We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, December 10, 2006
great day!

I had a great day today...!!


went to church early to practice for Kids' worship... it was good and we had fun... then, i joined the K1s, K2s and lower primary children for contact time as their lesson... it was a very meaningful and enjoyable time together playing with the kids and catching up with their life... such as Gawain, Ethan and Jireh... it has been a long time since i had a great chat with Jireh... so happy!! (:

after church ends at 1pm, i rushed down to Novena's United Sq to watch a Cover Child Contest 2006... just to realize that i missed JR's performance... was a little disappointed...

anyway, i stayed all the way till the final verdict, hoping that i could at least witness JR's win or something... well well, i waited till i almost doze off... so boring and long... when the verdict was announced, JR didnt win anything too... guess it's because if i was not wrong, one of the kid in the contest had a very similar top with you... but nonetheless, good try boy...

this kid in the bottom photo is so funny... he came in 2nd runner-up... very creative cuz if you cant see clearly, he's actually on skates... so cool...

"Dear Joshua, winning isnt everything... we learn from what we did not win and improve from what we won... although when i saw you sitting on the merry-go-round, you looked so disappointed and sad... well, i wonder if you are tired or upset from the competition or just eyeing at the little girl's lollipop in front of you, just wanted to tell you that you still look amazing and great... didnt really notice you smile the whole day... well, dont waste that looks God has given you... go go go!!! i'm just happy that i was able to see you today... keep the smile coming!! come, give me a SMILE!! :D"

after watching the show, i went down to the airport to see off another kid of mine who is going to Korea... his father wanted to give me a treat and told me yesterday night to meet at Swensens today, 6.30pm at T1...

when i reached T1, it was about 5pm... i went to look for swensens, just to realize that there isnt any in T1... as i looked at the departure screen, it says "10.35 - Seoul"... the only time slot within 10-11pm going to Korea... (his father said that his flight is about 10pm...) and i went to T2 to check it out... i took the very-packed skytrain... when i reached T2, i spotted Swensens... and i was troubled about where he wants to meet me now... and moreover, i dont have their contacts other that their house phone number...

i went to look at the departure screen and to my benefit, there werent any flights to Seoul at 10-11pm slot... that makes me very sure that they have to check-in in T1... so, i took the super-packed skytrain back to T1... i was still early... so i walked up and down, trying to spot them coming in as i really have no inkling about where to meet them... i was just praying to God that i will meet them somewhere or they would call me somehow... nah... i practically looked at every taxi that drove to T1, ceasing every opportunity to try to get them... well, there wasnt any sign... and so i waited...

it was about time, 6.30pm when i started to panicked... so, without any signs of them, i decided to go T2 again.. as i was on my way there, (I just think that God works miraculously... His timing was the best!!) i came across this couple with two kids on the luggage which are on the trolley... i almost screamed... hahahaa... was so so so glad to find them... and i will always say, GOD, YOU'RE JUST AMAZING... can you imagine how big the airport is? and i can meet them just like that... wow... hahaaha... so i stood there and waved... i was so glad to see them... as i told them that there isnt any swensens here, we travelled back to T2 to eat... just to realize that there was a very very long queue that doesnt seemed to be moving at all... so, in the end, we decided to eat at Fish & Co. ...

phew... luckily, his father asked me if Seafood platter for 2 is okay for me... and i told him i was allegic to prawns... hahaha.. and he ordered a "New York Fish and Chips" for me... anyway, i wouldnt recommend that to you... hahahaa... and his father had friends that came and eat together... so, he ordered 3 Seafood Platter for 2, 1 dozen of oysters/muscles... rich man leh~...

anyway, i really really, honestly, truthfully, sincerely had a great time with him and his parents... i was so happy, just enjoying time with him... OH!! i just realized i have yet to introduce him... the young lad's name is Jorell, 7... i knew him in 2004 in my first year attachment... he's a very mature boy and i love to chat with him... we joke, we laugh... he's the only boy i know that can sustain a conversation over hours on the phone with me... we can go on and on just chatting and i really enjoyed it... previously, when he was K2, i was chatting with him throughout the trip from seng kang to toa payoh HDB hub for their concert... very pleasant and funny boy...

...him and I...

after dinner, it's time to say good-bye after checking in... haiz... another kid going for a holiday... makes me wanna go back to Thailand... now i bet he's up in the air, so far away from me... i'm actually missing him now...

"Dearest Jorell, you have made my day today... if i were to have a child, you are the type of child i would want... i really enjoyed being in your presence... i hope that you'll enjoy yourself every moment starting from now in the plane and i'll keep you safe by praying for you... do take care of yourself because Korea will be very very cold now... i love and miss you...!!"

"thank you God for yet another miracle You have set upon me... You're just wonderful and i really love You... thanks... i appreciate all these, Father..."

tomorrow will be my last day going to Pat's School House... haiz... i'm going to miss the children so terribly... especially you, you, and you... i hate good-byes, but sometimes, i have to learn how to let go, learn how to move on... i drew all these for the children...

one for each child... i drew this until i had crams on my fingers... hahahha... but i love it... very nice!! hahaaa.. and of cuz, there is a photo of all of us inside... hope you children will never forget us... and i can assure all you kids that non of you will not be forgotton...

...us in front of Pats...

see all of you tomorrow...