We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, November 30, 2006
sheep listens to shepherd

with the ear phones in my ears, listening to Class 95FM, i was jogging near my estate towards punggol... well, the songs werent that nice and interesting... therefore, i played around with the channels... so, i have no inkling where it came from, i just happened to switch to 107FM...
wonder what was that?
it was talking about seeds in the soil... basically, it is a christian channel and i presume a pastor was preaching... it took away my attention... it was very interesting and it speaks right through me... this was what the speaker said...
"a husband was reading his papers when he decided to check on his wife if she's doing fine... so, he called out...
Husband: Wife, are you okay?
however, there wasnt an answer...
Husband: wife, did you hear me?
and so, no answer... he was worried whether if her hearing has gone bad... and he decided to asked again...
Hunband: wife, can you hear me?
well, no answer... and he walked towards his wife in the living room and whispered in her ears...
Husband: wife, can you hear me?
and the wife replied, "for the third time, yes dear."
and the speaker continued by saying that many a times, we presume that God did not hear us... but question ourselves, did we take time to listen to him? it is us that many times, we do not hear God clearly... God is speaking to us all the time... and this message really hit me hard...
the speaker did say about john 10:27...
"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."
and before the whole sermon ends, he prayed... i practically teared... i couldnt help it... and i do not believe this was all coincidental...
people, if you were reading this, reflect on it...
are you spending enough time just to listen to Him?
Lord, I love you and I want to hear your voice.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
do i make you proud?

you won't believe this...

Neither did I..

but definitely, it was the grace of God...

after one of our presentation that was on friday, i told everyone around me that i would flunk big time...

firstly, there was a miscommunication... we didnt tell andrew to bring the ingredients for presentation...

secondly, time was not on our side as we were suppose to finish the presentation within 10 minutes...

thirdly, the role playing was bad... not that it wasnt plan but so many things cocked up and we were just rushing through to get it done...

i felt bad after the presentation...

yesterday, i was woken up during the lecture and asked to look at our grades for this presentation...


i almost fainted when i got this... if you cant see clearly, click on it and it can be enlarged...

yes... you're not blind... A+ was our grade and i just died... so unexpected...

but nontheless, Praise God and all glory goes to Him..

so, after the class, we when for another tutioral... and there, the lecturer returned to us our test paper...

this was what i've got...

i've got 18 and a half... which at first, i was rather disappointed as my aim was 19...

but after all, i thought it was okay and i still got my A+...

2 A+ in a day is like once over a blue moon...

Thank You God and i wanna honour you with these results...

Did I make You proud?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking great on your birthday?



must be a good person since you have a "ren" carved on your head...

maybe should trying carving "".. that means rich!! hahaa..


to: a Very Important Person

yes, time flies... and there goes a quarter of a century...

yes, you are another step closer to meeting the person who created you...

God bless you!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

eating my favourite food makes me happy...

and i am happy that i get to eat my favourite food down at Kitchener Road today...

it is really great...

let me advertise a little...

store name: Scissors-Cut Curry Rice (Lao Di Fang)
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
Must eat: Cabbage!!

Simply breathtaking...

Love it!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I want to go


well, the reason i posted the photo in my previous post was because i wanted to copy its html and paste it unto something... however, the size was too large... and my laptop died on me before i could delete the entry...

that night i went to slp, i dreamt of him twice...

i really miss those days with him...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
pat's sch house (E-Y)

"Joey is beaming from ear to ear!" (A.Chan 2006)

quoted by dear Andrew Chan, and yes, i was, beaming from ear to ear today...

well, it's all because......

our group went to Pat's School House to teach today... Joy and I were the teachers while Lina, Wan and Andrew did the anecdotal records for each child...

frankly speaking, the lesson didnt go very well at first... we only had the introduction part and the children were getting reckless and questioning unrelated questions... so, what i did was i spoke to the kids and seriously told them OUR RULES... from then on, they actually got better and along the way, i felt a connection and bond between the children and me...

they were all very cute and nice...

once, i asked the children, "Do you think fighting is right?"
and the children replied, "NO!!"
so i said(because the children were standing), "who fight, stand up."
and all of the children sat down EXCEPT one girl...
so, i thought she did not hear that, and i repeated, looking at her, "who fight, stand up."
and she remained standing, confidently...
so i said, "you fight?"
she nodded and replied, "yes... i fight with my brother before..."
and i was stunned... of course, i praised her for her honesty but seriously, i never did expect somebody like her age to admit just like this... moreover, she was the only one standing... well done!

during the lesson, one of the kid said, "I love you!"
and i replied, "I love you, too!"
and the kid said, "i want to marry you!"
and i said, "oh, you can get me a ring the next time i come!"


anyway, that wasnt why i was beaming from ear to ear today...

alright, let's cut it short... so, we managed to complete the lesson and bonded well with the children... we stayed till about 12.15pm, which was the children dismissal time... as we were walking pass a play area towards the exit gate, one of, or maybe my "favourite" boy from the class i taught came running towards us, saying byebye... so i waved to him and said good-bye... well, he then gave me an unexpected hug... ONLY ME!! *jealous?*:p i was so happy... so very happy that you could tell it from my face... my smile betrayed me... well, my friends, especially Joy was shocked... hahaha... come on... i would label this as "a child's pure love"... it's really a very innocent and pure hug that really made my day... he's so cute and not only did he made me beam from ear to ear, he changed me... i was really happy after that... compared to my previous few days... An unforgettable and blessed day God has given to me...

say, i couldnt ask for more... see, i've got the greatest gift of all, God's love...

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

"Greater love has no one than this, that he(Jesus) lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

and the love of the children i came across... so pure and innocent... truly, that's nothing i could ask for more...

thank you Jesus!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i met Seth Chew on the last day in st anne's... i didnt want to look for him as i was afraid he would not remember me... i will definitely not forget Seth because he was the one that taught me the word "Arachnid"...

so i was just standing around in the assembly hall, singing together with the children when Seth stood in front of me, giving me an innocent look he always has...

so i said, "HELLO Seth!! do you still remember me?"

and he said, "Yes."

and we paused...

then he said, "Hello Kor Kor Joey!!"


and i asked him about his results... guess what, i'm not surprised at all... he said he was the first in class... hmm, what more can i expect? i could have easily guessed it if he asked me to guess...

ya... i miss him...

afternoon session started to stroll in and as i looked out of the window, i saw this boy with a cap... i gave him a "I-found-you" smile... at first i thought it was Gordon cuz he always has a cap on when he comes to school... soon, i realized Gordon was already seated in the assembly hall... and so i wonder who was that i was smiling to... and he smiled back to me...

lo and behold, it was my bao bei Nic...

yeah... same size but smarter... he went to one of the K2 class to look for me too.... miss him a lot too... i can still remember the first time i saw him........

anyway, he started reading a lot...

yes... like that...

i asked him how was his results too and he told me he was first in mathematics and first in conduct... well, i'm not surprise with the mathematics results but conduct..... hmm... (:

i was looking for Seth high and low just to get a shot with him but i failed...

but i have a shot of his innocent look up here in my mind!!

you're all remembered, always!

misses them...

it was the children's last day of school in st anne's kindergarten last friday... well, it was very emotional as i was very close to this batch of K2s... be it being their form teacher for 2 months, or teaching them dance, relationships and bonds were definitely very strong...

Formal class i taught

Current Dance class

Last saturday, i was invited to a concert with conjunction with 9 NTUC centres, of which 2 were my previous attachments...

Year 2 attachment centre kids

Year 3 attachment kids

Last Wednesday, Yoko twins went back Indonesia... they'll be back only when their primary school reopen... well, all my dearest kids have gone...

William Yoko

Andrew Yoko
...i miss them...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Be Still
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

Monday, November 13, 2006

I love my school friends...

thank you for your patience towards me..

you know, sometimes i can be real IRRITATING, sometimes i can be really a BAS***D... speaking without thinking, without going through the brain... sometimes i may seem i"evil"... but i seriously dont mean what i say...

i truly appreciated all you people in my team... and i thank God for each and everyone of you everyday...

i cant imagine life without you people...
i cant imagine a cert without you people...
i cant imagine days without you guys...

opps.. it's getting mushy.. well, i'll do my best in this last sem...

please continue to bear with me... :p


i love my church friends too!!!


Dr Joey suspect himself having down with...

woke up at about 2am to "let watery waste out".

woke up at about 5am to do the same thing.

at 11am, watery waste extracted again...

then i was reminded once......

this happened at my god-ma's kindergarten year-end concert where i was there to assist her... well, there was a kid beside me, sitting on the chair while others were on the floor... he started the ice-breaker by telling me:
"i know you are a fan of Newcastle (as i was wearing a Newcastle jersey)"
i nodded and he continued...
"but i like Chelsea..."
and i just gave him a different look like -.-"

hahaha... then immediately whispered at his ears...
"and i dont like Chelsea!"

it was so funny... he was quite charming and his name is "Rainer"... what a name..
anyway, i asked him why he is sitting here and he simply replied that he had a stomach upset... yeah... i saw minutes ago that a teacher was praying for him with her hands on his stomach... and i simply told him "kid, if you believe in Jesus, He will heal you!" and i walked away, praying for this kid in my own quiet way... all the while i kept looking out for him... and as they strolled in and out of the room to perform, he was really looking very strong and faithful... there were moments when he told me his stomach really hurts... and how i wish i could bear half of his pain... i cant really do anything at the moment but looked at him helplessly... i asked him if visiting the toilet would make him feel better and he said that it wasnt that type of pain he's suffering... and i was just chatting with him, comforting him and giving him encouragements... well, i saw his performance and he was really great, dancing in endurance and on the other hand, honouring God (as they were dancing and singing christian songs)... i really felt so touched and refreshing... it was really unexplainable how i felt at the monent... and before the end of the concert, i saw him holding the mic and said:

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5"

and at the point of time, i seriously had watery eyes... i could just tear on the spot... that really touched me and i felt the Holy Spirit moving in me and teaching me this very valuable lesson...

Rainer's endurance earned my respect and taught me more than anything... God's love continues to show me what He can do and He will love without boundaries...

thank you God, thank you Rainer...

why you?

sometimes i wonder...

why am i placed in this family?

first, you ACCUSED me...
you dont show any CONCERN about me...
you are not at all SENSITIVE...
you BLAME me for many things...

what's your problem?

i really had enough... you totally arent not fit to be a parent!!

"As for me God came and found me.
As for me He took me home.
As for me He gave me a family
and I'll never walk alone..."

oh really?

thought i'm alone most of the time!!

where are they when i needed them most?


bad headache, fever, cough are irritating me...

go away, you germs!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


thanks, i guess, to Andrew...!!

i'm having fever now... i started feeling dizzy when i was helping in st anne's year-end concert... then i felt my head and it was quite hot... well, thank God that did not stand in my way... still, i was glad to be there and see my darlings and angels.... hahaaha... now my body feels so *hot!!

thank you children, you danced fabulously well... so proud of all of you!!

didnt really have time to take photos... but some parents did request me to take a photo with their child after the concert...

managed to "catch" hold of my Jorell after the show... was looking for him high and low... hahaaha... and finally, i saw him by the door and we chatted for quite some time... learnt from him that his going Korea... hmm... k lo... hahaha... gonna miss him...

finally, i got the courage to speak to Yoko twins' mum... i found out that she's an indonesian!! haahahaha... now i know... chatted with her about her children... took a photo with her kids using her hp... she did mentioned to me about how great it was to have a male figure in these two fatherless kids' lives... and that's the reason why i got myself so close to them because i really wanted to help them... even though many times, i've been ignored and so, i had not given up... i'll definitely miss the look-alike boys!!! oh, and she gave me her email..!!! hahaa.. yeah!!! God is great!! given me an access to keep in touch with the boys!! :D

spoke to many other parents too!! oww... i cant bear to see them go!! :'( may God continue to be with all you kids and that one day, we'll meet again...

Kor Kor Joey/Teacher Joey Misses all of you...!!!

work with joy

yesterday, one of my friends prayed for me... and this was what she said:

"I pray that Joey will be a blessing in his school and he will work with joy..."
and i giggled...
and i thought, "arent i already working with Joy?"
Joy's my friend, my ma... hahahaha...
funny? hurhuhur..

guess i'll work with joy with Joy...
or work with Joy with joy...


Thursday, November 09, 2006
For You, Lord

A song i composed for my beloved Heavenly Father
pardon the voice.. (:

"All I Need Is You"
Lord, I will live for You
Lord, I surrender to You
My Father, Provider,
On the cross You showed me love...

And evertime I fall you picked me up
Everytime I'm dry, you fill my cup
My saviour, Redeemer,
Giving all to me...

All i need is You... (x3)

hope that this will minister to you or even touched you...

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
test test

school has been a real bore... aircons are everywhere... esp on the at-least-4-buses-each-schooling-days which took me about 4 hours of travelling... lecture rooms are freezing cold... projects are piling up... deadlines are getting near... concert is this sat... busy busy busy...

there'll be test tml and friday...

see my schedule......

EOP test (9/11)
ASECS quiz (10/11)
AST decoding test 20% (21/11 or 24/11)
ASECS Sculpture 30% (24/11)
PED Assignment (28/11) 20% Individual

LECS Quiz 30% (6/12)
Oral Presentation 25% (6/12 or 7/12)
AST Test 30% Transcription (12/12)
AMPYC Assignment 40% (14/12)

LECS Assignment 50% (10/1)
AMPYC assignment 30% (11/1)
AST Mini speech 40% (19/1)
PED assignment 60% (23/1)
ASECS assignment (23/1)
EOP resume and cover letter due 40% (25/1)
PED quiz 15% (30/1)
LECS assignment due 10% (31/1)
IEP (100%) <-- headache!! SHOIK right?

haiz.. well, it's my last sem... let's do it!!!

anyway, went down for a hair cut today...

and look!! my tail... hahahaa!!

10 more weeks of school till i GRADUATE!!! weee...

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

if you are a soccer player, you sure will laugh at these clips... and at the same time, curse and probably utter "I'm sure i can score!!" or "my grandma can play better than him!!" phrases... hahaha.. so sit back and enjoy this show...!!

I miss Thailand!!

Monday, November 06, 2006
luncheon meat

i reached church early yesterday to prepare to play for the kids' worship... dawn came a little while later and we started practice with a piano and a voice... well, soon, Sebastian and some children came in the room... as i was playing the piano, sebastian stood beside me to get my attention so that i know he has reached... i looked at him and there he was, small and cute and eating his half-eaten still-eating luncheon meat... so, i grabbed his hand that was holding the meat and brought it near my mouth and i took a bite... surprisingly, he did not had any violent reactions or whatsoever which, if you would know him thinks that it was not normal... after stealing that bite from him, he went off playing "catching" with his other friends...

soon, after a while, before the worship, i felt a tap behind me and i turned to look back... there, a tiny short hand held with a last piece of small luncheon meat was stretched out directly in front of me... involunteerily, i opened wide my mouth and allowed that one last piece into my mouth.... and i wondered now, what a sacrifice a child made and that really taught me a lesson... i was touched... you know what i mean huh..

often, such small things/sacrifices just affect us... it teaches us valuable lessons and allow us to reflect on our actions and theirs... i just think that we should appreciate each other more and the things God has blessed us with... not forgetting to share our blessings with others...

Thanks for that Luncheon meat!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

i went to help out in st anne's full dress rehearsal today...
it was the children's graduation for the K2s too...
this is andrew and me...

this is E-an...
didnt have much time to take with many of them... well, i definitely miss them dearly... wonder if i will sob or not...
after receiving the certs, i took the boys in my class and did their hair... oh my oh my... i cant imagine the amount of gel and the amount of hair i've touched... i helped some of the classes boys to spike their hair too... and at night, i went to my god-ma's actually kindergarten concert to help too... and i also spiked the kids' hair... and i cant imagine the amount of hair i've pulled out.. hahaha... anyway, here are some of the photos...

Sean's hair...
Justin's hair...
Ervin's hair...
Andrew's hair... (hardest hair i've done that day+most gel used on a person) hahahaha...
i will be available if you would like to employ me for spiking your child's hair or for spiking the children's hair for a certain occasion... SALARIES are negotiable... (:
here's a video of their dance... hope you like it...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

what is wrong with the lecturers now? i mean not all but some... or maybe just one or two...

if you would ask me what i've learnt yesterday, i would just look at you and smile... hurhurhur...

practically, less than 10 were listening... i am....not... hahahaa...

but i drew... heehee...

i love my tree... hahaha.. so niceee....

and i created a poem for Joy Ma... lol..

if you cant see clearly, i will type it all here...

Joy and A Boy

There was once a girl named Joy
who fell in love with a boy
she went to buy a pretty toy
so she could give to boy

One day Joy saw that boy
and hide toy in the soil
She told the boy "Hi, I am Joy!"
and boy said "I am Roy!"

Joy said that she bought him a toy
but hid it in the soil
Roy went to search everywhere in the soil
and found the pretty toy

Though he was feeling quite annoyed
Yet he said "Thank you, Joy!"

-Joey 1st Nov-