We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i'm lost of words now, knowing that now, i dont count my days, but my hours before i step into a new phrase of life-National Service.. therefore, the long absence from blog was due to me making use of all the time i had to satisfy myself.. i felt burdened, as well as heart-aching as i post this entry.. will my life change? denfintely. will my passion for kids change? definitely.......NOT... will i miss my kids? (do i need to asnwer that?) duh!



us with gawain

josh and i kester and i

and this was my 3-years-plus old tail
and now it's gone.. :(

dont forget to call me
or leave a message in my hp
because i will miss you
your voice, your smile, your hugs

Monday, April 14, 2008


i met Joy, my poly mate at Taka in the evening. i gave her a treat at coffee club cuz she wasnt present at my 21st party. anyway, we caught up with each other, updated stuff and had a great time together. it was a pity i couldnt stay for dinner with the rest of my poly friends.

i travelled back at about 630pm. in the train, i was really "high-tide" and i needed the toilet so urgently. guess what, it was when i just boarded the train that i needed to "release". gosh~ i prayed so hard to be able to hold back. it was the worst MRT trip i ever had. hahaa.. at first, i thought i could hold till punggol. then, i gave up and alighted at seng kang. it was really A SIGH OF RELIEF after the gents!!!

after i felt SO much better, i did some mathematical sum and noticed that i would be late to fetch sotaro from his class. and so, i took a cab down, thinking it would at most cost $5. i practically told the taxi driver, who didnt even know where's punggol plaza, to drive faster, faster, FASTER.. lo and behold, it was $7. *whatever* i was late, about 5mins. felt guilty... as i walked in, the next session class had started and i was like, where was he. it was a parent that pointed to me that behind the door was a kid sitting and waiting. i looked in and saw him. he smiled and i apologised, asking if he was angry, scared, bored, etc. haha.. well, he didnt. hahaa.. i asked if he knew i was going to come fetch him and he said yes.. so i asked him what he told the teacher and he said "god-pa coming to fetch me." i dont believe lah. but he insisted he did. come to think about it, no wonder the tutor looked at me with a weird sight. she probably expect an old god-pa.. haha.. and immediately, we went back to collect his back and rushed to his piano class..

this was taken on the bus, going to his piano class..
i really enjoyed the piano class. learnt many things such as sight reading and stuff which i didnt know.. haha.. after class, his parents came by to fetch us..

when reached their house carpark, i realized my wallet wasnt with me.. his mom helped me to call the place where sotaro had his piano class and it was actually there. i volunteered to go and get myself but they insisted to help me take.. when they returned, they told me the person who help guard my wallet told them i was their son.. loL~.. *happy*


i was invited to a dinner cum other activities with sotaro and family. so, right after sotaro's class, i met them at town. they came by to pick me up and we went to JAS (Japanese Association of Singapore). so honoured because not everyone can just go in. only members.. haha... so, we walked around and explore till we were hungry and settled at a jap restaurant.sotaro saying and peeping grace. hahaa.. and since he was wearing white, i wrapped him up with the serviette from top to bottom, just to protect sauces from polluting his shirt.. okay.. this was us after eating. we were all so full and we became very cranky.. so, photos didnt turn out very nice but still handsome, pretty and cute la.. hahaha..

just the two of us..
after dinner, we made out way up to the Karaoke room where we showed off our voices.. haha.. we had so much fun singing, dancing and playing.. haha.. so memorable.. of course, everyone wasnt shy to sing.. their parents sang, i sang and the kids sang.. haha.. and if you dont believe we danced, here... haha.. if you dont believe the parents sang, here.. i even sang duet with sotaro's mum.. haha.. but his father was okay with that.. haha.. here..
if you dont believe sotaro sang, here...
we sang from like 8pm till 12 midnight, which they had to close.. if not i think we would just continue to sing on... haha..

i took photos with his mum and daughter too..
and before we leave, we took a photo with all their kids.. hmm, i could just be considered one too... haha.. the Asai"s".. wahahaha...~
and when we left the place, the kids were all so tired, they knocked out in the car.. haha.. and i slept over at their place..


woke up, knowing that i would be late for main service, i decided to give it a miss but not for youth.. quickly, as he woke up, i told him i had to leave because i needed to go church.. he refused at first but then insisted to go with me.. i said that his mum had to agree first.. and she agreed.. so i brought him to church.. before that, i went home with him to get changed and i wore a little similiar to him.. that's the closest i could go..

well, he was very well behaved in church.. i was having lesson and he was there reading magazine all alone.. and once in a while, he would sit in my group and listen.. however, that's not the end.. i had to stay on for piano training and he waited till about 4pm plus... really owed him a lot.. but during the break, i played with him too.. we had listening test too, where sotaro was like half the time right.. some one would play some notes on the piano and we were suppose to guess what she played.. do, re, mi, etc.. and i wasnt even half as good as sotaro.. i need to pull up my socks.. haha.. and after all the practice, we went to look for a belt but couldnt find one.. we then end up travelling back...

brought him back, had dinner there, taught him some chinese work and then went night market (pasar malam) with him... he knew long ago that i wouldnt buy any thing for him, especially toys.. so, he didnt make noise or said he wanted anything.. hhaha..
this was taken while he's having dinner.. one thing, he had food in his mouth.. second, he was tired.. so probably he looked like that.. i think he had nicer looking days.. haha..
it was a struggle for me to leave.. hard for him as well.. i had to go home because all of them have school the next day.. so, his father sent me home with sotaro tagging along.. the journey was okay, but the saying goodbye was painful.. i hate to leave, to say goodbye, to even pull my hands away from him. the moment i reached the bus stop and it was time for me to leave, i knew that he used all his might and strength just to grab onto my hands.. it proved how much he wanted me.. i had to force to get my hands out of him.. but no one knows how painful it was to do that.. even if i had tears, i had to hold them back.. he didnt say goodbye.. he's eyes were closed.. pretend to sleep or to hold back his tears, i dont know.. by then, i left.. i was so thankful that i had the chance to spend my weekend with someone i love as much as the grass you can count in the world. no worries, because i love Jesus as much as the sand you can count in the world.. appreciate all that God has provided, as well as how much his parents gracefully given..


i was suppose to go for a hair cut at night but upon receiving a call, inviting me to their house from Nic and Nat, i decided to call off the hair cut.. as i reached, expecting a mahjong session, the kids were in their blades, expecting to see me in one too.. well, my blades aint at home... so i didnt blade there.. in the end, we went to play basketball.. but not for long, rain fell and we went to a hall for a soccer match..

after that, went their house.. i tested both the kids if they knew what note i was playing on the piano while i covered their eyes.. Natasha got all correct while nic couldnt... haha.. amazed!

had dinner at their place while we watched Arena, a debate show.. i just love home cook food... not the taste but the love and effort... it's different.. :)
we had watermelon too!
and then we took some photos together..
played table tennis with him too, not for long but for every advertistment.. haha.. we used the dining table as our table tennis table.. haha.. it was so much fun and laughter..

well, i'm glad i got to meet up with them before i go ns.. i really will miss them..

now, who's next? haha~
you're irreplacable
my only sunshine
please dont take my sunshine away

Thursday, April 10, 2008
3 days of love


night, after his abacus class. i was there to receive him.

he's the first i see when i opened my eyes.
saying grace, as well as peeping.
at my house before going to school. i had to bathe, wash up and change.
at night after his taekwando class.


we watched soccer together, from 3am till about 5am... =D he really accompanied me through.. *how sweet* the most i did for him was to make supper for him to eat during half time. haha.. the next morning, he woke up and squeezed me face, saying "Chubby!" i scolded him, saying "chubby?! NOooOoo~!" hahaaha.. i dont think so right? did i really grew fatter? -.-"
morning "glory". hahaha..
okay.. dropped by my place again to change and wash up before i brought him to school again...

14 more days
that's all i have left
and i'm thankful
for the last few days
of memories, of company
i.l.y just like y.l.m