We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
cny 09


it's the time where every singles yearn to earn big bucks from this 15 days.. haha.. and i'm on the same boat too.. it's like wheel of fortune.. everytime you're about to open an "ang pow", you would say "BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY~!!..." hahaa..

on the first day, i went to church but was feeling quite out of place because i was late and i ended up stucked at a corner because church service was filled with english and chinese congregation.. and after a while, i left to the lounge to relax with the other youths who were also felt out of place.. hahaah...

in the afternoon, i went over to dearest johanan's place.. he was really happy to see me and wouldnt let me go.. haha... it was great to be able to see him too.. i had to go my grandma's place to "bai nien".. if not i wouldnt want to leave too.. haha.. and we took this photo.. sweet!
then, went my ah ma's place.. so quiet... haha.. not as exciting as years before.. aiyoo.. so, i ended up playing mahjong with sis, cousin and an uncle.. surprisingly, i wont $10, though i dont understand why.. haha.. didnt game much but still win.. =D

so after that, it was photo time and darn, it was fun.. hahaha..


first, all the grandchildren... a decent one..
then, a little funny...and, by the height.. (obviously i'm not that tall)

and here comes our ah ma.. haha.. i look kinda retarded.. i know.. haha..
and i started teasing my ah ma.. she was so high la.. laughing away aloud.. i tried this so many times because many people tried to snapped the photos but we kept moving and laughing.. guess this was the best shot.. haha..
and my cousin joined in the fun.. we made our ah ma horny.. lol~!!
then those people wanted us to do something funny too.. and then my cousin grabbed me from the back then all were so high, cheering and shouting.. haha.. damn... lucky it was my cousin.. haha.. if not... so, i acted together with him.. haha..
hahaha... dont puke.. just cousin.. lol~
and finally, my family.. that's the end of my first day...

day two.. i actually looked like a magician with this vest but i love it.. haha..
first, we went over to auntie's house to bai nien... and i took photo with my everyone-thinks-is-my-girlfriend-or-jealous-of-me-taking-photo-with cousin.. haha.. nice right?
but too bad, is just my cousin..
haha.. very nice sia...
then, we went visiting but ended up no where to go.. they then came over my place to play mahjong.. wah, see, table full of chio bu-s.. haha.. "stress"!! haha.. ended up winning a little..

then, as the group went out for dinner, i decided to accompany my little boy (as promised)..
after dinner, we went out to play basketball and reiz was nice to join us.. haha.. it's been a long time and it was definitely great to see him again... after that, i went back to say goodbye but it was so hard to leave because he was pestering me to stay his house.. well, it was me that sneaked off just to do away his screams and cries.. sorry boy, if i could, i would..
loving him still..
he and his pattern.. i've got mine!
wed, back to work but at least everyone's in a new year's mood.. i ate so so so many oranges in my work place.. haah.. happily peeling and eating...
came saturday, i was invited to tr ros' house for steamboat.. i always love their company.. they treat me very well.. and this time, we had pot luck steamboat... i tell you, one of the nicest soup i've ever tasted for a steamboat.. now it made me feel like eating... haha.. saliva dripping....
then, after that, i was first to leave because i've got the chance to go and meet my nic!!! haha.. it's been a long time and he has been busy with school (same as gawain)... so, i quickly rushed down his house knowing he would be free for the next 2 hours..
and so, i reached and i was glad to meet the two lively and lovely kids... i went through a little with nic's homework which he was stucked at and then he was so eager to play mahjong.. permission was granted and off we went to play.. nic wasnt that bad, won 2 out of 3 matches.. haha.. good good.. got potential... lol~!!
i wasnt too bad... look at the cards.. haha.. i just took them and i was already waiting... but then again, i didnt just wait for that... i reshuffled and made it into big cards.
they're very cute playing that especially mei mei.. she just take, throw, take, throw.. but when we saw her cards, we were amazed.. haha.. very nice... oh, btw, is it legal to post photo of kids playing this? haha... anyway, we didnt involve money k... just for fun!! ;p
and look at their creation!! haha.. so creative.. apparently, it was suppose to be a cow.. haha.. and i didnt take long to realize it.. hahaha...
then, at night, i went to look for le but it didnt turn out good.. well, forget it...
suday, went to church and didnt get to see gawain.. but luckily, i met this two kids downstairs though i didnt see them in service.. haha.. *hugs* they looked bright and colourful.. nice!!
and after service, le followed me back to my house to bai nien.. haha. and i bet he enjoyed himself... =D me too, always enjoy his company... and after dinner, i fetched him back..

well, though it was a quiet new year, but i still thank God for everything...

i hope nothing stands btw us.
but it's just unfair
cuz i only get to see you once a week