We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Monday, March 31, 2008


okay, due to the fact that i'm sick, i was had to be at home... and i've been spending time playing audition and watching "Are you Smarter Than A fifth Grader".. then, some time browsing, i came across these and i cant stop laugh..

and i mean it, cant stop laughing...

know what i mean?

Friday, March 28, 2008
sick still

What's wrong?

as compared to the last three days since i was sick, today was the worse. i awaken, as early as 3am because i felt my body was boiling hot and my headache was so pain, i thought my mind was going to explode... i quickly took my fever medicine and went back to bed... but i couldnt sleep as well because my head hurts like crazy... this morning, i couldnt even get out of my bed.. as i stood, i felt the house moving... i cant stable myself... for the entire day, i was so so weak, i could only lay down like a paralysed person...

but then, around 10am, Sotaro called and told me he had cough and sore throat... then his mum sms me, saying that both of us have the same sickness-"Love Sick". i know this might brings you goosebums but hey, dont you think it's quite true? haha... anyway, i went to the clinic again (yesterday went once) because my fever shot up like very high and my head hurts so much... later the night, sotaro's mum told me that sotaro is also down with fever... hmm, what's wrong?

alright, those who are reading this, please pray for us, sotaro and i...

dearest Sotaro, let's pull this through together and fight against these viruses!! BE STRONG!! i'll pray for you too...
and to my dearest Johanan, if you are reading this(i know you will), you can be part of this too, by praying for us and being our angel... (:

praying hard...
and have faith,
that God is the healer.

Thursday, March 27, 2008
youth camp


okay, as i woke up this morning, i knew it's going to be a long and painful day for me... yea, my sickness got worse... headache, cough, fever and now, block nose... i dont understand where all these come from... *zzz* oh God, heal me...~

anyway, Chalor called me just minutes ago... asked if i were okay, how's everything and so... well, guess from my voice, she could tell i'm sick... anyway, tml launch the first day of youth camp in thailand... the thing is, i was suppose to be there with lynnette... but due to some issue, the trip was cancelled... if not, i would be there by now. Chalor told me the kids were asking if i was there already because they were told that we are going but the news of us not going hasnt been revelled... and Chalor did not tell them yet... i just hope that tomorrow when they realised we werent there, they will be able to take it...

yes, i miss the people there... how i wish i'm there now...

enjoy the camp, kids.
and know that miles away,
i'm praying for you,
and missing each of you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
busy week

sorry for the long absence once again.. and i think i didnt mention, MY CAMERA IS SPOILT!!! i realized that on 15March, the day i had my 21st birthday celebration.. i was and am very upset... therefore, whatever photos seen below were from other's camera or my hp... so, there's not much photos taken...

and i wont be texting much but do take time to view the photos... (:

here's some updates of what happened from last week...

Thursday 20/3/08

okay, it was the eve of my birthday.. i actually smsed Johanan's mum to ask her son out for a short date and she agreed. and so, this was how i spend my Birthday eve...

on the bus...
i'll just cut short here. we went DFS to change my belt... then, wanted to go Botanical garden but we were lost and didnt know how to get there. since it was getting late, we decided to go Borders for some book reading...
after that, we went dinner at PS foodcourt... he had his favourite ban mien..
after eating, we went to play games and then headed home...

i promised him to see him sleep before i leave... so, after he bathed, i was in the room with him, chatting and laughing away... it was about 1230am when he finally closed his eyes and sleep...
however, that didnt end my day... i chatted with his mum till like 4+am... chat anything under the sun, or rather, moon... well, reached home about 5am and slept for a while before i waking up for Good Friday Service...


okay, it's not so much about my actually birthday or how i felt about being an adult, but it's about how much Christ suffered on the cross for us...

after church, i went dim sum with some of my church friends before meeting my parents for dinner... okay, ate what everybody knows "My Favourite Dish" called the scissors rice... after that, since the night was still young, and i was suppose to "babysit" sotaro and sisters due to the fact the their parents were overseas from wednesday onwards, i decided to have a mini-outing... so, my dad drove to fetch the kids... and we went to IKEA... not exactly IKEA we shopped, but Courts... the kids said they've been to IKEA many times, so i suggested Courts... and guess window shopping was fun too!!
at Courts...
alright... didnt take much photo but played much... however, i had to rush back because i heard that the kids mum said they had to be in bed by 930pm... so, i had to rush my parents, who were in Giant shopping... and since we had to wait for my parents at IKEA, we decided to play and take some more photos...

this is nice... he's not yet P1 though, but preparing him next year.. haha..

i love this... haha.. dont know why but it's very unique...

taken with some backdrops...

that probably sums up my birthday and good friday... alright, i stayed over the kids house...


rise and shine! okay, i promised the kids to bring them out on this day... so, since sotaro's sister had tuition in the morning, we could only set of in the afternoon... and so, i went home first to change and bathe... sotaro followed me home...then, i left to pick the rest of the kids and we took bus all the way to......

it was so hot... we started playing at about 1+pm and all of us were complaining about the sun and heat and.......... so, we went to take a break by walking around, and even playing some games... by the time it was about 4pm, the sun was eventually spotless... however, we saw GREY CLOUDS... my goodness~ the weather changed like a blink of eye.. we quickly went back to the theme park, just to play a few more games before it poured...

after that, i went back with sotaro to get my laptop while the rest went home... then, sotaro and i went to st anne's to support amanda on her baptism... however, we didnt stay long because it was getting late... sorry~... stayed over at sotaro's house...


i had to go church and sotaro wanted to follow... so, we got ready and left the house at about 8am... but then, i realized there's no kid's ministry... zzz... and worse still, i forgot my wallet.. so, i had to go home and take... it was getting late, and yes, i was late for service... but nonetheless, i managed to reach there on time for holy communion...

us on the MRT
okay... after church, we travelled down to meet his sisters and maid at orchard MRT... we waited and waited till our butts grew flowers... his sisters were missing!! i was getting worried... we were suppose to meet at 2pm but i waited till it was about 240pm... then, finally, one of his sister called... they were at a shopping centre... well, i got them back and we travelled down by bus to...


just from the photos, you could see and feel how much fun we had... haha... from the eating to the climbing, to the throwing, to the falling... everything was so blessed... thank you God for such a day... stayed over their place again...


since i was over at Sotaro's place and that i was going to st anne's too, i decided to bring him to school... we took the free shutter...

i thought it was my last night there... and so, after we work up, got ready and i took him to school again...

then, after my tuition, i thought i drop by sotaro's house to check on them... upon reaching his house, i met their parents downstairs... yes, they were back from Japan! haha... so coincident... helped them...

at night, i brought sotaro to his abacus class and then back from the class... as time passes by, i thought going back and saying good-bye would be so so hard... but then again, i was made to stay over another night... dont ask me how, but they are capable.. haha... so, i stayed over there... :)


i brought sotaro to school again... but before that, i went to rivervale plaza with him to buy some things and develop some of the photos from my birthday...

okay... today "officially" ends babysitting the kids... honestly, those days with them were priceless and memorable... i'm gonna miss them, especially my sunshine, who was always by my side the day i babysit them... how could i forget your smile?

okay... it's weird why i'm falling sick now... i've got a little cough, down with fever and bad BAD headache... is it because i know i no longer gonna see them as often that i fall sick? or do i miss you so much? maybe it's just water that i didnt had enough... but guess there are much more reasons behind why i'm sick now...

okay... random photos with my sunshine...
okay.. that's all... so, these can explain why i didnt blog, or even had time to blog... bye, i think i need rest and WATER!! haha... *cough*

even when my head hurts,
there'll be this tiny winy space,
in which i think of you.