We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, January 27, 2007
happy bday both

i'm kinda of into wrapping now.. hahahaha...

it's my papa's birthday tomorrow... also, not forgetting my buddy's birthday too... knew him when he was primary 2 and became buddies then... so many fond memories with him... now he's sec one and i'm still not used to him being in the youth celebration in my church.. he used to attend the children ministry...



so cute.. with bow tie..

both with ties!!

my buddy and i 3 years ago


Friday, January 26, 2007
pats school again!!

Guess where I went today?
Pats' School House!!
Guess what happened?
My kids all hugged me!!!
and of course, before I left the school...
he hugged me la...


I'm just smiling away as i write this entry... see how happy i am... those hugs were definitely very precious to me... i really miss them so terribly bad... especially the one who was transfered... dont worry! i will find you!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007
happy birthday Jorell


went to Jorell's house and gave him a surprise!! look at the present i wrapped.. isnt it nice? hahaa.. i was puzzled yet amazed my ability to wrap such nice present, plus i did this during my lecture.. hahahaa... some said it looked like Chiong Sum...

the present
Jorell in pyjamas
Jorell and I
Jordyn and I
All of us
It was a very lovely night with just the 3 of us and his very very nice grandma at home... i had a great time being with both the kids, though they were mischevious when i thought they werent... anyway, that's just kids... they did nothing, just joking around like his father... hahahaa... Thank You God for such a wonderful day!!
My Poly friends love me
I love them too!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jorell called me on my cell phone to invite me to his birthday party. it was when i was about to board the bus to Andrew's house to do my project. besides, Andrew's house is like miles and miles away from jorell's.. but i said i will try to be there but definitely be late...

his party was like 3pm... here and there, they called and said it's okay to come later... so guess what time i reached? 10.30pm.. hahahaa... the house was full of unfamiliar faces, other than his family members...

1) he was playing X-box 360
2) he had 3 controllers
3) all 3 controllers are wireless
4) they played online games connected from cable to the x-box and tv
5) it was something like counter strike and he was like the best player among the older players. and mind you, he's like 8 and the rest is like above 12... my lord...

6) because the game was like an online game, so has to wait for the server, the players to join in and all.. so wait and there was once where jorell was saying something like "has to wait for so long. why not we play the other x-box?" i almost fainted!

but it was fortunate that both he and his sister has very nurturing and positive upbringing... he is definitely not the type of boys i would have to worry or violent.. (let's hope it wont happen).. but seeing him and his house and all was just enough for me...

it was a great day in church.. played piano for the kids worship and i was really satisfied... hahaha.. then, i taught "The Lost Sheep" to my bunch of kids and dawn was there.. apparently, i lost a piece of paper with a sheep on it and from my classroom, i made the children went all the way back to the worship hall to search for my sheep.. dawn was like "lost" too and she thought why my lesson cocked up. moreover, i could have just gotten her to go and print extras from downstairs... when i told her that they were part of my lesson, she almost fainted.. haha... she was like "CHEY!!"
well, it appears that my class actually grew in attendance... i have 3 new children in my class and overall, i had like 13... but it was fun and all... and we had cake!! it was Pamela and Gloria's birthday (twins) and we had strawberry cake!! weee....

really miss my kids... all the hugs and kisses were like once a week and had to last them for the next 6 days... hhahaha...

oh, i got to sleep... been very busy but will update more ahead...

Thursday, January 18, 2007
picture of you

i listened to Class 95 this morning..
they played this song...

Picture Of You

Didn't they say that I would make a mistake
Didn't they say you were gonna be trouble
People told me you were too much to take
I couldn't see it, I didn't want to know

I let you in, and you let me down
You messed me up and you turned my life around
Left me feeling I had nowhere to go
I was alone how was I to know that

You would be there when I needed somebody
You would be there the only one could help

I had a picture of you in my mind
Never knew it could be so wrong
Why'd it take me so long just to find
The friend that was there all along

Who'd believe that after all we've been through
I'd be able to put my trust in you
Goes to show you can forgive and forget
Looking back I have no regrets cos

You would be there when I needed somebody
You would be there the only one could help me

I had a picture of you in my mind
Never knew it could be so wrong
Why'd it take me so long just to find
The friend that was there all along

You would be there when I needed somebody
You would be there the only one could help me

I had a picture of you in my mind
Never knew it could be so wrong
Why'd it take me so long just to find
The friend that was there all along

it just makes me remember you and the days we had...

i miss those days

pass 2.4km by 3 sec

OH MY GOD...!!!

this is even more scary...!!

i went online to view my napfa's result and here's my 2.4km timing..

12minutes 27seconds

which means i passed by 3 secs!!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007
i passed my napfa


i was so on the verge of failing, but it was definitely the grace of my Heavenly Dad that pulled me through the entire test... i've seen miracles here and there and how much my God loves me through today's NAPFA...


i reached the stadium and gathered together with my friends in the middle of the stadium... and i heard people shouting at the right of the stadium, saying like "people taking your NAPFA, please gather here!" and so, my friends asked me to go and find out if they were to go there... so i went there and i report first... he gave me a "leftover" number tag and i joined the previous group in the circult thingy... i was like "wa lao... how can like that?" and i told him i wanted to do with my course people and he was like "cannot"... so, whatever... and then, came a female helper that took us... she was so nice la... just because, during my pull-ups, which i know i couldnt even do a proper 4, i pulled halfways and went up again... that was, in actual fact, not counted... she didnt make noise lo... i donno that's nice or slack or what... but i did 6, which i passed!! so happy... kind off cheated but thank you God that without her, i dont think i would have survived with a more strict helper...

next, i had my 2.4km run last... i thought that was the last thing i should be worried about... i was wrong... it was so much harder that i thought it would be... there werent any warm-ups led before the run... we just gathered and go... there were some sturggles... first, the weather... it was so freaking very cold and my muscles were like near to cramps... second, as i said, no warm-ups... thirdly, IT RAINED!!! the thought of me going to Sotaro's house one of the days that it rained, came to my head... okay... it rained so heavily that i even saw lightning... and i was like finishing la.. i didnt care... i dashed as fast as i could and ended my race... phew, i survived...


we were gathered and i heard that the run was not counted... they had to stop everything because of the rain and lightning... i was like "@#$%^"... but hey, look at how God works... i came in at a disappointing 12:20minutes, which i expected better because i used to clock 9:30minutes... but truly, without the rain, i would not even be passing my NAFFA... besides, i was the LAST PERSON to be considered in the list... because they stoped the timing after me... i was so blessed la.. i thought i had to re-do everything... when i asked about my timing and everything, they said they had my records and i was so happy... thank God so much!!

i guess i was over-confident... i never thought that 2.4 km run was that hard to pass until today... for 3 years of not training, my stamina dropped.. but luckily, it didnt fail me today... i was so fortunate to cross the finish line without puking or fainting... thank You God... the passing time for 2.4km was actually 12:30 minutes and i actually came in just 10 seconds earlier... close shave.. but God really taught me a lot of lessons today...

for the rest of the results:
sit-ups: 46 - A
standing broad jump: 243 - B
sit and reach: 54 - A
shuttle run: 9.6sec - A
pull-ups: 6 - D
2.4km: 12mins20sec - D

once again, Thank You Heavenly Father

Sunday, January 14, 2007

someone took my umbrella when i left it outside church - umbrella stand

that umbrella is very important to me. really IMPORTANT. it's given to me by Nicholas Tan, one of my kids...

please, whoever it is, return me.........


Saturday, January 13, 2007
who's spoilt?

sorry but i just dislike or hate the fact that my younger sister calls Mac delivery almost every Saturday and acts as though we're that rich... and what she ordered was just a pancake meal... it just makes me think that she's spoilt and lazy... not that mac is so far away from my house... pay me $2 and i can go and get you Mac too...

chaos... i going out to get my food...
i had diarrhea this morning. was it the apple crumble?

Friday, January 12, 2007

i went down to St Anne's today... it was so heart-warming to see all my darlings, angels and lovely new children...

here hug, there hug, everywhere hug hug... hahahaha...

then, wherever i walk to, i would hear my name...

"Teacher Joeyyyyy...!"
"Kor Kor Joeyyy...!"
"Joey Kor Korrrrrrr...!"
aiyooo... i waved to all the children until my arm ache ah... (just exaggerating)


was stuck with Sotaro during the whole of assembly... he's so cute and he's been sending me emails everyday... both his stster and him...

got two presents from there... what a weird time to receive presents..

first: from Helen

it's a... ladybird massager!! can use to aid my aching hand! LOL!

one more was from Sotaro and Yurika... it's a letter... it says......

Dear Joey - Son

haha... i laugh when i received it... and the principal said "Japanese ma..." :D haha..

but look what's inside... how cute and lovely can they still be? =D

thanks Sotaro and Yurika!!


okay.. IEP IEP IEP...

Monday, January 08, 2007
bye kat

some of my church friends, including me went to see Kat off to Germany for her Doulos orientation... she'll going Phillipines for a 2 years ship trip... will i miss her? guess i'll know or you'll know when the days go by...

i took this photo with Abel at the airport... i thought it was quite nice!!

bye Kat... i'll see you on 20th Jan.. and then, 2 years later... hmm, at least you wont see me in BOTAK when i go NS...!! hahhahaha...

God bless you!!

sunday school

I'm glad i can teach sunday school most of this year!!

i cant wait to teach... (:

thank you God!!

i want to make You proud...

Sunday, January 07, 2007
Lord, forgive me

i just find these photos very funny...


The (Fake) Break-Up

well, those were just to make me feel better as just had a bad saturday... a day full of regrets and i hate regrets...

i miss my Yoko Twins... :(

Lord, I'm not worthy...
forgive me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Lord, before i would leave this earth, before i would be sitting on your lap in heaven, i want to hear you saying 'Son, I'm proud of you!' Amen"

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
my psalm 23

Psalm 23
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

yes.. this is Psalm 23... this chapter never come across to me as that interesting until i did my quiet time yesterday... the author actually re-worte his own Psalm 23 for God... and i was amazed... it makes more sense and i could understand much more... so, before my quiet time ended, the book said about creating my own Psalm 23... i was so excited and this was what i wrote... i hope it could touch your heart and motivate you to draw closer to God...

Joey's Psalm 23
1. The Lord is my Father
I shall not ask for much
2. He lie me in comfort bed
He hugs me when i sleep
3. He restores my child-like faith
He leads me in the path of innocence,
For His glory sake
4. Yes, though I walk through days of trials and temptations,
I fear no evil; for You are with me
Your loving hands and Your words,
they protect me
5. You prepare a testimony before me in the presence of my disbelievers,
You anoint my hands with gifts,
my cot overflows.
6. Surely joy and peace will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will lay in my Daddy's arms forever.
it speaks about my relationship with God... a child and a father.. you can create one "Psalm 23" for God too... but first, identify your relationship with God.. can be a worker to a boss, a crew to a captain, a musician to a conductor, a servant to a master, best friends or like mine, a child to a father... (:
i love You, Daddy