We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, December 31, 2006
The best of 2006

this would would be my last postl......

for 2006!!

yeah.. and here's some of my flashbacks...

Happy times
Sad times

ugly times.

creepy times.

silly times

funny times

"AHhh" times

crazy times
hip times. "yoz~"helpless times

angry times

times when you whine.

high times

cool times.

green days

times when it rains.
successful timestimes when you wanted to be "Somebody"
times when you are trapped

times when you're confused.

times when people misunderstand you.
it's my sister and I...

times when people tried to bully you.

times when you feel so cold.

times when you stare at each other

times when you had to sweep/clean toilets

times when you feel like kicking someone

times when you are being locked.

times when you squeeze.

times when you make mistakes

times when i had to carry someone.
times when i needed someone to pray for me.
times when i had to stand and sleep.

but i thank God for everything...

Bye 2006
Hello 2007

Friday, December 29, 2006
say "NO" to NTUC childcare

for the past few days, 3 of which i was called to help work in my year 2 attachment centre... of cuz, i dont mind, especially when i miss them so much...

1st day
there were only 3 children when i came... then, about 4 joined and i taught about 7...

2nd day
there were more when i came in the afternoon... i took about 11 of them...

3rd day
i took about 11 of them...

and i thank God that within the 3 days of work, my favourite kid was there with me... so happy... but... because the K2s this year are considered graduates, they had to share their classroom with the new K1s next year...


it was hell for the kids i tell you...


both the eng and chinese teachers are terrible... i really wanna scold them off or just punch them... the english teacher is the worst... terrible... i could have just called MCYS or whatever and put her to jail.. i'm so pissed off... she scolds and scolds... worse than cocks in the morning... irritating loud and high pitch voices... $%^&@#.!!! GO TO.....PRISON!! haiz, but i'm just happy my class had their last day today... damn her... and the chinese teacher punishes the children when they dont wanna slp... how? stand up and face the wall... $%^&*#!!!!!!!... what the hell?! i'm so damn pissed...

sorry for the language...

anyway, i just pity the children there... i saw with my own eyes that one of the child was so scared to enter the classroom and worse still, he was so traumatic about the teacher's scolding and was scared and pale... he's sitting on the dining table and crying in fear... why? i see so many bad things just 3 days of work... i'm sorry... i just felt so badly for the children and i just hate myself for not doing anything or cant do anything... i really love the children there and i can feel that they love me because even though i dont know them well (the new K1s) i had so many warm hugs...

anyway, here's my boy...

oh ya... i had a lesson with them today about building the tallest building by earning blocks... so, i'll ask them a question and if one gets correct, they will earn 3 blocks... and my dear boy and his partner worked so well together and i was so amazed... they actaully thought out of the box and planted their buildings against the wall for stability... so clever!!

so cool right? but it was really bad when i had to scold some of them... one of whom she cheated and she actually knocked down the two boy's high tower... it was fortunate that the two boys were alright and they were willing to build again... and another 2 girls gave up and cried because they didnt win and they blame everybody for not helping, the wall that is not stable... i was really mad... so i talked to the two girls for quite some time... and then the other girl... really counsel very long... but the class were very cooperative... they just played with the blocks quietly... and i told them to build the most beautiful palace... (maybe they know teacher Joey is angry)... hahaha... yups... but i still love them all...

haiz... see... that's why i prefer sons... :p


i will miss you all...!!!


attire ready! socks and shoes ready! it's another day where i wanted to jog my normal route and at the same time, send out my letter i wanted to send to Asai Sotaro... the reason why i didnt send together with the rest was because he lived in Punggol... so, it's quite out of the way...

anyway, as i started jogging down, one hand holding the letter for him, another with my hp tightly held, i felt water droplets falling on my head... well, i thought it was the wind that blew down the water droplets from the trees, as i ran further, away from trees and along the road, it started to pour... WOW!! it was really raining cats and dogs... it was bad... the letter was under my shirt and i was like trying to protect my hp from the rain... guess what? that wasnt bad enough... because i loved to run along roads and it's like the bridge above TPE, there wasnt any shelter nearby... so i ran as fast as i could, about 400 metres till i see a shelter up front... and i was below the Punggol's LRT after running as fast as i could... i was surprise i could run so much at this speed... it was amazing... definitely the strength of God...

when i was sheltered, i was already drenched from top till bottom till within... and then i just questioned God, "why?" and i just felt God saying these to me...

"is sending letters important or spending time with me more important?"

i was really regretful... i remembered i missed God's sermon for me that night on the radio... and it was like God prepared so much to want to talk to me or teach me something and yet i neglected His efforts... i was really sad... so, as i followed under the LRT track, i came to the station... and i decided to check out where Sotaro's house is... as i walked towards the map, i actually saw the block number in front of me... and Sotaro's block was like 50 blocks away from it... so, i studied the map and LO AND BEHOLD, it was just opposite the station..!! and i really thank God... for circumstances like this, He still loves me and protects me... then, again, i thank God for wisdom... there was CHEERS nearby the station and God was like "hey, you know, you can get a plastic bag from the shop to protect your beloved hp, since plastics are waterproof" and i was like, "yeah, thank You Lord..."

alright, after sending the letters, i said to myself that i would get back home as fast as i could to spend time with God... so, without hestitation, regardless of the rain or my hp or my stamina, i just ran in the rain all the way back home...

thank you, Lord, for your love despite......

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
week planned!!

i was so tired today when i had to wake up at 8am... and if you think "8am only ma", think again... yes, it's 8am... hahahaa...

i slept at 3am the previous night, because i went all around SengKang to send my christmas cards to my children!! actually, i enjoy doing such surprises... however, i never had so much nerves and anxiety in my last 2 years of such delivery other than this delivery... i started at near midnight, from Jovan's house... before i reached his house, so coincidental that he smsed me, saying that he just reached home after his trip to Japan... well, then, i smsed him saying that it was so nice to see him enjoying his holidays and i just went his house and left the letter outside his house... hahaha... after Jovan's house, it started raining... sad... i planned the areas i wanted to go but plan failed because there's not plan B if there's rain.. so, since i had no umbrella and transport, i had to quickly deliver all my stuff and not get drenched... well, the next was Owen, just to find out that i had been to the wrong address... meaning, i copied the wrong address for him... darn~... but it was fortunate for me to remember that it was another kid's house... if not i would be so "ma lu".. well, went E-an house next... and went to buy stamp from S.A.M and decided to send Owen's letter to his 2nd home in tamp... well, after that, i went home to eat my supper, took an umbrella and went out again for the next few delivery... next stop, Jorell's house... upon arrival, i noticed that they had not closed their main door... it was so frightening, because you dont want to be noticed... so, slowly but carefully, i bent as low and left the letter beside their shoe rack... phew, close shave... next, Coleman's house... then, from the east to the west, Gordon's house... it was a long walk, but God was with me... as i was singing and praising His name... when the lift door open at Gordon's level, i realized his gate was wide open and i quickly turned the other side and climbed up the stairs... adrenaline rush!! i creeped and crawled to his house and found out that the main door was not really closed either... it was kind off closed but not shut... so, i went over to placed the letter at the door and left as fast as i could... what an exciting night... well, after that, i went ShiJun's house, Brandon's house and Davin's house before i went back to my own house... it was sure a tiring but exciting night... hahhaha...

now comes why i had to wake at 8am? i was offered to work at my year 2 attachment NTUC childcare today from 9am-1pm... i totally miss the children terribly!! (what a statement but you get what i mean) and Jun Zhuan came too!! ohh, i miss him so much... i took about 7 children today... it was really nice to see them again... and of cuz, an easy job for me just to teach 7 children... i could focus on their strength and weakness easier... i started off with a story about how christmas came about... gosh, they dont know anything about it la!! not Jesus, not "joy to the world" song, not anything... just presents and trees and santa... ya... then, i taught them maths... MY GOSH..!! i almost fainted!! i asked just a simple question, [4+1=?] and i got a whole list of answers... and they had to use their fingers to count... i was really on the verge of fainting... thank God i taught in Kumon before... so, i used their methods to teach and it was at least a quite effective to some... after their bath time, i had maths games with them too, running around looking for the numbers and answers... it was truly a fun time together... leaving was sad... but i got hugs from all of them... so lovely... and guess what? i wont have boring holidays anymore because the principal just reserved my thurs and fri for teaching them once more... i'm still and just amazed that God can plan my week like that... AMAZING!! not even touching tomorrow as i'm meeting joy ma to celebrate her birthday... such great planning, only my Heavenly Father can give to me... thanks Dad...

i'm loving you more each day O God..

Monday, December 25, 2006


"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11


Sunday, December 24, 2006
Happy birthday Jesus

only a few more hours and it's JESUS' birthday!!! hahaa... orrhh... another year older ah... :p

anyway, i woke up late today... of cuz, reached church late too.. so i went over to help in the children's ministry... as i looked at Gawain, he smiled at me but i knew from the look on his face that something was wrong... that's the problem with children... one of their weaknesses is that they cannot hide their emotions... well, it was a long story when i asked him what happened... he was actually tearing when he was in my arms, on my lap.. and he said things like "i felt like i was being dumped..." i was so sad when i heard that... i wished i could talk to him longer... but his father was like at the door... anyway, i told him that he wasnt at all being dumped... and i still loved him... Jesus loves him too.... so, before he left, i asked him if he could get my bad from about 2 metres away... then, i took out the biggest present from the bag and gave it to him... hahaha... YES!! he smiled so shyly... and he hugged me... ohhh........ but he said why isnt there any name... so i said if i were to have a pen, i would write... and he dugged his bag and got me a pencil... so i wrote, "Dearest Gawain, SMILE!! merry christmas... love Joey Kor Kor" and i just said "know how to read right?" and he nodded... (: i was so happy after that seeing him hugging the present so tightly and smiling...

thank you people for all the chirstmas presents you all gave me..!! i love each and everyone of them very much... thank you Wanyi, Charlene, Dawn, Lynnette, TP, HweeKoon, Chan family, Euan's mum, Regina, Kat, my both E.E, mum, dad and of cuz, my sister, who gave me what i really wished and desire for... a sweater!! now dont need to curse the bus air-con or have bad mornings just because of freezing mornings!! hahaha... thank God that He gave me what i wished for, which i never expect to get a sweater... love Him so much!!

cant upload my photos... maybe some other days... gonna go celebrate birthday with Jesus and then send all my christmas cards to my children later... sorry this year i have no money to buy gifts for each and everyone of you...


Saturday, December 23, 2006

i was just walking around compass point, looking for gifts for my kids.. and so, i happened to be in mini toons... guess who i saw? it's Stanley! i taught Stanley when i was in year 2, in my attachment(NTUC)... it's been a long time since i see him because he didnt attend the NTUC year-end grad concert which i went... i taught him since he was in K1 and now, he's going to primary.. yes, time flies...

anyway, i spotted him first... he was walking nearer and nearer to me... i'm not the type that will just call out his name unless i have a reason... haha... instead, his mother was the first to know i was just in front of him... ya.. so, i was just blocking his pathway and he looked up.. he glanced at me and then looked down again... but later, he looked up at me again and called out "Hello Teacher Joey" in a very shy and soft-spoken voice... he's so shy la... then i said "Hi Stanley" and continue searching for my gifts... it's a very funny feeling i was feeling as i kept smiling at myself... that was how delighted i felt... he's like one of the sweetest child in my class and always brighten up my day... ya... so, i kept smiling and i kept hearing my name behind my back somewhere... obviously it's him... hahhaha... it's like "i saw my teacher... i saw teacher Joey..." then, as i was queueing up to pay my gift, i heard "teacher Joey left already?" in chinese.. hahaha... and, before i left the shop, he spotted me and he was like "AH!" and as i looked back, he smiled so shyly, waved at me and said "Byebye"... ohh... that was so sweet...


Darien, Stanley and I

..for the joy of the Lord is my strength..

Friday, December 22, 2006

youth camp was great... and i really felt so close to God... Loving Him more and more each single day...

anyway, i'll post the photos once i got from my friends...

yesterday night, i uttered a prayer that says: "Lord, i know nicholas tan is back from australia... and i know that he'll be going to China tomorrow... please let him call me..."

after bathing this morning, i saw 2 missed call on my hp.. it was none other than from nicholas... hahaha... i thank God so much and called him back... he told me that he bought me a shirt from australia and asked me to go his house if i were free this afternoon...

of course i am... even if i wasnt, he wouldnt be in singapore this christmas.. to see him last time is a must... hahaa.. so i went there as soon as i was ready...

it was a great time over at his house... unfortunately, i had a gathering with St Anne's teachers at one of their houses... so i had to leave at about 2pm when i suppose to meet the teachers at 12 noon... hahaa... oh, sorry Nic that i couldnt see you off today... i wish i could...

Nic and I

this is the shirt from Aus

"Dear Heavenly Father, i pray that you'll protect Nic and his family as they travel to China now... i ask Lord for your mercy and grace to be upon them..." Amen

...Ju, you'll always be my buddy!

Monday, December 18, 2006

today is the first day of the youth camp... and i'm still at home!! hahaha... ya... i'm on my way to the camp at Aloha Changi... so, i'll be away for 4 days...

i hope that i can experience God's presence and to hear His voice... also to bond with the not-so-close youths... go go go!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006
thanks gawain

church was great today... i went to help in the kids' pre-christmas celebration and they were doing some art and craft thingee... well, i really had lots of fun... Keith and Kester are finally back... miss them so much... and Gawain gave me a very lovely and beautiful card... i really am touched and happy!!

the envelope

the cover pagea picture of Gawain and Ithe "inside" of the card

Thanks boy... i love it and really appreciate it!
love ya!!

i love you

Saturday 16/12/06

Andre asked if i was free because Joyce invited us to a concert played by her church... i was a little reluctant but agreed in the end... well, i had dinner with them, cracked some cold and not so cold jokes, talked some personal stuff.... anyway, i thought the sermon was great... it was talking about "Alien Love"... basically, human have 3 types of love... namely:
  1. I love you BECAUSE...
  2. I love you WHEN...
  3. I love you IF...

however, God is different... we all know that God loved us first and God love us unconditionally... and so, God is..

I love you DESPITE...

and i learnt so so much from the sermon... i really enjoyed it...

...I love You BECAUSE You loved me first and you died for me...