We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, September 28, 2008
welcome back


this is our favourite past-time after tuition...

church today was stressful as i played piano for the hokkien service.. i was so disappointed with myself, especially when most of my friends were around.. didnt play well, of course... after which, i wasnt in a very good mood to stay around..

but i was glad to be able to see my darlings... they made me feel so much better.. i always love that little time i have with gawain, though we always rush what we wanted to say to each other before we had to bid goodbye.. but hugs were invaluable, and true enough, what was sent to me on facebook by him was indeed inevitable-"an inseparable pair"... i totally agree~!

of course, not forgetting my Ks.. i realized, yet another week where keith's dress code looked like mine... red, blue, white.. black/dark jeans and white/light coloured shoes.. =D
after church, killed some time at home before i went down to airport to receive my dearest boy... well, was feeling a little bad because i was late.. they expected to see me there though.. haha.. ya.. my surprise didnt work, but at least i got to see them before they hopped onto the taxi... i miss him so much..
they got me this cute little cap, as well as a long sleeve t-shirt.. havent seen it yet but guess i'm gonna wear it this sunday.. =) thanks a lot...
enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with them...
glad you're back..
i no longer am lonely..

Thursday, September 25, 2008
days in st annes

...a week to remember..

i was looking forward to these few days where i could see my beloved kids in st anne's.. besides that, i got the chance to teach again!! weee...

so, what did i teach them?

since the K1 theme was "Occupation", i went there to talk about.......


haha.. so cool~!! i just feel so good wearing the suit!! in my long 4...

i was so close to camouflaging my whole face.. in the end, i decided, just my hands.. wahhaha..LPV... these are bomb pocket!! it was so funny cuz many of the kids guessed "HP pocket".. my goodness, now the generation is changing.. hahaa.. can call during war somemore.. too bad if no auto roam.. hahaa.. LOL!!

how to shoot, hold a gun, etc... helmet..

i've got Yi Xian as a volunteer..... to be a tree!! hahHA..
does this look familiar? LEAPORD CRAWL!!!

there!! hahaha...

got the kids to come see how to tie the boots shoe laces..

...and i took many many photos with my DARLINGS!!

the kids i taught that day...Aloysius!!
Issac and i..
sorry, boy.. i came for the last 4 days but your bday falls on the 5th day.. cannot attend.. but happy birthday!! teacher Joey dotes you a lot!!

Gremio~!! dont forget to email me!! =D

dearest Verel.. street smart, very smart boy..
darling josh boy...
and then, it's my K2s turn!! they're what i call, LOVE~!! ernest, eunice... sweet... beloved ones..
Marco and i.. handsome right?
my little lover... haha.. Johanan and i..
he's my very first love in nursery.. (see history.. haha.. 2006 lo..) ASHTON~!! and i was the one was found out he had fever the second day.. poor boy.. haha.. take care little cutie..
i couldnt be any happier if i wouldnt have known you...
with love...~

hate goodbyes.. full of hugs on the first day...
the next day, Tuesday, i was grateful that Chris (FELMA) lent me his flight suit.. and i went st anne's to talk about how it was being a FIGHTER PILOT.. haha..
haha.. look so professional.. hehe.. and here's one of the classes i taught..
i said, "next time, if you see a bar, two bars or three bars on the shoulders, you MUST salute.." haha.. and made them all salute me.. wahhaha..
then, it's photo time!!
the pretty genevieve and jolene..
i drew this for her somemore... wasted.. blur photo with my two little darling boys.. yi xian and winsten.. wanted to take photo with the boy beside, timothy.. but then, more heads came in.. hahaa..
then, FINALLY!!! i played soccer with my kids!! i so miss playing with them.. really miss that a lot.. all the pros there.. it's a waste my god-son was absent.. (are you reading this? =p)
see me perspiring? haha.. got a shot with janice too!! it was a waste Kerion doesnt want to take with me.. shy la.. haha..
i tried so many times just to take a nice photo with this two beloved kids... first, josiah closed his eyes...
then, is the smile too fake?
okay.. normal lo.. wahhaha...
last.. better? wahhaha...
and.. dont forget my loves!!! my gf.. haha..
marco and angela.. hahaa...
my both boys had chinese speech and drama.. so i managed to capture another photo with them...
that marks the end of the second day... full of hugs too... i love it.. of course, kisses from some of them.. haha.. unforgetable..

third day, thanks to alfred, i managed to work night again.. and here, i'm with my loved ones again.. they really mean a lot to me... can you feel it?
i tell you, i will definitely cry when they leave st annes...
*please, dont forget me... i will always remember you all... with love, teacher Joey...*

you gave me love,
you showed me love,
you made me feel love,
you kids are what love to me..
you are loved too..
hope you can feel it..