We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, November 30, 2008
one week after

oh yea, it's been a week and everything seemed to pass by very quickly.. no time to even breathe.. but at least now, i can quietly sit in front of the com to blog because my kid cancelled today's tuition.. so now i'm breathing!

some photos i uploaded, which was taken last week..

26 dec, wed..

as usual, brought my boy home from his class..
27 dec, thurs..

thanks to my officer, i managed to go in my base late.. so, i planned a breakfast with my two kids i havent seen for a while.. hahaa.. precious day...

jorell and his sis.. is she camera shy or she just dont want to take the photo? i donno~.. ha..
we dropped by st anne's a while and i saw some of my missed-dearly kids.. one of them was ernest!! *hugss*
28 dec, Fri.
and so, since it was no fly day, i actually went into the sqn late again.. and this time, i had breakfast with jireh!! haha.. so blessed..
and at night, i was invited to his grandma's house (just opposite my house and he stayed there since sunday) for dinner..
and he was wearing this shirt.. noticed anything? haha.. it's my surname there!! haha.. he knows it and he purposely wore that.. lol~..
then i saw this on his pants too.. haha.. and i told him that it was my club cuz it's J=Joey club.. then he said, no it was his, J=Jireh.. then i started laughing because i realized we were Js.. and i told him then it's our club and he blushed sia... hahaha...
after dinner, i asked him, or rather begged him for photo together.. but then he was so shy, rejected a few times before he agreed.. and know what, he said wait because he need to go style his hair and he left to the toilet... zzz~.. haha.. how cute that was..
actually all not very nice but looking at them reminded me of what happened there, and it brings a smile to my face..
after that, he came over to my place to play...
29 dec, Sat
i spared my sat morning just so to meet up with my little loved boy..
he so wanted to go to airport again but managed to convince him... in the end, we went IKEA~!!
and we had our lunch first.. it was great and cheap.. i actually like it..
he love this shark.. haha.. can you tell?
i know you can.. hahaa..
he went to play at the indoor playground while i played my psp.. and after a while, when i needed to go church soon, we left the place.. and of course not empty handed.. haha.. ICE-CREAM~!! nice nice~!!
on the bus, he was so hyper and cheeky.. haha..
loving day...
and finally, after two weeks of waiting.......
30 dec, Sun.
and i saw him~!! yes, he came.. haha.. my dearest Joseph.. OPPS~!! it's Gawain lah.. hahaha..
and i wont go off without a photo with him... i really miss him...
and i was stunned when i saw this kid.. haha.. ya, ethan, my dear one that came back from china for a performance.. so grown up already...
and my dear little handsome... thinking back, i used to pray hard to get to know him.. haha..
and now, they're my dearest two kids~!! *love them*
please come church next week~!!
and oh, for your info, i lost my bible.. sians~~!! i'm sure i left it in the MRT.. oh well...
left church before youth ended because i went to meet my two very close friends~!! yea, they entered army and meeting up has been tough.. this time, they called me out and i couldnt reject this once over the blue moon offer.. haha...

i'm really satisfied.. thank you God for you great plans.. i'm really happy, besides my work everyday.. haha.. oh, the thought of going work tml just killed all my happy thoughts.. chaos~

cant wait for sunday
cuz that's the only time i see you.
and what about you?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
my 3rd nov week

soME upDates
am using the com in my sister's room now.. now, frequently, you'll find me in her room, which doesnt happen when i have my laptop.. i have no choice.. haha.. psps...

anyway, one of the days during the week, think on monday, sotaro's mum sms me an MMS.. since i was in camp and i cannot carry any camera phone, i cant view the pic.. so, at night, when i opened the web of the MMS, to my horror, or maybe what i dont expect, i saw THIS~!! and it took me wondering for 5 sec who this guy was till i realized was my god-son.. hahaha.. alright.. met some of the AOS friends on this RSAF anniversary.. nice photo right? ;p
then, i received an unexpected invitation.. i wouldnt have imagined this day though.. it's one of my long-long-long-time-no-see kid from st anne's many years back...

presenting, JOACHIM goh!! (my damn com is spoilt.. if not i can upload my previous photo took with him like 2-3years ago.. exactly the same position, same place, same smile..) ah.. got another photo i took with him but i forgot to upload.. prob missed it.. and now my hp is with caroline.. never mind..

really miss those days with him. and i really enjoyed the short time together. thanks~!! on sunday, it was fund raising day~!! everyone got to wear red~!! and so, we did...
and my little buddy boy julian was wearing almost the same as my little boy.. so cute..
and here, i took a photo of him with his glasses on..
end of fund raising!! the red team~!!
and before we stepped out of church, we took a photo with this christmas tree.. just situated directly in the front of the main enterance. cant wait for chirstmas to come~!! season of giving!!
"long time ago, in bethlehem, so the holy bible says.........."
and so, we headed to vivo for a walk.. he claimed he was afraid of dogs and i brought him to one of the pet shops to view dogs.. it was a great experience for him and he in the end told me he loved them and wanted to have a hamster and a dog at home..
then we went out for a walk...
till we see the weather coming in.. saw that on the left top?
okay.. dark clouds.. but my purpose for this shot was the christmas tree..
a fine day out..

last monday, dont know what made me call nic up and ended up spending my max-ed out day with him.. and i tell you, it's worth it.. i really enjoyed his presence...
he was concentrating playing his game..
this is cute but it's blur.. well, you get what we mean can already.. hahaha...

really made me feel energized even after my long day of work and was shagged out... and hoping for the next meet.. monday again? =D

and this morning, i had breakfast with Jorell and Jordyn.. been a long time since i met them.. really had a great time together.. pic during the next post~!!

and tomorrow morning, am meeting jireh kong for breakfast!! cant wait... hope i wont be late for work! (:

all i want for chirstmas is...
always you... and i mean You..

Thursday, November 20, 2008
lappy down

Dear readers,

I'm truly sorry.. not that i'm closing my blog, but my laptop is down!! down as is not working.. therefore, i cannot upload any photos, update as often as i can (though i dont update that often)..

i've got a few exciting news to share but they should be accompanied by photos.. haiss.. well, have to wait for the right time to come..

okay, i just watched st anne's year end concert disc.. almost cried, if it wasnt the fault of the camera.. but videoing.. hate it.. but then again, i really miss those days with my kids!! :'(

okay.. pray hard, though it's almost impossible, to get my lappy back!! worse still, ALL MY PHOTOS IN THERE WILL BE GONE!!! can imagine how much photos i have in it?! #$%^& damn..
sometimes, i just hate my job
i'm tired of it..
i need some love,
i need some quiet time,
i need some comfort.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
sunday blues

boring boring boring..
(*currently at my cousin's house)

slept almost 4am last night and had to wake up at 7 for church.. called sotaro but he was still sleeping.. the maid was not very helping too.. so, i didnt bring him to church..

during the kids' worship, was really eager to see my kids especially gawain.. but then, after a while, i lost hope.. true enough, he didnt come too... haiss.. what a morning.. i really misses him..

actually planned to go FOOD FAIR at singapore expo with sotaro today but he wasnt with me.. it was really a waste because food fair was held once a year *i think*... well, i didnt want to go myself, so, i had to give it a miss for this year.. remembered i went last year, it was so fun, so cool having to taste all the food there.. went from store to store to eat till i was full.. haha..

well... i am really missing you.. i had to wait for another week to see you... zzzzzz...
...but i am willing
i always do
please come next week..

Saturday, November 15, 2008
last week of school

last week was a great and emotional week for me...

on mon and tue, i worked night.. therefore, i had opportunity to go st anne's!!

Auntie Anna bought me this "Mr Funny" shirt.. very cute!! and i wore to st anne's.. and upon seeing my shirt, the kids were so excited.. haha.. took as many photos as i could cuz it was their last week of school.. :(

joon young, who acted as king..
the smiley jia jin..
amanda got me this red shirt!! haha..
spent some time with my k2s..
here's marco..
my dearest Johanan..
had so much laughs with the As.. Ashton and Aloysius..
jia jin again.. smile!!
my dearest "Es".. eunice and ernest..
my best kids forever!!
this shirt was given to me by caroline!! hhaha...
my k1s..
Ernest and i.. (:
dearest Eunice.. =D
my unforgetable kids!! *notice sotaro doesnt come to me often? haha..*
havent seen josh and amanda for so many days.. their first day to school of the week.. and it's like thurs.. haha..
shy kerion and i.. finally, he's willing to take photo with me.. haha.. and he HUGGED ME!! haha.. it's like almost impossible.. ;p
josh's uncle, who suppose to come pick him, together with his sister was late.. so spend some quality time together with him.. (:
and today, it's THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
while many kids wished their holidays would come by soon, i dont!!!
i bold the words not because i was excited... arggghh... get it?
my new love.. it's amazing how God put us together.. zheng hao did so much that touched me, i could cry a jar of tears.. on the last day, he was stucked to me.. he gave me his photo, asked to take photos together and even did a lovely card for me in such a short while.. haha.. really felt his love.. i love him too!!
trust me, he's much more cuter and handsome in real.. just not photogenic.. and here comes my afternoon session kids!!
and the very first person i took photo with was my girl... she really look sweet this very day.. hate it when i was reminded that it was the last day of school.. hopefully we'll meet again..
better view.. love this pic... and then i saw gremio walked in.. so cute.. his mum made this cap for him.. (by the way, it's their theme to wear caps, head dress to school.. the K2s? EGGS!!! wear white or yellow.. so i had yellow shirt, as well as cap on.. haha.)
me and my Ernest.. :) handsome boy.. err, boys.. haha..
jia jin and i.. he's been asking me for photo taking! haha.. and that's johanan behind..
nicholas came by later.. haha.. great to see him!! went to classes by classes to eat.. haha.. and my gosh, since the theme for k2s was Eggs (cuz Egg-citing, get it?) the food the kids brought were all eggs.. all kinds of eggs!! i see already i was like, no more eggs for next week.. hhaaha..

saw this two cute kids together and decided to take a photo of them.. err, sorry, i think i match her more.. haha.. just kidding!! haha.. *opps* got hold of the boss, darius who everyone in school says he's so so so so so cute.. haha.. he said he'll miss me!! ahhhh~!! *that's because i asked him* ;p
and he said i look weird with the cap.. argg.. haha.. what about him?
and this is my last photo of the day.. EDISON!! haha.. so cute.. manage to see him...
the rest of the photos are with the parents.. they took more than i take.. realized i didnt take photo with Josiah... haiss.. but he did take one with me using his camera.. (:
and after that, i got a whole lot of activities...

was booked by dylan long time ago to go his house to play and rollar blade.. really looking forward to it cuz seldom, kids at their age skates.. only nic...
and so, i bladed to their house...

their room is very nice..

and i was shocked to see so many games.. haha.. they were playing computer games and i was playing their psp.. but quite discipline when i said "wanna go blading?" haha.. and he stopped immediately..
that's darryl and danzel, the other two boys in the house..
i wanted to bring nic along since he can blade, but it was drizzling.. so i didnt..
and here, the kids getting ready for blading!! so excited..
and here's the 3 boys, ready for blading!! weee, here goes Dylan...
smile!! the bladerS!!
danzel!! he looks like a pro right? haha.. but then again.... ;p our blades!!
the four of us with ;p action.. haha..
cool kids~ oh, i'm considered one of the kid.. haha..
darryl!! he can skate well too.. and fall well.. haha.. 4 pairs of blades..!! love it..
had dinner over at the Ds house.. his mother was so kind and great.. ordered pizza for us, bought donuts from DONUT FACTORY for us... and his grandma made almond jelly with longans and peach.. so loved.. haha..
that's the almond jelly.. yummy!!
after that, i went josh house to give him tuition.. i love giving him tuition.. but i hate scolding him.. lectured him for a while because he didnt know how to write chinese date.. was so pissed.. so i punished him, not letting him play the com over the weekends and gave him quite a number of homework.. opps.. but he understands why i did all these.. *hugs* to him...

then, i rushed down to god-son house just to spent time with them.. havent blade with them for a while.. so, although it's like 11pm, a promise is a promise... and here's my god-son..
played by the hall.. so fun~!! though tiring~..
dearest god-son..
to my dearest kids,
i'll miss you all dearly,
wish you all the best..
my blessing and love out to all..
and to zheng hao,
you're such an angel..
i felt your love..
and i thank God for you.