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1 John 4:19

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Monday, November 30, 2009
packed weekend

fri was a public holiday. talking about long weekend, yes, but a busy one... not really used to it even since my habit of not doing much in india.. haha.. ya, lazy me.. well, back in singapore, time to move on..

it was a surprise joachim initiated a chat with me on fb.. and so, a passing remarks, i asked if breakfast the next day would be okay.. he lived just across the road.. and joel sms me later the night to say that breakfast was ON!! haha..

met the kids in the morning.. they were actually ready by the time i was ready.. and i picked them up and we walked all the way to RM.. macs there was full, and i bumped into SSG melvyn.. haha.. and i remembered it was his birthday.. well, since it was full, we went over LJS to eat.. i bought quite a lot a all of us ate till we were so so full..
and before they returned home, i asked if joa would like to take photo with me.. hmm, it was rare of him to actually not reject.. lol~ and there, a very quick one.. :)
later the afternoon, i was invited to nic's birthday party.. haha.. and when i reached, many of his friends were there.. and since nic's in gifted prog, all his friends are.. the way they communicate with each other were amazing.. haha.. not like any other kids, these kids spoke with good english.. i had to make myself speak like them too.. haha.. but apparently, all of them have fb.. wa, so fierce sia.. haha.. and they were playing games like rc, mafia, etc.. haha.. at least i've got some topic to share cuz i used to play rc.. haha.. and 2 of them added me.. lol~ but most of the time i had just the psp to my eyes.. =D
and so, cake cutting.. the smart people..
and i had time and chance to take a photo with nic.. come to think about it again, i've known him even since my first attachment in 2004.. 5 years lo, and he's really grown up..
i like this photo.. :)
sat, i was asked to teach in one of my friends' centre.. it's a gym class.. and the child i had to teach was not even 2 years old.. or so so la.. haha.. i have much experience with 5-6 years old, but not that young.. well, first lesson, i was there to observe, but turn out i had to teach cuz the teacher wasnt present.. bad, very bad.. sigh.. next week will be my lesson.. worried.. anyway, i was thankful for the place cuz i held my dance prac there.. and they've got this mirror that was very useful.. the dance went well, lots of laughs.. and i treated everyone mcflurry.. and later that night, we went to celebrate lynnette's birthday at kat's house for a pot luck party.. haha.. people played wii, played poker and we played mj.. haha..
and my oh my, BARCELONA BEAT REAL MADRID!!! haha.. :)
and i had a shot of me in coverall the morning before i took off for india.. my very first time in coveralls.. hahaha.. :)
time to report to work.. thinking about time in India..~

Friday, November 27, 2009
PSLE results day

it's results day today for the pri 6s..

many shed tears, little tears of joy
many regrets, little congrats
many prayers, little praise
many scoldings, little encouragement
many stayed home, little celebration

i was actually quite worried for some of the kids like jones and chong le who received their first major exams results.. but then again, nothing i could have done to change anything.. i couldnt locate jones, while chong le told me his results and he was actually disappointed about it.. well, i didnt want to add on to his discomfort, especially when i know his mum would have said a lot already.. i did set a margin he didnt reach but i knew he did his best.. erika's mum sms-ed me about how sad they were.. steph helped me got results of kelly and gwyneth and they did well.. grats...

i went to IT fair cuz anthony was working there. walked quite long before i found him.. got him milk tea and accompanied him for lunch then he went back work while i went to look around.. i was quite lost and i didnt know what's good, what's not, especially when i am a computer nut.. then, i received this brochuer which has cameras on it.. i so want to buy one of the sony brand camera but i dont know if it's good or not.. H20.. $520++.. sigh.. anyway, i didnt walk long before i went back.. i felt aimless and lonely..

i met with chong le at night.. saw his result slip and gave him some piece of advice to prepare him for his sec life.. hopefully everything will go smoothly for him in his new environment.. however, i am rather worried for jones.. hope he's okay..

i seriously miss the laughs i had in India with all my friends, esp the one that walk with me after soccer and made me laugh cuz he cant talk properly while shivering.. know i will never experience this here in singapore..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
i've landed

well, i'm now posting this entry from Singapore. all about India is over. but the memories will never fade away....

i actually enjoyed the last day of my det. after work, my room-mates planned a dinner out together with their MSG and i was asked to tag along. and so, we went out to buy lots of food and drinks and snacks.. and we travelled to their MSG's room to set up a feast there.. we placed out all the food and we all digged in like hungry pigs.. 14 chicken rolls, 3 bags of noodles, 2 whole chicken, 3 packs of salad, 2 big different flavored nuns, 7 pepsis, 3 bags of potato chips, and the list just goes on and on and on.. we were so full in the midst of eating.. and so much laughs during our meal-time where jokes mainly came from audric.. it was really a great bonding session. even the senior WO came over and chatted with us, joked around and had fun..

after that, i went back to look for PJ, just to find out he was playing game. so i went back to pack my stuff and played psp.. it was a while after he was done with his game and he came over to look for me and we headed over to the other mess to watch the Champions league.. he's probably the only one or one of the few that i talked about soccer and will be willing to watch..

since we were early, we watched the ukraine's champ vs the russian's champ.. well, it ended up 0-0 and we had lots of comments to shot.. haha.. then he went outside to chat with the cool breeze against us.. we actually were very real with each other, chatting anything and everything under the sun.. and i love chatting with him cuz he was frank and was willing to share.. and i felt comfortable talking to him.. and so, we chatted until the match we had been waiting for-Barca vs Inter.. and so, no doubt barca is a good team that played beautiful football and they dominated Inter.. after 20mins and it was already 2-0.. great! but then, as we were enjoying the match, all of a sudden, a blackout occured.. it caught both of us by surprise.. as first, we thought it might be lighted up again but as we waited in the total darkness for more than expected, we decided to leave the dark room, with the light from my ipod leading us out.. we were stunned when we saw street lights and the far away buildings were black, and outside was nothing but black.. and so, we sat down and chit-chatted, with the stars so beautiful, hanging above the sky and the cold weather so soothing.. we talked from the east to the west, north to the south.. oh, and he reminded me of jones (long story).. well, after a while, i started sharing my life and testimony with him, how God brought me from then till who i am now.. as i think about it now, perhaps the blackout wasnt coincident but a time for me to share christ to him.. and i pray he will one day accept Jesus as his personal Lord and saviour.. ya.. we had so much to share and i learnt a lot of things about him too.. well, it was an experience and i was quite happy i wasnt alone.. but of course, i'm used to blackouts as i experienced it a lot of times in Thailand.

at last, the lights came on, after many false hopes where the lights blinked once.. as we went back to continue the match, it was about 70mins++.. so, we counted a good 45mins we spent during the blackout.. haha.. the match then ended 2-0, and i'm glad i managed to see the two goals scored earlier the match.. but pj was sad cuz his beloved liverpool is out of the champions league despite winning their game..

after that, we had a slow stroll back.. and the weather was so cold, we shivered throughout the journey.. funny part was, pj got lost with words again, and even said a few words wrongly.. hahaha.. it was so funny and that always make my day happier..

the next morning was bad.. damn i was angry with myself.. i misplace the ipod cable which i borrowed from a friend. i kept it well until yesterday when i borrowed to somebody and i cannot remember where i left it after somebody returned it to me.. i was quite moody the whole morning.. i searched high and low but to no avail.. that adds on to my misery of leaving my friends in a few hours time.. but i managed to pull away with a smile when they were around.. and let me take this time to thank each of them.. my room-mates were fantastic, a blessing to me.. zk, although quiet but he was generous, willing to offer many snacks to me; kwek was very helpful and gave me many advices on games; brendan was very friendly, and is also generous with his tibits; audric has been one of the greatest entertainment to me, hurmorous and made me comfortable mixing with the group of friends. he often cheers me up and was willing to talk to me and listen to my stories; ben is friendly and nice to me; xiao pang is like the group leader of us, and he was a great man, took great care of me and treated me like one of them. very nice person, always very concern about me and willing to go all out to help me when i was in need.. i was really grateful for all of them. of course(cause "lols), not forgetting the medic pj whom i got closer towards the ending of det. he was a great companion, friendly guy when you get to know him, fun and funny, someone whom i will really treasure. i truly thank God for each and everyone of them cuz without them, this det would be meaningly and lifeless to me.

now back in singapore, alone in my room, thinking of the good times, the good laughs, the fun times, the running, the soccer, the badminton, the jokes, the cold nights, the performance night, the jamming session, the live soccer maraton, the viewing of aircrafts, the orchard rd, bugis street, the snoring, the mahjong session, the ass-hole tai di, the bridge game, the daily facebook session, the chit-chats, the...... the.... the......

i hope those relationships we built we last and continue even when we are back in singapore, even when we are not living near each other.. and hope those memories will never ever fade..

Monday, November 23, 2009
cold cold cold

it's getting cold here in India.. apparently, it was recorded as low as 16degree at night.. can you imagine how cold it was? as i showered in the morning, i literally shivered through the bath.. it was that cold.. night was even colder.. but i wasnt complaining.. it was fun though and an experience for us..

yesterday, after some celebration with the indians, we organized a soccer game within ourselves.. our last game before we leave.. it was the more fun games of all, especially you know your friends well already and you can joke around, play around and you are not tired cuz the weather was cooling.. lots of laughs and joy.. but as the sky got darker, all of us got really really cold.. though we continued playing, we were struggling to keep ourselves warm.. my hands were so cold i had to hid them under my shirt when i wasnt in control of the ball.. we had to stop the game when vision got in our way.. so, pistol, PJ and i went over to play basketball with the indians.. well, it's not about winning or losing, but it's about playing together and interacting.. i had fun, especially when i had the chance to play with my friends.. after the game, we went back and i had dinner with PJ.. i enjoyed the chit-chatting over dinner.. too bad i didnt had more time.. i was invited to a jamming session with Germs and one of the indians musician.. so, i went back to shower and left to meet the jamming crew..

jamming was fun.. they played songs from U2, coldplay, pink, beetles, etc.. although i dont know most of the songs, i was able to figure ways to fill in and made it my own.. haha.. sounds good though.. just play the chords and running notes around the keys and they were actually impressed.. i was, too, impressed by the indian playing the electric guitar.. nice.. then, cuz the indian was the BDO, so Germs asked me to his room to teach him.. he was good, learnt fast.. and then, he walked me back to my room..

well, now i heard that my flight back to singapore might even delay longer cuz of some miscommunication.. actually i'm even happier cuz i've got more time to be with my friends.. wont have such time if we were back in singapore.. :o)

God, you are in control of this.. and thank you for providing me with great friends around me during this period of detechment.. i pray our relationship will continue even back in singapore.. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009
wonderful sat night

yesterday night was a blast!!

well, i thought my sat would be bad enough since my all my friends werent around.. to add salt to the wound, lunch wasnt provided to me too cuz majority of the people went in base.. so lunch was served there rather than where i stay.. sigh... well, i had an option to go in base to eat but how many people would do that? haha.. we are lazy human beings!! :)

good thing was, my friends came back around 4+.. they showered and got changed before we went out to eat our dinner.. as we opened the door out, the first breeze just froze all of us.. it was colder than anybody expected.. now as we searched online for the temperature last night, it showed 16degree.. that's how cold.. and we endured through the weather out for our dinner..

after that, it was time for soccer mania!! first up, we watched liverpool against man city.. the room behind us were people playing cards such as dai di, texas poker and blackjack.. haha.. so happening.. well, the game ended 2-2 and i was glad i predicted it correctly.. haha.. next up was chelsea.. though i wasnt really interested about chelsea, we stayed on to watch cuz my friend wanted to watch the match after that.. and so, chelsea's match was like a training for them.. they literally walked through the defence easily and didnt have to worry much about counter-attacks and stuff from the opponent.. well, it ended well: 4-0 the score.. arsenal was a disappointment with a 1-0 loss.. guess everyone's tired from their international duties last week.. anyway, the thrid live match we watched was man utd against everton.. man u looked like they are trying many different and new techniques and set pieces which gave them a lot chances but nobody can really end it with a goal.. but few great shots+luck helped man utd get 3 goals to bring them 2nd in their league but my prediction is that chelsea will win the league title.. we shall see.. oh, and i just saw real madrid climbed up to the top of the table with a 1-0 (loser la) win and barca drew 1-1.. wasted.. i was quite sad about it but had faith in barca that they will win and their players probably were tired from their duties and resting players for champions league on tues.. well...

after watching so many matches, we headed home.. wow~ we were freezing as we walked outside.. even with sweater, it didnt really help much.. our legs were shivering, our teeth were grinding, and our brains werent really active.. one of my friends spoke as though he was speaking in another language.. we were all laughing like mad and it was damn funny.. because of the coldness and shivering, he stutter and couldnt get his words clear.. and it wasnt just once.. haha.. we were laughing as we walked back.. that was really memorable..

Saturday, November 21, 2009
cant believe it's sat

i'm all alone on a sat..

all my room-mates and friends left for work.. they were scheduled to work.. but on the ops side, which brought only me, was left in the room all by myself.. well, quiet though, but i'm actually used to them around me.. it's kinda weird now.. nobody around..

well, after what had happened last week during a soccer game, playing sports kinda being banned.. and i've finished that "gong zhu xiao mei" show.. please tell me what to do?!?!

oh, and i might not even be back on tues!!! apparently, one of the jet needs some servicing and hence need another operation day to allow it to fly back.. in that case, my arrival back to singapore will be delayed.. but then again, i'm not feeling anything..

i realized something during my quiet time yesterday. as i was writing the verse, i realized that the "fruit" of the spirit was spelt without an "s"!! oh well, talking about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, so many fruits, but was spelt without an "s", i guess these fruits come in a package.. yi ge tou bu neng shao.. you cannot miss out any of them.. well, that's hard but i will try to work on it.. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009
our exciting soccer game

after so many indian workers calling you sir, you kinda feel very good every day and hence you will tend to turn away and grin.. well, it's manners though but how many people will look at me and call me, "sir" in singapore? well, maybe not in my many years..

today, right after work, i, together with the aircrew quickly packed our things and rush back home.. reason being: we had a soccer match against the indians.. i went home quickly, shit(cuz i had to) and rush down to the field.. the game had actually started (not playing but lining up and shaking hands).. so i had to wait by the substitute seat..

game was exciting and we actually lead 1-0 in the first half.. i was then sub in to play in the second half.. well, was kinda disappointed with myself for playing below my expectations.. and my legs aint very cooperative too.. my right hamstring hasnt fully recover, my left calf still have the cramp pain since sat.. but then, i created some chances and did some crosses and had a volley that almost went in.. just slight over the bar.. we had our chances but the indians were far better than we expected.. they had their strength and stamina, more than we could imagine and they were playing very well.. we defended so much for the second half.. GOALLLL!!! shouted the indians.. but before we got disappointed, we looked at the lines-man who had his flag raised.. OFFSIDE!! everyone heave a sigh of relief.. and so, many opportunities means more chances to score.. and there again, the indians scored.. everyone was celebrating.. but as i looked far right with a flag raised up, phew, thank God.. haha.. OFFSIDE AGAIN!!! haha.. i can understand their feelings.. the indian players were furious.. but since i'm on the winning side, i shall not pity so much during the game.. haha.. the enciks really played well in defence.. hands down to them.. so many offsides played that could cost our pride and prize.. haha.. final whistle and we won 1-0!! yeah.. though no prize, but much to remember, and hand shakes to respect.. :) and i'm glad to be in my team..

talking about missing my kids, i had a few phone calls from them.. i was kinda disappointed with myself for not being able to spend time with them during their holidays time.. but i am sure to make myself free to bring them out.. :) please God, help me co-ordinate my leave accordingly and that i can spend valuable time with my kids, together with You..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it was only today that i realised i've been living my days here in India with blocked ears!!! i tried my hardest to clear today but it didnt help.. only when i yawn that i will clear my right ear, but kept the left ear blocked..

yet another day at work.. but the amazing thing was, it rained.. it was the first time in India that i experienced rain.. but it's different from singapore.. when it rains, it's cold.. but perhaps my tolerance of cold is lower than others, but it's cold.. haha..

i browsed through photos of some of my kids who went genting together, in total 4 families.. i really miss them, the laughs, the hugs, the smiles, everything.. cant wait to see them..

oh, and i realized i became thinner here.. guess i really didnt eat a lot, especially dinner.. no appetite.. but dont worry, i'm fine mum..

come to think about st anne's kindergarten has closed for holiday and i didnt get the chance to see the kids for the last time, it saddens me.. but i hope they'll always remember me like i would do..

still have weird dreams, and i hope it gets better..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
just another week

thinking about me being home 7 days from now dont really excite me.. in fact, talking about irony, i felt much more comfortable here than i first came.. i'm comfortable with the friends around me, i'm comfortable with the work and i'm comfortable with the weather (but not food).. everything seems to be going well when you realize you are on your way back.. sigh..

not only that, i found myself closer to the officers than ever, especially my OC, whom i look up to and truly respect.. because of this det, it gave us more time together, chatting and knowing each other.. a very smart and organized person, he taught me a lot of things.. but to think about it, such thing wouldnt happen if we were in sqn.. things would be going so fast, saying "hi" would even be as hard.. but i'm grateful to have time like this..

i'm really thinking a lot.. what do i want to do in life? where will i be heading after this? who will be the one with me?

but today's QT taught me something.. from the book of Mark, talking about people boosting their wealth as the offer them as offerings, showing off the amount they give.. however, this poor person came by, dropped in 2 dimes worth almost nothing was seen by Jesus.. and He told his disciples that this poor person has given more than rich person who gave because the 2 dimes is what he has left..

i hope mum understands.. it's not how many people i can help if i cross over to Thailand, but the time and service i can offer for God and for his people... all those bible verses, God's words are already set in front of my eyes.. how can i not obey? are they not obvious enough? what i have left, i will give.. i may not be rich but least i have is a pair of hands to help, shoulders to carry, a heart to love, time to sacrifice... that's all i want.. nothing beats a smile in return, a "thank you" and a big hug.. i never want to be rich or busy earning big money.. this is what i want.. i dont ask for recognition, i dont ask for fame... if it's God's calling, i wont be stopped..

Monday, November 16, 2009
st anne's kindergarten year-end-concert 09

okay.. gonna back date a little.. st anne's children had their one and only year end graduation and i die die had to make myself present for these kids. really miss them a lot.. was made to be an ursher on that day, therefore, i didnt had a lot of interaction time with the kids.. however, i was more than satisfied to just be there to see them..

many kids, as well as parents remembered me and i'm grateful for them.. some questioned why i hadnt been to st anne's for so long.. well, i couldnt answer them, but to smile and said "busy". sigh.. if only i had the chance...... i had the time though..

it didnt take long for the kids to warm themselves up with me around.. just that they were too excited in the waiting room, it seemed to become like a fun fair, so noisy.. so i didnt really stayed long.. i managed to take some, only some photos because most of my time, i had to persuade isaac to take photo with me.. i dont know if he was shy or moody, but he didnt want to take photo with me.. however, he still played with me, smiled at me and gain most of my attention.. (or maybe it's just me)

here's josh and i. he said he love me, he really does..
gremio and i.. i somehow like this photo.. :)
this is probably my fav. photo.. wont forget what he told me. i'm touched.
verel and i.. he actually became more matured than i thought he would be. love the conversation with him..
yi xian and i.. he spoke about my absence.. and i met his parents and bro too.. glad they still remember me..
i love this photo.. they looked so cheerful and lively and colourful..
this was taken just before this class' performance.
i took this when i was backstage.. :)
FINALLY!!! a photo i loooooooooooooong for.. gosh, can you imagine how long we struggled just to get this two photos? uncountable.. words of comfort, persuade, awards, etc... haha.. in the end, i had to carry him.. sorry isaac... but see, you still look so handsome.. :) lucky you smile.. Lol..
thank God isaac's mum sent me this email.. cuz many parents took photo of me and their kids and those photos never came back.. i had to use my memory to re-capture those moments.. i seriously love these two photos.. had so much meaning.. at least, our effort didnt go down the drain..

basically, i spent most of my time interacting with the kids than watching the performance.. thought that since there will be cds, i might as well get in touch with the kids.. and i'm glad i did.. i miss them so much.. i will never forget the great times we had and i hope the kids will never forget me either.. :)

a fruitful weekend

i had a better weekend, finally.. at least i had something to look forward to..

sat morning, after breakfast, my room-mates and i played cards.. then, at about 10+am, i went to meet Fangs and some other pilots for badminton game.. it was really a fun and exciting morning.. laughs could be heard here and there.. there was once i actually took a wrong step and accidentally sprained my left ankle.. it wasnt that bad though and the pain is bareable..

it the afternoon, after lunch, i went out again to play soccer. it was much fun because of somebody.. haha.. anyway, since there's no next team, we continued playing goal after goal.. fun cuz much more chance to play but bad cuz since fatique had you the morning, you are very easily drained after a few sprints.. i eventually ended up with hamstring pull on my right thigh after a few minutes of play.. well, i endured it and continue playing.. however, something happened.. somebody few and fractured his hand.. that made all of us stunned and rush to see what we could help.. everyone surrounded the injured guy and many said to call the doctor.. since nobody brought the hp, i suggested to the medic to run to the doc's appartment to get him.. so both the medic and i ran all the way to his room.. however, halfway running, my left calf gave way and i felt cramps coming.. i had to stop, i knew i had to.. so i told the medic to continue while i limped there before i create more trouble.. and finally, we managed to get the doc and we jog back to the field.. what a day for all of us..

then at night, we had treats from cpt fu... although it was only for logistics personnel, i was still invited since i was the only ops there.. haha.. advantage huh? :)

i skipped the badminton session cuz my legs cant even walk properly.. haha.. so i stayed in my room to watch "gong zhu xiao mei".. there were times when i had to hold on to my tears to avoid being seen by room-mates.. hhahaha.. so pai seh la..

then, in the afternoon, i went early to the stage where we had this cultural night with the indians.. i had 3 of the 4 performance, mainly playing the keyboard for the singers.. i so looking forward for that because i havent touched the piano for so long and i'm eager to play... so, finally, thank God i had this chance.. performance went okay.. could have been better but still, i received good comments and i thank God for them.. had many impromptu jamming sessions with toadi, lazer, germs, dallas, etc... all were very fun and exciting.. haha.. played some fill-in for them and many were impressed.. haha..

and finally, my sore throat seems to be disappearing.. haha.. and i received an email from isaac's mum.. apparently, the photos i took with josiah and isaac were in the attachment.. yeahh~!! i'm gonna download it tonight and upload those photos as soon as i can.. okay, i'm waiting for lunch time.. hope i dont be disappointed.

Saturday, November 14, 2009
thank God

finally, thanks to one of my friends to help me configure the com, now i can use the wireless from my canteen..

sore throat still remains the same. however, i see new hope now because i actually saw the doc sitting in my office yesterday and i got the opportunity to ask if he'd had any sore throat medicine.. i was lucky to have him around and he issued me some tablets for comsumption.. hopefully i can recover soon!

weekend is here again.. i'm thinking of what to do.. probably badminton later then soccer then watch my chinese drama.. and of course, QT..

guess my friends are all addicted to the "ass-hole" tai di as i introduced them last week.. they are a bunch of fun friends and i'm glad they are my room-mates..

i called Chalor in Thailand last night because i'm really concern about the child whom his mum passed away last night.. Chalor was nice to tell me about it and explain some info for me.. i prayed in desperation last night and i will continue to pray for this little kid cuz i believe in prayers.

talking about enjoying myself here, on the other hand, i actually miss home too.. not forgetting the kids in Singapore.. i miss church and the people there.. i miss st anne's kids... i miss office people..

left with another week here.. actually, besides having the more than sufficient relax time here, sports and maybe the meals, there's not much of a "i miss india" thought.. but i will definitely miss the company of my friends here...

call you soon, mum..

Friday, November 13, 2009

i had a better sleep last night, considered i woke up less than 3 times.. well, guess that was because i slept very late.. haha.. was playing card games with some of the logistic friends i made.. well, i take that as an interaction time, comapared to those gambling and playing mahjong just beside the bunk.. we had lots of laughs and fun..

now, every morning with pain in my throat is a norm.. no matter how much water i drink, it doesnt seem to go off.. besides, the 2 bags of potato chips i bought have been sitting beside my bed for days.. sigh~.. i want to eat them!! lol~

it's a no-fly day today. so i'm kinda free.. however, some coms prob faced this morning and i cannot find any solution yet.. killing my brain cells and still handicap to it.. i will just sit here and wait for miracle to happen.. hopefully later when i call back singapore for help, i can see the light in the dark tunnel.. apparently, now they are all out for lunch..

oh, i forgot to tell you, i skipped breakfast again.. though i woke up as early as 0630am, i refuse to make my way down to eat, just to skip another disappointment..

anyway, i just received a news from one of my Thailand's friend saying that a child's mum from maesai has passed away.. please, together with me, pray for this little child who is confirmed a orphan knowing that the father has passed away already. so.... thanks..

Thursday, November 12, 2009
at last, breakfast. but......

finally, i managed to wake up slightly early to eat the one and only meal i enjoy most.. however, throughout the night, i often got awoken up because of snoring, sore throat and bad dreams.. and it was literally every hour given the fact that i looked at my clock every time i open my eyes.. worse still, every time i goes back to sleep, i would have a dream.. well, i still could remember them.. chong le, sebastian and jones were in the few weird dreams i had.. i had these dreams since last monday..

okay, talking about breakfast, i woke up early to prepare myself for it, just to find out that it's prata and curry.. how disappointing.. i didnt even look at it for long.. i turned and decided on just milk and cereals.. sigh...

work now is a little quiet cuz the haze here is rather bad.. (no wonder i'm feeling sick cuz of the bad air) so, flying for the morning wave is cancelled.. am only waiting for lunch.. hope it doesnt disappoint me.. update soon again..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
late and no wireless

for the last two days, i've been waking up late. i donno know why or how. some of the reasons are...
1) i had ear plugs (many people snore when asleep) and cannot hear the alarm.
2) slept early though but had many weird dreams, cannot wake.
3) woke up many times to pee.

anyway, i missed the two breakfast, the best meal of the day because they do not have curry.. or well, i will try again..

i've finished watch one chinese drama, JJ's Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai. not too bad, but ending was disappointing.. and i'm feeling unwell.. please pray for me.. i'm a little feverish, had throat infection and morning flu.. other than that, it's still same, boring night..

i'm updating this in my office because my STUPID laptop is not very cooperative about connecting himself to the wireless.. guess both the lappy and wireless are males.. anyway, i just hope they cooperate and let me use the internet in my own building.. haha...

oh well, we have this cultural event to put up for the indians here and guess what they brought? KEYBOARD!!! weee.. i'm happy that i can play the keyboard again.. haha.. hope they can choose a song that i can play.. apparently, the first song planned was "Hotel California".. haha.. well, we practiced once and it wasnt that bad, just the timing was like crap.. haha.. looking forward to play.. :)

Saturday, November 07, 2009
i'm AMAZED!!

it's always so amazing when you experience God's planning (and you know it).. it was so well planned, i've got absolutely no comments..

right after i had a soccer match here in India, i went back to my dorm to rest and dry my perspiration before bathing.. i was struggling with myself whether to play my psp or to read to bible.. okay, it was quite a mind-war before i decided to obediently pick up the bible, sit on my desk and read..

as i opened it to get my daily bread sandwiched between it, i noticed the daily bread was folded at this page entitled "SEEDS SOWED".. well, talking about coincidence (NOT), i decided to read it, which was dated "wed" instead of the page with the current date.. and here it goes, answering the prayers i always have, ever since i came back from Thailand..

"do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reap what he sows...... Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Galatians 6:7/10

and daily bread always write about stories or a scenario to make things even clearer. and here it goes....

"Once, there was a man who entered a provision shop. To his surprise, he saw God behind the counter and decided to ask, "What are you selling, God?"
and God replied him, "What does your heart desire?"
"i want happiness within my family, love between people, world peace, joy to the world....."
"...but my dear child, i don't sell fruits here. I only sell seeds."

and that touched my heart so much.. i was so moved and affected by it.. and as i lift up my head, i saw photos taken from Thailand kids camp pasted on the side of the wardrobe.. then i question myself, are they who God wants me to plant seeds in? i dont want to doubt God again.. it was very clear.. and i want to obey him..

"Dear God, if it's your will, i commit myself to You and trust that you will open a way for me. Amen"

Friday, November 06, 2009
What's on my mind?

life here at Kalaikunda is fine. dont worry mum.. :) i'm well taken care of.. there's enough to sleep, eat and play. haha..

first weekend in India tomorrow. but for the first time in many years, i ponder what to do. there's really nothing much to shop over. i went to their so-called "Orchard Rd" yesterday but find just a few provision shops open.. probably sports.. but i guess i've got more time to reflect on myself and everything than just sports..

the fact is, every night i would question myself, what's really on your mind, Joey? i often realize my answers are the same, especially when "True Friends" camp in thailand ended last month. it felt like yesterday everytime i look at the photos taken.

the seeds then i've planted in these kids actually showed signs of fruits growing out.. it enlightens me all the time when i look at them, or their photos taken with them.. labour is slow but it's actually quite worth it.. though many might not remember you, but then, you got to keep on trying and not give up.. and though i fear rejections, God has always been merciful to guard my fragile heart.. and i say to myself that no matter what obstacle i face, i will never stop what God wants me to do.. perserverance, that makes us mature..

and next, those st anne's kids came to my mind.. having attended their concert just a couple of days before my departure to india, they warmed my heart when i hear them calling out my name.. it was touching when they still remember you though you MIA for more than half a year.. i tried to make full use of the opportunity given to spend time with them, photograph together, chat and play, though i was suppose to be on duty for the school.. i cant describe the feeling to step into the school again.. it's just more than amazing.. i knew at the back of my head that it would propably be the last time i see those kids.. ironically, i felt blessed to see them once again despite many failed attempts to be part of the concert audience.. Isaac, Joshua, Verel, Gremio, Timothy, Nichole.... the list goes on and on... they played a part in making history in my life.. never to be forgotten, i wish all of you the best in future.. you may be many but i would try my very best to remember you all, name by name..

hmm, i started playing some games on facebook, knowing that i may have enough time to earn and build many things during this period of stay.. but nothing beats the Drama i can watch on my com.. haha..

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
i'm in India!! Kaliakunda

i'm doing this update because i simply have quite a bit of a time here in India. okay, just a quick update... i'm now in India together with the Air Force for an exercise with the Indian Air Force. my duty is to mend the ops to ensure everything runs well, statistics of the duration of hours flown, schedule, etc..

overall, it's been a slow-paced life here and i'm trying to get used to it, though it didnt take long for me to do that since i've been to thailand alone. first two days were rather quiet because i was an advance participant. well, i watched quite a number of downloaded movies to kill time. had time to do quiet time, played soccer one fine evening, played psp.....

food was okay the first few days but i'm getting a little disturbed by the fact that it's always rice and curry. i ought to prepare myself but then again, it's always a different story when you're here. i love today's breakfast when it's fresh milk with cornflakes, bread and scramble eggs.. for the first time, no curry involved. :)

people here are friendly. the Indian workers are not too bad. one guy called me bro since the first day and kept snatching my plate away from me just to get food for me. wow, how "nice".. and i dislike the fact that there are always miscommunication.. i once told the helper that the soup had too much pepper for me to handle. he was like "okay okay" and went to the kitchen.. moments later, un-noticed, he shook pepper into my soup!! my oh my, as though it wasnt bad enough. i was like "STOP!! ENOUGH!! THANKS!!" guess when i thought he was weird, he probably thought i was weirder to make him get pepper but i didnt want it.. sigh..

well, i've been dreaming of thailand lately. not daydreaming but sleep dream kind of dream where i find myself together with the kids in thailand.. i must admit, i still miss them a lot and felt closer to them when camp ended.. may my prayers of seeing you kids again come true..

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