We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, April 06, 2008
stay over

okay, life for the past days isnt as interesting as it was to blog.. that's why it wasnt updated..

i was sick on last wed.. thurs, friday, sat=stayed home and rested.. sunday went chuch...

mon, tues, wed, thurs-stayed at home and rested too..

okay, friday, i finally picked myself up and went to st annes, despite of cough.. *opps* i couldnt stand the imissthemsomuch feeling.. haha...

okay, many of the teachers, as well as the kids were asking why was i MIA for so long... well, guess when i spoke to them and *cough cough*, they could tell.. haha...

okay... HFMD is back and kids are closely watched and checked everyday before assembly... hope everybody esp kids are taking this seriously and please drink more water.. the weather nowadays are bad... raining on sunny days aint surprising now...

okay.. let's talk about something more interesting..


after st anne's, i met up with some teachers and dine at Sakae at the airport T2... it was nice... when it was about 7pm, i was getting very nervous because i was invited to watch Sotaro's mini-piano performance... i was afraid i would be late, and his father actually planned to fetch me, though it was just nearby... by the time it was 750pm, i was already on the bus. BUT, it was so slow, i was jumping up and down my seat, hoping the bus could go like ZOOM.. at the end, i decided to alight and just cabbed down.. so, i text-ed sotaro's father that i would go myself...

okay, i was a litttttttle late... by the time i reached, he was there waiting... phew, i wasnt THAT late.. haha.. i was so glad to see him, and vice versa. haha..

okay, i was sitting against the wall.. the place was really kinda small (because his mother mentioned before)... haha... oh, his mother was absent from the performance because of work, i think.. haha.. ya..
Smile~! you're on Joey's hp camera..

what?! cannot take one more shot ah? haha.. alright.. here's two solo pieces by my little boy...

beside playing on the keyboard, they sang too...group singing and gender group singing..

instrument playing

the following is another performance by the kids.. pardon for the shaky-ness because i was laughing away.. you can never ever see the true awkwardness of him till you were there yourself... the video wasnt clear enough.. everytime he looked towards my direction, he gave the "wa-lau." or "sians" look.. haha.. he was so pai seh lah... i cannot stand it.. i was actually dancing behind the camera too.. haha.. and laugh, of course... :D i didnt want to video at first.. but for the first part of dancing and looking at his expression, i cannot help but to capture them down, not that clear though but good enough for a laugh..

okay, after his 1-hour performance+laugh, it was time to go home... i mean their home.. haha.. he wanted me to go, the father invited too.. and my heart was screaming at me to go... wahaha.. he was holding me tightly too.. okay, i went... but i never expect to sleep over.. haha.. my little boy wanted me to stay over.. i guess there wont be other chances, so.... okay, i know what you are thinking.. *excuses* wahahaha.. *whatever*


okay.. as i woke up in the morning, i left not long because i had another "date".. haha.. it was long planned, that's why i couldnt stay any longer with sotaro...

okay, so what's planned?

i went home and bathed, got dressed and left to meet... Johanan, his mum and his bro.. his mum was kind to have a room at a hotel for us to sleep in a night... haha.. so cool right.. hmm, let's see what you are thinking. *jealous? envy?* haha.. just kidding.. okay.. i met them at City Hall.. however, the room wasnt ready, so i took johanan to the library nearby...

and, when the room was ready, we went to take a look.. wooo~ it was beautiful, eligant.. really very nice and comfortable... sorry, i dont have camera.. so, didnt take photos of the hotel.. when i enter, it was a very small living room with a small tv, sofa and dining area.. then, if you walk inner, there's 2 master i-think king size beds.. or those beds for 2 people to sleep on la.. haha.. ya.. then, the toilet... it was bigger than my bedroom lo.. like the area of my living room.. haha... i love the toilet the most.. haha..
and so, i targeted the bed immediately.. hahaha..
okay.. after slacking in the room for a while, we went dinner at a restaurant... Bar & Billiard... wooo, food was quite good... just that i was hit with gastric pain.. zzz.. what a "good" time to get one... anyway, it was really nice place to dine in..

okay... i had a little of everything. other than PRAWN and those that i really dont like to eat... after eating all the good food, we went Long Bar for a drink.. and after all the eating and drinking, it was back to our room to rest and relax... tv channels various from some local channels, to HBO, to SPORTS... i watched soccer for a while, then bathed and it was time for bed... at first, johanan wanted to slp with me on the same bed.. but when he was asleep, his mum carried him to another bed because she didnt want me to be disturbed.. haha..

the next morning, i had to wake up early to prepare to go church.. johanan's mum bought mac back for all of us... really very nice of her.. i had big breakfast before i walked to church... it was quite nearby... oh, johanan's mum told me over breakfast that johanan wet his bed.. haha.. i was like, lucky he wasnt on the same bed as me.. lol~

right after church, i went back to meet johanan, his mm and bro... we had lunch together at a western place.. looked like Billy Bomers.. food there was great.. haha.. and here's a short clip of johanan attempting to drink lime juice.. hhaaha.. see his expression.
i just feel so blessed, with all these people and things in my life.. thank you for everything.. thank you God for everything too..

and so, i'm counting my days now.. it wont be long you see me botak.. i'm just trying to make good use of time now.. cease every opportunity to spend time with my loved ones.. i just cant bear to be separated from them.. haisss...
19 days left..
i will miss you~
so darn much..~!