We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Friday, December 30, 2005

after this thailand trip, it has changed me a lot, a lot...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hello... i'm back from singapore...!!!

upon this trip, i seriously dreaded coming back. i felt so attached there, not the food but the people, especially the children. i really thank God that i had this opportunity to go and experience myself in mae sai. life is so ultra different. and the children, they are so different. i really miss them. i felt so close to them, although sometimes, i dunno what they are talking and they dunno what i was saying. the children gave me a feeling that words cannot describe, yet i just know that i want to be with them and i am very comfortable being with them.

this might be the second time i went there, however, the impacts made were different. i really didnt feel like coming back. there are many things deep inside my heart and mind and they are not easy to describe or be said easily, but i really have so much compassion for these shan and thai people. i can definitely say that this will not be my last trip there. i believe God has a plan for me in this area. i will pray and i might need you people reading to pray for me too.

"Christ is coming back."

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Bye Singapore!!! Hello Ray!!!

in another 13 hours or so, i'll be on air!!! i mean aeroplane... hahahaa...

i'm heading to Thailand and will be back on 27th dec... miss me? lol...

well, if you dont already know, I HAVE AERO-PHOBIA!!! hahaaha.... so please pray for me my dear brothers and sisters in Christ... (:

wanna thank God so so much that i could have this opportunity to go for this mission trip... as these 2 weeks are my term break, i ought to have make-up lessons... however, and believe me, it is not coincident but planned already by my dearest Heavenly Father... my make-up classes are only till today, which make me not skip any one of them... i love you Jesus...

as i did my EC project, which we have to record a conversation with a child, i did with my lovely Ray... however, before the conversation starts, he looked dull and sad... i pressed the record button and said,
Me: come, sit with me... what happened to you?
...silence...... 10 seconds....
Me: tell me tell me... what happened?
silence..... then......
Ray: you know ah, everytime when you didnt come, i will think of you.
Me: (ohhhh.....) really ah..? why?
Ray: because i like you.....................
...a while later in the conversation...
Me: so you have a mei mei? how old is she?
Ray: she's 3 years old
Me: ohh, nursery here?
Ray: No. but she will start to go school after christmas.. another school..
Me: so what about you? are you going that another school too?
Ray: No. i'm not going... i come here then i can see you...
...(i hugged him tightly)

Ray really touched me that day... and a little surprise... that's because Ray is a very cheerful and lovely kid, therefore, i didnt expect him to say such thing... he made me realised that every child loves me so so much, but just that not all will express out their feelings... and i felt so sad and regretful for not noticing them and giving them enough attention... my heart aches now...

"O God, forgive me for what i've done and Lord, i pray that you will mould me into a person that never, never neglects any of your precious created child.... use me to be that role model in the children's lives... guide me as i teach these little angels and help me to appreciate each and every one of them... grant me abundant patience too... thank you Jesus, as i pray in your name."


Oh... i wont be blogging already... till i come back,

you all can use my tagboard and chat but dun say anything bad about me ahhh... i will check one!!! :) chao!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
busy busy busy

aww... sianz...

projects are piling up... and i am still as slack... -.-"

going Thailand for Mission Trip on 22 Dec MORNING!!! anybody wanna see me off? hahaa... 630am at changi, thurs... lol...!!!

choreographing the dances to perform in Thailand... however, i was reminded about some people's undeveloped eye-hand coordination... hahahaa.... but hope God will do whatever He wants... either improve the person's eye-hand coordination, or give me the wisdom to create more easy yet nice dance...

God will make a way...
Where there seems to be no way...

please continue to keep us in prayers, us we are going to serve the needy and uneducated people... moreover, as what Kat said that we are going to a place where spiritual realm is different... therefore, we truely need your prayers... people going are:
1) Me
2) Lynnette Chen
3) Dawn Tan
4) Jasmine Tan
5) Aaron Quay
6) Wayne Ko
7 & 8) number 6's parents
9 & 10) Kat and Alan

Christmas is coming... haiz... yet money is limited.... -.- k... i'll see what i can do...

God bless~

Friday, December 09, 2005

I miss my little angel drummer, Ethan... :(

Thursday, December 01, 2005


you have officially and successfully completed reading the second story book, "Suzzane's Diary for Nicholas" by James Patterson in your entire 18 years of life... good job!!