We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
may updates

okay, i finally have time to blog..

it's all very random.. i'm just too tired and lazy to organize them.. haha..

Sat, which was yesterday, i brought my little god-son to his tuition class at town. it was a time that money cant buy.. i'm really grateful for opportunity such as this, where i could spend quailty time with him without anyone around to bother. be it 2hours or 20hours, i'll be there waiting for him. what touches me most was these two words he said..

(upon reaching his house...)
Me: haiss.. i always feel sad and hurt when reaching your house because i hate to say goodbye.
Sotaro: me too.. (looking sad)

i was so.......wanted to give him a big squeeze and say, "i'll never say good bye to you", but i cant.. hahaha.. i had to... and as usual, it was so hard to leave..

my first book out, sat night 10th may, i went over my god-son's place for a blading session.
the next day, went church and the kids in the kids' ministry were so excited to see me botak.. haaha.. they either laugh or ask why i am in such a state.. hahaha..

he always makes me smile..
thursday, 24th april was the last day i visited st anne's. in other words, it was the last day i had my "longer" hair.. hahaha.. and as i uploaded all these photos, i just couldnt help but stare at them... i really miss the kids. so much so that you wouldnt even know how much.. i'm serious..

my little isaac, who i dote so much. i love to feed him during his snack time.
christopher! the boy that you cannot stop loving him. i love it when he talks. (:
EUNICE! my "so-called" gf in st anne's.. pretty, kind, loving, caring.. cannot find another better than you..
Isaac, the boy i always love to disturb. so innocent and pure. Leroy, the smallest boy in school by size. he's so darn cute, you cannot dont love him.
tristan! the boy that will always surprise you. veron's favourite!
Ernest!! the shortest boy in K2. he's smart and loving. always ask about me. thanks for the lovly card, dear boy..
Wesley! i'm really glad to see you changed so much. you're such an innocent and intelligent boy. i really hope you can enter to mainstream schools. take good care my boy.
Jonathan! the boy that touched my heart with gifts of love and cards and chocolates on my last day in st anne's.. though we know each other only a few months, we seemed to have drawn quite close. thanks for your lovly and kind thoughts. you're one sweet boy that no girls can find any reason not to love you.
Josiah! the boy that never stop smiling. i so love him la.. very caring and loving boy. he's one of my best buddy in the soccer pitch. i always tease him and he never fuse but smile..
army is fine.. enjoying life in there. i seriously thank God for the people there, sergeants, commanders, friends, food, bed, etc... and when i book in, it's time for my out field camp.. hope for peace, strength and safety. dont rain pleaseeeee.. haha.. i need your prayers. i'm still suffering from bad cough and throat infection. however, i trust in God and always loving Him.. thank you for being with me..

never let opportunities slip
whenever you call,
whenever you need me,
i will be there.
even if i cant,
trust me,
i will do everything to be there.
and even if i still cant,
my spirit, my mind, my prayers,
they will be there.

Sunday, May 11, 2008
book out


well, spent my time at online, then wash clothes, then out dinner with another friend.. at night, went blading with sotaro and his sisters..

i think i'll miss camp... haha.. donno why.. maybe it's the food, maybe it's the people, maybe it's the training... oh well...

i so miss my kids so... but i know at this time, i have to let go, knowing that some might just leave, or even dont know me once i ORD... can take it or cant, life still goes on... and i know one day, i have to let you go too... let's hope it's not soon...

i'm starting to think
if i should just let go
it hurts so badly
but i know it's about time
you flap your wings and fly
there'll still be sunny days
and it will always remind me of you
no matter how much you say you love me
i'll still love you more
whatever it is
just dont forget me
i did all i can for you
dont let all the effort
go down into the drain

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Army fifth day...

not that bad.. still surviving... got like 725 days more... -.-"

made many wonderful friends.. especially in my own "barng".. hahaa...

i love the food there.. still slacking around.. haha..

but i hate the marching... it's not that it's tiring.. but i got many people in my platoon still cannot march in the timing.. they simply are rhythm-less...

nonetheless, i'm looking forward to book-in! haha...

am i darker?
i dont get to see you
least, i get to call you
recover soon, my god-son