We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, March 02, 2008
first day of march

on the first day of march, my true love...

spent the first day of march with my sotaro... nothing special... bladed to his house as usual... reached at about 5pm and both of us started to play toys.. making swords, pretending to fight... was having a great time together... took a photo before the fight...
i love this.. he was actually the one upside down... anyway, i didnt know what direction to put this photo, so i college it in all directions... haha... okay.. i this i over done that.. haha... alright.. his mum prepared dinner for us... it was really delicious... i think i'm really blessed to be tasting all these... (: noodles and fried rice... really nice and filling.. some more, she made salad topped with tuna.. and to end off, we had fruits too... i had like one packet of chrysanthemum drink, then i was served with a cup of water, then his mum got me a home-made chrysanthemum drink... wah... haha...

okay.. we continued to play, sing, played the piano, played toys, played and played till about 8pm plus when we went to rollar blade... well, we didnt blade for long because we couldnt find any location to blade as the place we used to blade was occupied by some indians who were having party... ya, we searched everywhere around punggol till we decided to give up and play at a playground...we actually bladed a while at a badminton court but we were interupted many times because of many badmint"or"s wanted to play... sat and took some photos... i was amazed but what he did... he took the hp and was pressing something when suddenly, my hp front light was on... i was shocked... in my entire life, having used the hp for almost 2 years, i now then realized i've got this function!!! cool~
okay... took photos...
then, changed his shirt and we were discussing whether to go his house for supper or go home straight from that place... haha... okay, i gave in.. i went over for supper... but before that, took photos again in his changed shirt...
accidentally zoomed

okay.. a better shot..

when we were back, his mum prepared supper and it was like "wow~"... haha... so much food... pandan cakes, milk, biscult, crackers, fruits, cornflakes... haha... blessed isnt it? haha... then, played with sotaro again.. sword, fighting... aiyoo... haha... and it was so hard getting him to bathe because he wanted to play so much... the thing was, after bath, we continued to play.. haha.. though i thought it was about time to go home... i was so distracted while playing, having so much fun that we played till like LATE..!! and he was perspiring... opps~ we were playing soccer.. haha.. and i really laughed out loud playing with him... *enjoyed*

this was taken after his bath... i love this pic too~!

and so, i was so close to staying there overnight but because the next day, i had to go church, so i rejected the offer... it was about 12.30am that i left the house... once agian, was really grateful that his parents offered me a ride home which i cannot say no to... but really, after the entire day spent with my sweetie boy, the ride back home was the most memorable, meaningful, loved. i sat in the middle of him and his elder sister... during the ride home, i was patting his lap.. then, he sandwiched my right hand with both his legs... and then, he grabbed my hands with his both hands... the best part was, he laid his head against my shoulder.. i almost cried... haha... i was wishing for more traffic lights, that his father would drive slower... ya... that was the most touching this he did... i could feel the strength he used to grab my arms, especially when i was about to reach home... so much so that i didnt want to leave the car... haiss... he was so reluctant to let go... i had to pull him away, which i hate to do that.. and the worst part, bidded goodbye... and i left... in my head was the scene of him holding my arms, all the way home...

i'm just thankful for all of them... really... and his 2nd sister got me a little hat she bought when she was up in malaysia with she schoolmates this day... (:

nothing can beat what you did
it will always be remembered,
even now, i could still feel it...