We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
happy teacher's day




for those who gave me gifts, cards and remembering me, i truly appreciate them..

hong lin

thanks ryan and bella's mum.. they saw me in school early in the morning.. when they came back to pick their kids up, they brought me gift with really touches me.. it's not the gifts, it's the effort and heart that really counts.. thanks~

and josiah came by with a card.. so lovely.. thanks dearest~!!

thanks to all those who gave me hugs that deemed as PRICELESS~!

and to Jesus, my greatest mesiah, thanks~!!

T is for Teacher
Teacher i love you

another sunday


i was burdened by my walk with God. personally, i know my stand and i'm more than 100% disappointed with myself, especially my discipline in quiet time and worship for God.. i wanted to change so badly but my body doesnt obey.. i really dont think i'm worthy enough to even step into the church.. however, i had to humble myself in obedience and bow before God, saying, "Lord, forgive me." i need Him.. i cant put myself to look at him... i had to.. moreover, i was on duty, playing the piano for the hokkien service.. i prayed, i confessed.. thank God everything went smoothly.. i was thankful, He was merciful...

after the main service, we had roti prata...

then, after service, we were about to step out of church when we saw cats and dogs falling from the sky.. both of us were like "ohh man.." haha.. and so, we were on sitting by the steps, just right in front of the church door and i took that time to chat with him.. i just love times as such when we had no distractions, no people around but God, and just be together.. was hugging him tight and enjoying that moment of silents.. after a while, it was getting hot and we went back church and we JAMMED~!! hahaa.. i played the piano while he played drums.. i mean he hit the drums.. haha.. not that bad.. just play and really had fun...

rain subsided and we set off immediately to...


there's this F1 car right in the middle of the mall and i asked him to pose with the car.. not bad right? i mean the car.. hahaha..

then, we went some window shopping..

saw this at mark & spencer.. not that bad la..
he was with me and i asked him..

Me: so, is this shirt nice?
Sotaro: yes..
Me: aiyah.. whatever i ask, you'll say nice..
Sotaro: nooo..
Me: so, does my face make the shirt nice or the shirt makes my face nice?
Sotaro: the shirt... BOTH~
Me: wahahaha.. cannot both.. choose one..
Sotaro: it gonna be both man..


okay, i noticed this shirt, colourful and cheerful.. and i like strips shirt.. haha.. so he agreed to try out.. nice right? haha.. he look so cheerful now.. bright and "Shiny"..
yo yo yo~!
(i didnt do that effect.. probably God did. haha.. sotaro was moving and that effect came out.. impressive right? not that bad.. haha..)
okay.. shopped high and low.. haha.. till i see him having a shagged face in which he always deny he doesnt have.. okay.. when we were hungry, we went to eat at the food court, after both of us cant decide on a certain place.. haha..
great to have someone there to accompany me shop.. haha.. thanks~

thank you God,
you took away my sins
you blessed me so much.
i love you..
keep me save, in your arms
i pray......

night out

here's what happened during our nights out. though it was just a few hours, the time together was priceless~.. you cannot buy those laughters, jokes, fun, mischivious times.. great buddies~!!
no more nights out lo~..

yan ping's bday

i'm a little back-dated..

9th August..

yes, besides Singapore's birthday, it was also Yan Ping's birthday.. one of my track friend.
after the cake cutting, we played murderer.. till about 2-3am when we played a game i suggested.. and we laughed so hard tears were pouring out of our eyes.. we played till it was almost 6am then we all slept around in the house.. it didnt take me long to wake up and leave, at about 7am because i had to go church.. yup.. but it was very fun and nice to meet up with my friends again.. then, i realized i'm like so old.. hahaa..

Happy Birthday Singapore too!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008
august events

some updates from the last few weeks...

was invited to Ngee Ann's Homecoming.. it was really heart-warming to see all my course mates, as well as my lecturers..

before i enter the halll, outside i saw this and i was like, "OHHH MY GOSHHH~~" so retro lah..!! chi naaa~!! heheehe... i burst out laughing..

i wore this strip shirt with a Picaso's cap.. that's aisha on the left and wan on my right.
early august, it's Amanda's birthday!!

took a photo with her and the cake... pinky~*
went to the party at orchard hotel with some of the st anne's teachers and here's helen son and i.. now he has a tail and i'm jealous~ x_x hahaha..
sunday, brought sotaro to church..
then, went hard rock cafe to celebrate wanyi's birthday~!!

here's those who went for the birthday lunch..
on another sunday(recent), with sebastian on my left, your right.. hahaha..

then, after church, we went suntec for some window shopping..

for dinner, we had kenny rogers..

and dessert, we had donuts!!
smile with sweet chocolates round the lips~
before we went home, we were hungry and we had mein fen guo near his house..
monday, due to the national day, i had an off day.. but st anne's kindergarten dont.. so i got the chance to meet all my beloved kids~!! really miss them to the core~!! isaac and martin.. of course, eunice..
then, i went to visit nicholas, who injured his right ankle days ago..
natasha and the king..
here's his ankle..
that's me and him~!!
thurs, went rollar blade with god son..

more to come.. lazy only.. haha...

oh, and i'm currently in new unit, 145 SQN in changi air base (EAST).. hope i find joy in what i do there..

god, be with me

Saturday, August 09, 2008
84th always~!



AOS - (Air Operation Specialist)


here's presenting you my most loved course!! and today, 080808 to some of us including me, we mark our last day of stay in Air Force School. it was definitely a fruitful and memoriable 6 weeks stay there. i can never express how much i love, appreciate and the fun i had there. i'm just gonna miss the bonding session, the laughing session, the talk-cock gossiping session.


-Jenzus (T-rex) for always helping me with heavy loads, area cleaning and congrates for scoring the best in AOS.

-Joshua (cockster) for being there always to hear me out, to study with me, to accompany me and letting me "bully". haha.. a great and well-loved friend.. dont blush~

-Kemp (Ki~ap) for making me laugh so hard on the last few days.. my "ah beng" friend who is very unexpected but nice guy.

-Wei Le (Buddha) for always telling us to enjoy life. grats for passing the module exam and your driving.

-Jerel (Desmond) for sacrificing your sleep the last few nights as you tagged along in my bunk, laughed along and played along.

-Terence (Just Go) for always there to encourage me, talk to me and teach me things in which i dont think i can achieve. thanks for the sweaty palms too. you're like a big bro or grandpa to me.

-Han Leng (HL Milk) for being my teacher even though you were the youngest. you are always so cheerful and approachable. a very nice guy who will play along and always there to lend a helping hand.

-Frederick (playboy/bulldog) for being a great listener, helper and someone who can play along with jokes. thanks for the laughter and info of FN.

-Alvin (Chipmunk) for being my best laughing buddy, joker(lamer) and someone i can talk to. thanks for always playing along and being like a bro to me.

-Alfred (Fredsama) for everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. =D

i'll miss you guys~!

a shot with our gentle and nice course co-ordinator MSG Tan Yong Kee.
acting cool with him. for some like kemp, no need to act cool already.
with SSG Steph, our 2nd co-ordinator, funny and nice lady. eh, married already la. hahaha..
acting cute. but she doesnt seem to be acting it.. hahaha..
and of course, all of us!

am posted to CAB -changi air base next week and hope everything goes well. as far as i know, i have Alfred with me.. yeahhh~! to be frank, the one i'm gonna miss most will be...........

1WO Tom Tam.

i never knew
until yesterday
that after you had TAO POK,
you had to shower.

Saturday, August 02, 2008
air force sch ending..

my girlfriend and i. havent taken any photos since dont know how many donkey years.
and this was what i was talking about, the compatibles.
hahaa.. anyway, gonna see his this sunday again! weee~!!

sadly but true, posting out day is nearing and i really dont wish for that day to come by so so soon.. i love where i am now, i love who i have now. honestly, there isnt a day where i did not laugh so hard, my stomach aches, my tears filled my eyes. all thanks to friends especially fredsama. gonna miss all these.

Kangaroo B
"...it's not that i.." -Fredsama
HL Milk

and, $5 might be a lot of money, but at times, when you really need to use it, it's worth it. =D

happy birthday Amanda~!
sorry, couldnt get Edison to come.