We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

did i ever tell you i love jerseys?

yes, i do... and i love them lots...

these are some of my collections...


1) AC milian Home Jersey.

2) AC Milian Away Jersey

one of the players i love from the club are Kaka and Pirlo...

3) AS Roma Away Jersey

the player i love most from this club is TOTTI..!!!

4) Newcastle Away Jersey

5) Newcastle Home Jersey

Newcastle has been my favourite club since my childhood days... and the most loved players there is of course the legendary Alan Shearer!!!

6) Manchester United Away Jersey

the only reason i dont like this club is because they are called "Red Devils".. but players like Paul Scholes, ex-Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs are some of my favourites...


7) Italy Home Jersey

i love Italy even before their victory over the 2006 World Cup and their success brought me extra joy... especially watching them hold up the trophy, the feeling was unbelievable...

of course, the likes of Totti, Buffon, Nesta and lots...

8) Brazil Home Jersey

i love Kaka and Ronaldinho...

9) England Home Jersey

I dont really like England because of the way they play... yet there are some players i really like... such as Alan Shearer, John Terry, Dennis Wise and Jermaine Defoe...

and recent purchase on my last trip to Thailand, my newly love country...

10) Argentina Away Jersey

i long to get this jersey and finally i got this during one of my last days in Thailand... thank God... well, i love Lionel Messi, Teves and the goal keeper...

that's all... i will gladly receive any jersey if you are willing to offer...!!! (:

Friday, October 27, 2006

i'm currently in school doing nothing... was surffing the net and i came across this video...

i was clapping away with amazement after watching...

i thought it was MARVELLOUS!!! another kid i've seen doing unbelievable stuff...

check this out... 5 years old only..

Monday, October 23, 2006
God be with you

there are so many things i want to say about the camp...

there are so many photos and video i want to upload here...

i couldnt get my hands to click it...

i miss them... i miss them lots...

expecially you, you, you...

May God be with you all... i'm SO glad many of you come without Christ but leave the camp having Jesus in you!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006
day 1

I'm now in Thailand!!! weee...

let's start with the airport... my friends came and sent me off from Changi Airport...
this is at Ajisen..

thanks friends!! (:

then, in the airport, we waited so long... zzz...

not only long queue but from my gate i'm entering from, there are people exiting!! so irritating... then wait and wait... see our face?

finally, on the Aeroplane!!! so scary cuz i got phobie about taking flights...

cool... the food on board was alright... thank you God for carrying me through and friends praying for me... (:

reached Bangkok!! BASKET!! their airport is so ultra BEAUTIFUL!!!... >.<>

not so clear though but ya... you'll know what i mean if you are here... so, waiting for next flight!! very cranky already cuz we were travelling since 1pm... zzz... see my cranky face?

right... so, next flight!!

hahaa... the sky is like so dark... very dark... and GUESS WHAT WE ATE ON THIS FLIGHT? PRAWN KUEI TIAO!!! MY GOSH!!! I'M ALLERGIC TO THEM!!! EEKKKKK.... but the kuei tiao was very nice..!! (photo is with andrew because on the plane, we cant use the hp...)

and as we finally reached, we gave cake me and lynnette made to KUL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

eeee... the HAPPY KUL!!!

courtesy from LYNNETTE AND ME!!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

only a few more hours and......



i really miss the kids...

and of course, i'll miss my friends here in singapore, i'll miss my kids in singapore, i'll miss my dog... hahahaaha...

well, i'm going to spread God's love to those afar, help in their camp and to bless the people...

i'll be leaving Singapore on 18th Oct... taking 2 flights... and be back on 26th Oct...

please pray for me...
1. protection (health, spiritual, safety, camp, charlor's family, helpers, andrew...)
2. my family and friends (from the evil one course if they worry too much, they'll be weak and be attacked easily)
3. the camp from 21st till 23rd Oct (the kids' heart will be open, the kids' will feel God's presence, they will understand the bible stories, will feel God's love, will be happy......)
4. good weather (be it when i travel and during the camp)
5. journey mercy (2 flights on 18 Oct and 26 Oct)
6. God will use me mightly to bless people around (thai kids, my neighbours, Neel's family...)
7. Andrew (he'll be following me there.. so keep him in prayers too... he's my course mate and a child of God)
8. whatever you can think of...


and please pray daily... hahahaa...!!

2005 Dec...

2005 Dec (Christmas Celebration)

2006 March Camp

Goodbye Singapore!!

Hello Thailand!!

...dun worry...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Woooo... today was my first day of school... when little children jump and get so excited over it, i kind off felt half of how they feel... or probably be like the ones who cling onto their mums and dads and cryyyyy...

hahahaa.. well, today wasnt that bad.. maybe because it's only 3hrs lesson and it's SUKUNA!! hahaa.. she's great and nice... to me at least.. (c:

yups... went to Pat's School House this morning at the Novena area... nice and great place... just that you have the mentality that the children are all at least 10 times richer than you... hahahaa... well, but that doesnt make all of them spoilt or what... i didnt say that... hahaa..

talked to the principal about implementing our project at their centre.. she's kind off keen about it and was even so nice to have picked a class for us... she was also willing choose the kids with parents she knows will have time for such activities... yeah!! God's blessings..!!!

anyway, we were invited to explore the place and i was looking at all the children's photo... well, i was very sure i've seen all and yet i could NOT find my that little friend i knew from internet (JR)... hahahaa.. sorry... wrong centre... (:

well, had a very fruitful and nice experience with the children there especially in joy ma's ex-class... children are always unexpected and TRUST ME, THEY'RE THE BEST GIFT GOD CAN GIVE...

well, about lesson... i wouldnt go much into it... was okay... had discussion, laugh, laugh and laugh... wonder who's the one? 0.o hahaaha...


sianz... tomorrow 8am lecture... -.-" 0.o

Saturday, October 14, 2006
bake and ice

Friday, Jericho's TREAT!!!

and of course, my long awaited PIZZA!!!

we ordered as what you see in the photo... and mind you, it's LARGE... and to know two strong young man sharing one large pizza is such a small kick, YOU'RE WRONG!!! my gosh... we were dying to finish our last bite of the pizza... i'm already full by the second piece and to finish up half the pizza, the food were like coming out of my mouth very soon... we were so close to puking... but yet, i had to finish the food, since this is Jericho's first time treating me... hahahaa... when we left the pizza hut, we were so so full and the pizza lasted me the whole day!!

this is Jericho, trying to finish his food...

and me, still able to eat at that moment...


at night, Regina and i went to bake at nette's house...

if you notice the time, YES!!! it's almost 3am and we're still making... slept at 4+am...

the cake look like this... it's for Caleb...

the next day, more baking and icing...

for Kat... dont wanna say much... everyone was like CRANKY and MOODY... cuz it's like everything we do was so unsuccessful... hahahaa... do until angry... KAT, YOU BETTER LIKE IT!!! hahahaa...

First up,

the sunflower...



i think it's very nice la...!! you? *BETTER SAY NICE!! hahaa..

Next up:

i drew all these... if you dunno, let me tell you aloud... MAHJONG TILES!!! i like them!! (:

if you dont know what they form, see this...

"Shi San Yao~~!!!"


After that:

Hoops and Yo Yo...

so cute right? haha... oh, the bottom message got a meaning... because Kat's going on a trip on a ship for 2 years, and it's her 28th birthday, we'll only see her when she's 30!! (:

and today, Natasha invited me to her birthday party at changi beach... so nette drew her name on the cupcakes and i wrote "Happy birthday" in chinese character...

i was actually so excited to see her and her brother... especially her brother cuz her brother used to be st anne's student.. now primary.. didnt had much opportunity to talk to him and spend time together like we used to last 2 years... he was and is still my bao bei...

played sparklers...

took a photo with the kids... birthday girl beside me...

and finally, after waiting so long... me and baobei nic...

I MISS YOU!!! really do... your voice, you smile... thanks and i appreciate every second spent with you... (:

Friday, October 13, 2006
gordon day

i would name today as "Gordon's Day"...

hahaa.. why?

i was looking at the children's workpiece on the wall...

yes.. like this... then, Amos was disturbing me... hahahaa... trying to hit me and he kept missing cuz i kept moving away... hahahaa... well, Gordon was behind him... then, Amos caught hold of me and he was fooling around... basically disturbing me la... then, i freed myself and i distance a little from him... however, i could still hear Gordon saying these to Amos...

Gordon: wait later i tell teacher... you disturb him... i really will tell
Amos: you also what..
Gordon: i never... i never distrub him...

hahaa.. something like that... so sweet... to see Gordon protecting me... hahahaa... never will you expect to hear such thing from a boy like him... then i walked over and hug him... hahahahaa...

me and Gordon... took today!!

went to watch movie later at night...

it's called...

little red flowers..

hmm, the boy is super cute... the show was $10.. Picturehouse movie...

nice or not? hmm, NO!!! $10 just to see this cute cute boy and so many naked bottoms with butts and even little boy's private part... worst of the worst, nobody understand the story, what is it about and the ending was meaningless... even smart people wouldnt tell you what the movie means... SO I ENCOURAGE YOU NOT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! unless you want to see butts, i cant stop you... cuz frankly speaking, MANY BUTTS!!!

but the truth is, the boy is cute... small mouth...

the little boy has a pony tail at the back too... hahaha... i wonder whose tail is longer? (:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

went down to st anne's kindergarten to help in the dance i helped choreographed and i think the children did fairly well... hahaa.. am really proud of them... it took them quite a short time to practice and dance...

*pat their the back!!*

here's a video of the dance...

went to watch "Rob-B-Hood" staring by Jackie Chan and Gu Tian Le... show at 10.40pm... me and nette bought the tickets like 10.38pm... hahaha... but didnt miss any part... phew...

the show was so gay gay... hahaha.. they act as a gay couple lah... hahaa... but it was nice... quite nice and exciting... of cuz not the gay gay part but because of the baby... hahaa.. very cute though i rarely say babies are cute... hahaha...

so cute lah...!!!

and after the show, i was thinking of sleeping there and so i thought... as i could just camouflage since i was wearing the same colour as the seat...