We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
i miss thailand

i just hate saying goodbyes...

i miss all of you...

i just cant help but cry my entire 1h 40mins trip from Chiang Rai to Bangkok... i cant control myself... i feel so painful leaving all of you...

i will be back... i promise... 2 months or 2 years later, i will... and i will not forget all of you!! trust me...

the funny thing is, the boys in my group last year are in my group this year, again... hahaha... last year, it's only 3 boys including me in the group... that's the picture on the right below... this year, we were in the same group again... hahaa...

i just couldn't ask for a better birthday present from God other than this... thank you for everything, Heavenly Father...

Thursday, March 22, 2007
in thailand


while you are all reading this from Singapore, i'm typing this from Thailand... :)
okay... first of all, Praise God for the safe flight all the way here... not exactly safe but He sure did took the fear of sitting the plane out of me... i'm just so enjoying the flight with God beside me... and i meant it... cuz for both flights, i was all alone and no one was sitting beside me, other than God... hahaa.. it was rather empty, and i thought that was good, in a way...
empty to an extend where people can lie on the seats...

here's the food on the plane.. and one of them is the same as the previous one, PRAWN!!! but it was very delicious...

this is duck rice

well, i've got lots of nice scenery from above the sky and all... but as i am uploading these, my battery is going flat... and the socket is so far away... guess i've got to upload them some other days...

but i got to upload this... as i reached the missionary's house, they switched off the lights and out came this... oh my, it was so touching!! this was made by Sam... THANKS!! haha...

oh... this just feel like home... now i dont feel like going back... is there a permanant teacher yet?
please, continue to pray for me and the people here.. youths, helpers and all... pray for their health, especially Charlor as she is down with cough... and she's the speaker on the first day of camp, which is tomorrow... so pray pray pray... and you'll grow grow grow!! hahaa...
well, haze isnt that bad, i think... hahaa.. it just rainned... amen..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
19th march celebration

my poly friends gave me a treat at riverside indonesia restaurant... the food was great! hhahaa... and then they gave me a birthday present!! weee... it's so nice.. thanks people!! i felt so touched...

this is how the present looks like...

well, this is the best bit... after eating, all of them was like "let's go for a walk".. so Andrew was like walking ahead quickly... i thought it was so funny... then he ended up entering into Haagen Dazs... i was like "eehhh ehhh..." hahaa.. he was like "go in lah... haha... eat ice-cream." so, i knew something was fishy... lol... but we started chatting and laughing away till i heard this kiddy DRUM ROLL... oh my Lord!!! so funny la... then it ended with a symbal clash and then a BIRTHDAY SONG!! hahaha... i just laugh out loud... but it was so touching... there's birthday song some more... i think andrew paid for the cake... .so pai seh lah... they paid for everything lo... but really, it's effort... thanks a lot my friends!! lOve you all!!

it's just a matter of hours till i really turn 20... well, i better enjoy my last few hours of being 19!! sweet 19!!

and i got my tickets to thailand... i'll leave for thailand on 21st march... flight is at 320pm... it will reach Chiang Rai at 740pm (thai time) and i'll only be back on 26th, 11pm... it's really a struggle to make this desicion... with so much tears shed, so many comments heard... i decided to obey God and go, despite of the haze and bombing.. i want to bless and love His people... i wouldnt be able to go for any of their camps already, since i'm enlisting for my ns soon... people reading this, please pray for me k... safety, health and strength... pray for the youth there too that God will really work in them, they will be more faithful and there will be salvation at the end of the camp.. till then, God bless all...


Saturday, March 17, 2007

i got my results on wed night... i'm so tensed and yet eager to know my results...

well, here you go...


well, i'm happy with the results... this semester's GPA is by far the highest... it's 3.5 out of 4... i'm just stunned because i know i am not worthy of these marks and i couldnt have done it without my poly friends... it's really amazing grace... thanks! thank you God... thank you friends!


my another corner

i spent most of this march holidays in my work place... doing up the place, printing papers, cutting, laminating, stapling, pasting, doing the learning corners, sharpening, sharpening and sharpening... i'm just so tired and shagged...

on wed, i just completed another corner... i loved it...

if you can see clearly, there are insects hanging in the air... like the spider and the dragonfly...

other than working and working, i left my kindergarten early on wednesday and thursday to spend with the two kids, Jorell and Jordyn... well, that took a lot of stress and tiredness out of me... read books to them, played speller and played X-box 360..

if you are reading this, i recommend these two books from Oliver Jeffers... i love his books so much... read 3 of his books, two of which are shown below... another titled "Lost and Found". i read that to Pats' school children before and they loved it...


playing X-box
reading the book


the three of us

this is a very cute photo. (: know what are we thinking?
























Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tired and drained am i now... after spending from 8am-5pm in my kindergarten without the children, it's like lifeless!!! sad sad... i spent all the time doing up the boards and walls and decorations... well, i'm quite satisfied with my works until now... hahaa.. just that i'm still pissed with the fact that i cut my hand while using the pen knife... see...

this is when i fell on sunday...

and these are my work pieces... (:


fish tank

my own drawings

families and pets or pests?

one of my favourite...
when i'm tired, i just whack and paste all

and this is my favourtie... see how much a child can learn from just like this? they will learn numbers, spelling of the numbers, colours, shapes, odd and even numbers, and different shades of colours like dark and light blue.. see? that's why i like this...

okay... i'm sleepy now...

Sunday, March 11, 2007
jireh and i

church was great today... i had so much fun with the children up in the kids' ministry... we played some games and i had time to interact with the children... Jireh was one of whom that really made my day... it's been some time since we had really spent such great time together... i knew him since 3 or 4 years ago and now, he has transformed into an independent and lovely boy... i'm really proud of him...

Jireh and i in 2004 june

Jireh and i in 2004 Aug, during cell group

Jireh and i today

The Great Commission

16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.
18Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

this was what i read last night and i couldnt slp after that... it took me till almost 430am to be able to fall asleep... but God, i will go as you commanded... and i know you will always be with me...

i miss you all

i love my children in the school i teach in... cant wait to go back there to teach... the truth is, tml will be the first day of the school's holiday... but frankly speaking, i miss them so much already...

one of my students

happy birthday amos

7th March

i'll never forget this day... i spent almost 10 bucks on the taxi just to get to halifax because it's your birthday!! and to leave without seeing you makes my feel uncomfortable...

i was strolling up and down the school because i dont think the teachers will allow me in. worst still, i'm a male and to tell them i'm looking for a kid, it would have gotten me into deep trouble... but i really wanted to see you, birthday boy... i stood outside the school with my poor little dear friends waiting "dumbly" for dont know what... both of my friends had given up hopes of seeing him... i did not... i would not... i said that even the percentage of seeing him is low, i will still take the risk... about 30 minutes, my friends were like walking away... i took a deep breath and walked to the end of the school... inside of me uttered a simple prayer to God... just at the moment, a teacher spotted me and asked if i needed something... i really took all the courage i had and told her that i'm a friend of a teacher here (the birthday boy's mother)... i said that it's her child's birthday and i'm here to see him... immediately, she was like "oh, is it Amos? please, please, come in and wait for him... he's about to come down... how kind of you to come down and see him.." hahaa... praise the Lord... we chatted a little, about how i come to know Amos... i turned and signalled to my friends to come back... hahahha... and not long before we stepped in, i saw him... well, he saw me later and he was like waving to me and at the same time, putting on his shoes.. then, he ran, smiling and hugged me for very long... i miss him so so much... "Happy Birthday" was what i said only... maybe i was shy in front of so many people... then, i was so happy and satisfied... i'll never forget, yet another blessings God had shown me and given to me... Love you, Jesus...


Amos and i last year

in his previous pat's school...

your grace is sufficient for me...