuted the cake... it was delicious... nutella cake from island creamery... you guys should try one day...

the apprentice without lina...
that's all for today... great and wonderful day...
after so many birthdays, i just hope mine come soon!! haha...

people reading, you're invited... lol~!! just state in the tagboard whether you're free on 15th march, sat anytime from 9am till 10pm... i'll tell you where again... the rule is, you have to wear YELLOW!!!

cant wait for my birthday!