We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, November 08, 2008
missed one month

my apology to all, i know i havent been updating my blog for like donkey years.. here's just a little preview of what happened in my life for the past few weeks..

24 OCT

it was my sqn's oil (off in liew) day.. therefore, my gracious work partner, Alfred willingly stepped in to work on my behalf.. therefore, i was off on that day for free!! (: and so, i dropped by st anne's as usual.. =D

verel.. concentrating hard..

isaac.. so shy when i asked for a pic together.

and again.. haha..

it was a pity that on this day when i visited st anne's, my kids had their outing to a primary school, in preparation for their primary school life.. *wasted*
waited for them to come back, then they celebrated valerie's bday..
happy birthday!

josiah~!! after they came back.. having lunch..
god son.. haha..
pretty and me.. =D
cutie kids..
taken in class..
argg.. that was richard on the left.. ha..
then, ernest came by.. (:
marco and i.. is his head bigger?
26 OCT
after church, both god son and i to look for joshua at toa payoh... he had this car racing thing.. haha.. but was late.. reached there and they were presenting the prizes already..
after that, we went to ang mo kio town garden..
go go go~!!
at the playground..
wee... then, it started drizzling.. and so, we ran all the way down to the bus-stop..
and we walked to amk hub to do some shopping
at night, we were invited to Joy's house for dinner!! it was great.. we had lagsane.. aiyah.. donno how to spell.. haha..

we played cranium till it was about 9 plus and we took bus home.. on the ride home, he was tired and slept on my lap..
and there's this kid that came on board, saw him sleeping on my lap and also lied on his mum's lap to take a nap.. haha..
31st OCT
took the kids to erica's teacher's house for a halloween party.. saw me in spongebob suit? haha.. so not dressed for the occasion.. haha..
the skeleton and witches..
the teacher house was so deserted.. it was also huge.. rich woman.. haha..
and this was a cage of some cute animal.. donno what.. haha..
queueing for food!!
the skeleton and his god pa..
1st NOV
brought my god-son to his tuition class on this saturday.. love his shirt!!
had budget lunch.. haha.. less than $6 lo.. haha.. yummy!!
on the bus..
at liang court..
2nd NOV
church~ie!! love my kids.. see gawain and keith? they were having choir prac..
my darlings..
*love love*
as i said, i always wear almost the same as keith.. so fated.. haha.. and this very day, we were the stripes.. =D
the stripes gang!!*smiles* dearest!!
after cell..
we went dhoby ghaut to eat.. it was a free flow of drinks and ice cream buffet..
met up with josh, my tuition kid.. see them like buddies.. haha..
then we went liang court to look for his parents.. this was taken at outram.. nice scenery...
they invited me for dinner.. ate at punggol.. but this fellow slept throughout the dinner time.. haha.. wasted.. he missed the delicious dinner. haha..
4th - 7th NoV
due to some reason, i took half day leave for 4 consecutive days..
one of the days where i brought them out for dinner..
one of the days where we had breakfast at macs..
another breakfast day...one of the days where we played soccer at a basketball court..
i started giving lisa tuition.. and this time, i had god-son to come along with me and the outcome was so good!! phew.. she was so much better now.. hope he can continue to follow me...
7th NOV
spent some time with my dearest Nic and Nat..

went to play badminton and blading..

my cutie little boy!!
my dearest kids~!!
8th NOV
outing with my air force guys!!
didnt join them in pool and lan cuz i had to go church..

that's my one month..