We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
CNY photos

First day of CNY
my family

my sisters and I

Second day of CNY

i wore this green long sleeve shirt

Third day of CNY
My youngest 2 cousins

didnt really take a lot of photos... because was busy taking a lot of *ang pows*.. hahahaha...

Saturday, February 24, 2007
blessed day!!

it was a great and blessed day yesterday...

i was awaken by my hp ringtone.. it was Jorell at 750am... hahaa.. i was like drowsy when i spoke to him.. but, as promised, i was supposed to make them breakfast and bring them to school.. i quickly bathed after i put down the call and made breakfast for both his sister and him...

the egg bread I made

as soon as i'm done, i ran to their house to give them the egg bread... hahaa.. they love it!! :p it was shocking that they actually finished all of them...

Jorell eating

both of them eating

then, we were playing "Boogle" or something... after that, they changed into their uniform and we were off to their school..

Jorell and i

after sending them to school, i went to st anne's church kindergarten cuz it was my darling Sotaro's birthday!! yipee...


the little jap boy

Birthday boy and I

this morning, as i promised, i went to Sakae Sushi to buy some sushi for him and his family... (including his favourite salmon sushi). i didnt know it cost a bomb... -.-

as i delivered to their house, i noticed the door wasnt closed, just the gate... i was like strolling up and down with a pumping-fast heart... dunno what to say, how to react and all... so pai seh... just then, hte maid came out and i asked if they were around... phew~ they werent at home.. save all the troubles and nerves... so i passed her the sushi and said that this was for Sotaro... i thank her and i turned around and left.. suddenly, she called out, "you ko ko Joey right?" and i looked and her, gave a thumbs-up and smiled.. hahahaa...

great day!! (:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i cant believe what i saw just now!! this feeling is better than finding a million dollors on the floor!!
well, here it goes...

we had just finish visiting one of my mum's friend and was on our way home. as i sat behind my dad's mini pick-up, i saw IKEA ahead of me. however, my dad was on the right lane, waiting to turn right to TPE. i knocked from the back window and pointed to IKEA, which signified that i wanted to go there. so, without any hestitation, my dad left his lane and drove straight.

he parked his car and we were on our way to the foodcourt to eat some delicious meatballs and other delights. as i was walking to the escalator, i saw the small little indoor playground where parents can leave their child in there and shop peacefully. i was just "kpo-ing" and went to see the children. and guess what?


now, at this point of time you might just wonder, who's this koh person that will allow joey to be so happy than having a million dollar.

i got to know brandon in St Anne's Church Kindergarten (Year 1 Attachment) in 2004, when he's in Nursery. i was not very close to him then, but i know he existed because he's another Ah Beng in school, sort of the "Big Bully" type. well, in 2005, i was attached in St Anne's again and this time, i was assigned to be in his class. what made him special was his long pony tail at the back of his head, which was named "The Dragon Tail" by the teachers. as usual, i got very close to him cuz he's an Ah Beng. but other than that, i saw the beautiful side of him that attracted me. he cared for me and really loves me a lot. many hugs and kisses being exchanged. so, in March, i did not go St Anne's because i was having my final year exams. after my exams were over, i couldnt wait to go and look for me. Moreover, it was my birthday and i went back, specially to celebrate. to my disappointment, he left the school. his father withdrew him without a month's notice (some personal reason). i was so deeply hurt and sad. truly, i missed him like crazy. that was the reason why i keep a pony tail at the back of my head - to remember him. that didnt end like this. i was very determined to look for him even though i do not have any of his contacts. i asked soooooooo many people about him and many had no clue about him.

Brandon is in the middle. this is when he was in St Anne. check out his tail.

it took me almost 4 months then that one of the parents was able to tell me where he was studying then. i went down the school to search for him and for the first visit, the teacher told me that he was absent. sianz~ i did not give up. second trip, ya, he didnt come. few days later, i went there again and i found him!! both of us were like hugging in joy, so tightly.

brandon and i when i finally found him!!

be it his birthday, children's day or christmas, i never fail to leave him a card or a present outside his house (cuz i managed to get his address too). there was once when it was his birthday and i happened to be in Thailand. i made my friend to leave a present outside his house. hahaha.. i even called back and asked him if he did leave the present outside. hahha...

okay.. when i saw him, i heart started to pound like it's coming out. i told my parents to go and get a place in the foodcourt first. i was outside the indoor playground, trying to get his attention. 15mins later, i still couldnt get his attention. i even asked a girl in the playground to get number 54 here (cuz IKEA has this system where the child will where a number tag when they play). that girl went to tell the lady working there to get the number 54. hahaha.. i stopped his and told her never mind. so, i started to pray. i have got so much to talk to him about. i wanted to hug him again. i wanted him to see me. it took me so long just to get his attention. (that's the whole thing about children - egocentrism. when playing, they are not conscious about what's happening in the surroundings) we had eye contacts for many times but he had no reaction. till finally, when one of the children made him mad, he walked away from the slide and sat at the edge, facing where i was standing. i waved, i knocked on the glass screen, i was screaming his name inside my head. he looked up, he waved, he smiled. i thank God. he quickly came over and our hands were like against the glass screen. so dramatic but yes, it's like the scene in a jail where he's so near yet he's so far, you can see him but you can touch or hear him. i was dying to hear his voice. well, we looked for ways to say hi to each other. he crawled below, where there's an opening and he said hello... it was pathetic but i was already so happy. it's like the prodigal son, that he was lost but now, he's found and i really felt the feeling. then, i told him to go to the enterance of the playground. i touched his head and just then, his mum stood beside me. oh well, it's time for him to go home. but i was really satisfied and happy to see him. and i really appreciate how God has planned all this for me. i asked him if he remembered my name and he did not cuz he called correctly. hahhaa.. it was hard to say good-bye. i tell you, at that point when he turned and said bye, he smiled with both thumbs up at me, that remained in my head till now.

when i was on my dad's pick-up, i though... i should have wished him "Happy New Year"; i should have told him about my tail i kept; i should have told him "Where's your tail?"; i should have asked him "how's your brother?"; i should have taken a photo with him; i should have given him a hug before we depart. but, these are not important. lest i've got to see him after all these years.

thank you God...

i'll always think of him, especially when people asked me why i have a pony tail, why i keep an ugly tail, why you dont want to cut it. hey people, listen up, the above paragraphs are the reason why i have a pony tail. i wouldnt have time to tell you all so now, take time to read and understand. i am a "chi(1) qing(2)" person and i dont care if it's ugly or curly. it all because of him. hope you will understand after reading all these. i really love him and care a lot for him.


Monday, February 19, 2007
xin nian kuai le

i've finally gotten my New Year Clothes on the eve itself.. before i tell you what i bought, here are 2 options for you to guess... both buttoned-shirts took me very long to decide...

blue-red strip
green strips
okay... blue or green?

if you guessed the green one, you're...


WRONG! hahaha...
answer: the "blue-red strip"

it's very nice..!!! agree?


took some photos on this very first day of celebration...

Ethan and I

J, J, S

Yu Wei and Yu Wen

played mahjong at my ah ma's house and I won about $24.. yipeee~

at night, most of relatives went to Marina to play at the fun-fair... both Jarrel and I went to play the bumper car and we laughed like crazy... we played like twice and it was so fun... i sat alone on the first round and sat with Queenie, 6 on the second round... hahaha...

well, i'm very sleepy now... GONG XI FA CAI to all and if you're married, dont forget my......... :p

Friday, February 16, 2007
happy birthday, boy

it's my ah beng friend's birthday today... why ah beng? cuz he speak like one... hahaha.. every single adult from the principal to the teachers to the admin to the cleaners to the cook, he never fail to "got meh!? where got?" or "can also lah!!" to them... hahaa.. he actually said "white also can what!" to the principal today when the principal asked him why he wore white shoes today... hahaha..
i knew him since last year and got very close to him... it's just my cup of tea to blend well with ah bengs... hahaha... i'll never forget he used to tell me this, "i really like you leh~" with his ah beng accent.. haha... nonetheless, that was touching and heart-warming...
okay... i got up this morning and went down to compass point to buy his birthday gift. some shops werent open, and all the shops i went did not have what i wanted to buy... as i searched on, i found a very nice film strip photo frame that's only permit 2 photos. i wanted to buy one for myself too but it was out of stock... left one.. anyway, i got that photo frame for him with both of our photos in it... it's so nice!! :D

after i got the gift, i rushed down to st anne's church...

he look so "ah pek" in this outfit.

the only photo i had with him today.


my famous "shirt" present.. hahaha..

"Lord Jesus, i also really like you leh~"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
rusty entry



sorry... it's a little rusty in here.. hahhaa..
Happy Valentine's Day
okay... I'm like missing-in-action for almost a month... let me take you on a journey of the 3 weeks that had past...

1st and foremost, SCHOOL'S OVER FOR ME!!! YIPEEEEEEee~ yups... especially IEP, when all of us suffered so much from it... and here's our presentation photos...

my group mates

Andrew and I
Joy and I

Wan and I

having fun

The "Beng" and "Lian"

I was and is still so very busy with spring cleaning... may these picture speak of a thousand words to you cause i'm lazy to type them all.. hahaha...

Pardon me, this is my room before...

this is after i cleared..

me mopping

and if you are wondering where the stuff goes, they're all in the living room..

as i was cleaning my trophies, i decided to take a photo of it..

this is probably one of the most interesting medal i've got cuz it's the very first and still alive medal i've achieved... actually i won the 2nd runner up in baby contest and had a very huge trophy but i heard i dropped it and broke it.. so this is the oldest...
it says "Bean Bag Relay, Primary 3 boys"

this is very important to me and it's one of my favourites... the one and only person that has this in 2002... it's the individual champion.. given to only one girl and boy from each division...

oh.. i painted my entire room!! not very clear but it's in light blue..

last friday, Pats' School House had an outing and so Joy, Wan and I decided to join them... we went to Chinatown and it was a very memoriable and fun time together with my beloved kids and I miss them so much now... especially.......... u...

oh, and i made cookies for all of them right from scratch, right from flour and eggs and sugar... hahaa.. i'm so happy.. special thanks to Lynnette's ingredients and receipt, Lucy's patience and guidance...


last sunday, my group of friends, also known as the Apprentice, went to Batam, Indonesia for a one-night stay-over in Holiday Inn... we had so much fun from playing pool to playing table tennis to playing Cluedo to playing truth or dare to playing arcade to shopping to root beer float!! and here are the photos...

Waiting for boarding

Before boarding...

On the ferry!!

look at our hair!! hahaa...

check my friend out.. hahaa..

our room number..

view from the balcony

we are trying to balance..

YEAH!! A&W bear.. long time no see!!
(sorry, the photo is in the mirror image.)

the whole of last week except for friday and plus these 2 days, i've been going St Anne's Church Kindergarten to help relief the class with teachers taking MCs... i believe God gave me this opportunity to earn some pocket money for my new year clothes... hahaha... i had so much fun with the children, especially the nursery children... and as for one, whom most teachers would choose to avoid him, i had great fun and joy being with him... he's a mild autism and ADHD child... but despite of all the struggles and distractions, it's so exciting to try and enter his world and i felt so satisfied and happy cuz i believe i entered his world yesterday.. i took his class for relief teaching yesterday and man O man, all the complains i heard from the teaching about him hurting his friends and all, i see none of them... i truly believe that love heals it all and i will continue to shower my love of this kid... smile, i found another friend!! now, i'm trying to enter another child's world, whom had yet to speak to me since i met him... he's so so so quiet... i've only heard him say "yes"... i'll never give up!! :D

Happy Valentine's Day to the one I love most,