We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

*For Your Information*

sorry, i havent updated about my new posting.. anyway, here's where i'm posted to..


which means Air Operation Specialist.

so it's goodbye to smart 4 (No. 4) and hello to No. 3... haha..

and for the past 4 days, i've had the most sleep in the afternoon i ever had.. hahah.. 4 days in the lecture, 4 days of more than sufficient nap.. haha.. enjoying sia...

am waiting for the stay in next week.. there's gym, swimming pool, arcade room, pool table, street soccer court, badminton court, basketball court, etc... so many things i can enjoy there... wow~..!! =D


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


went to church and was glad to be able to catch up with dawn, who studies in Australia.. (:
haha.. after church, i went to walk walk just to kill time before i went to Nic's house.. i was invited for BBQ... when i reached his house, only his mum was at home.. so we chatted till the kids came back and his dad fetched us all the way to east coast...

in his dad's car
when we reached, we started playing with sand while his parents, together with some of their relatives prepared the food.. we had to rush because the next day will be first day of the 2nd term... and as for me, my new posting... haha..
we built sand castles~!!
and i drew this for them~!!
and after we had fun playing with sand, it's time for food!! yummieee~!!
had a great day out with them.. i'm just happy.. thanks boy~!
i want to be happy
to be in the light
and not in the dark

Saturday, June 21, 2008
2 weeks holi

here's what happened the last few days...
A group of Army mates, together with me went on a Batam trip.. we met up in the morning and set off by ferry at Harbour Front. it was really great to be able to meet up with them once again...
taken outside the ferry
it took us about 1hr before we reach our destination. and this Steven, wherever he goes, he would take that opportunity to sleep... haha.. and i managed to capture some of him sleeping.. it wasnt hard though... hahaha..

even beside me~

and when i called him up for photo taking, look at his eyes!~! (-.-")

during the bus ride, we managed to stop at some places for photo taking and random shopping.. and here's some of the photos we took...

...on a bridge...

my beloved section mates.. not all were present. this photo is the nicest of all.. =D
then, after the long morning ride, we stop by a seafood store for lunch.. then, camera-time!!


nearby the area was this big space filled with statues and things where we spent some time taking photos...

ermm... xxx NC 16 sia...

act cool :s

emooooo... =xhaha.. food wasnt that great.. but we had fun... the bus ride too us to another hotel where we explored.. it was very nice... we found a new friend and both reiz and i took a photo with him.. Mr crocs...
okay.. about late afternoon, we finally booked in our hotel.. however, to our surprose, or rather shocked, it wasnt what we expected... it was small, quite smelly, and dirty... luckily, we were going to stay there for one night..
anyway, after we settled and put our stuff down in the hotel, we went straight for SHOPPING!~!
bought the shirt one the top left and the vest at the bottom left...after the long long shopping, we settled in BREEKS for dinner! haha... it was darn cheap can!! haha... i ordered like so much... yummyyy~~

cant stop ordering~! before the meal came, reiz borrowed his magnetic ear rings and i tried on one side.. hahaha.. LOOK, i would look like this if ever (touch wood) i pierced my ear~!! haha..

finally, the food~! rawrr...~ after dinner, it was back to shopping and to burn some fats too.. haha.. oh, guess what? i had to go down to my supermarket to see if the sales has been good or not.. hahaha..~


stayed up late to watch soccer with some guys.. and was glad Italy got through.. haha..

and i'm just so in love with my red vest... okay.. after the so so breakfast buffet, we set off for another quick round of shopping... haha.. i love this photo too.. not that clear but at least you can guess where am i, or can you?

we shopped, played bowling, sang karaoke till about noon where we went back hotel to check out... a green van came by to fetch us all back to the ferry terminal.. that's not the end.. as we got bought our evening tickets back, we went for another round of SHOPPING!! haha..

Oh, actually i didnt followed them for long because i was running low in cash.. haha.. so, for what i've left, i saved it for..

A&W~!! and arcade~!! haha.. we had so much fun and laughs playing all the funny and kiddy games.. guess what? i was kinda lucky too... hit the bonus jackpot twice!! see what i won? haha.. after a long day of fun and collecting of tickets, we exchanged them with what caught steven's eyes~! hhahaha.. so cute...
batam with section friends was definitely fun... (:


since bmt was over, and there's no more 5bx, i woke up wondering what should i do this day.. as i looked through my hp, i decided to call him... Nicholas, my rollar blading buddy, for a blading session... hahaa.. and so, i had my day planned with him...

as i reached his house, i was surprised when his mum said this in chinese, "why not both you guys go for a bowling game, since it's still early?" haha... i was okay, just didnt expect such thing to happen because i never brought nic out before except on blading days.. nic was prepared already.. i was quite hestitant because i wore like "ja ba lang" lo.. haha.. but why not, an opportunity not to be missed.. and so, off we went to kovan by mrt.. =)

along the way, i texted reiz about bowling with us too and he agreed.. however, went we reached kovan, we realized that all the lanes were full. not only that, an event was going to start within minutes, whereby all lanes would be used up too.. when reiz and his bro reached, i told him the news.. all of us were kinda disappointed.. i hate to feel this way.. so, i suggested the nearest bowling centre, tampiness safra.. and so, we cab down...

as we reached, not surprised, lanes were full too... nic played my psp while the 3 of us played pool as we waited for like an hour before we could PLAY~.. i mean BOWL~!!

it was so so fun, funny and fun... haha... expecially when we played the second round with the sides closed in order no to let our bowling balls go "long gou" (drain).. haha..

check out how happy nic was..

and i was glad i had this chance to spend time with him.. haha.. *happy*

and when i we went back for dinner, it was already like 7pm plus.. haha.. after we had our dinner, we quickly change into our blades and went blading!!

crazy us after blading till lights off at the badminton court.

blading was fun.. brought them back around 10plus.. chatted for a while when i requested to stay for a while to watch one of my favourite shows, American's Next Top Model~!! haha...

here's the funny part.. during one of the advertistments, i nudged softly at nic saying, "so how? ice skating?".. haha.. because previously on the bus, i actually joke with him about bringing him for ice skating the next day or something.. SUddENLy, Nic spoke aloud to his mum about it, when i couldnt react to cover his mouth.. i was shocked can! haha.. i looked at his mum as she looked at nic.. "okay ah" she said.. hahaha.. and we started discussing about plans for the next day.. it was so funny lo~ end up all of us go in the morning... yipee~!!

one more thing that shocked me was when she asked me if i wanted to stay over at their place.. my eyes went wide open.. err, no was my answer. not that i didnt want to, but blading and sweating made me want to go home and shower.. if not........ lol~! alright... wasted la.. but at least there's something i could look forward to; ICE SKATING~!!


okay.. i was like so drowsy when i woke up.. thanks to anthony, whom i asked for morning call at 7am.. drowsy? because i watched EURO 08 from 2am till about 5am and slept for like 1hour plus.. hhaha.. anyway, what's lie ahead kept me excited~!!

as planned, i reached nic's house at 830am sharp.. just to realize their door was closed.. puzzled, i called their house.. their mum picked up, spoke with a just-woke-up voice... hahaha.. and she said the kids were still asleep.. well, i stood outside their house till they open the door, at like 15mins later.. hahaa.. then rush here and there till we set off, thanks to his dad, who fetched us to KALLANG...

taken inside his dad's car when we reached, we found ourselves early and we settled at Ko-pi-tiam for breakfast... hahaa..and after breakfast, nic's mum took the opportunity to let him learn his chinese spelling.. haha..
just like appetizer, followed by main course, we had our "appetizer" activity first... bowling again.. weee... but his mum was there, so we played a more "decent" game as compared to the last one we had without her.. haha.. understand?
nic's sister, natasha..
and nic.. huggiesS~
and here came our "main course", ICE SKATING... all of us were so excited~!! after paying a lum sum of money, (thanks to his mum for treating) we quickly went in, changed into our shoes, put on our jumper and sweater, and off we went to play..!!!
snapped some photos on ice..
it was so much fun.. chasing, seeing people fall, throwing ice, etc... haha.. nic's mum's camera went flat, so no more photos.. but then again, i've got my hp~!!.. haha..

Nic and i.. lovely~ see the difference in the photos?

chEEsE from above~!

pretend falling.. haha..
here's two video i took with my hp.. not that clear but can see la.. haha.. one was me chasing nic in a fast speed where i almost fell after i knocked into someone.. another was me trying to video someone falling and in the end i managed to capture nic falling... hahaha.. LOL~!!

we played for almost 2hours straight.. however, we decided to stop due to the unbearable pain suffered from wearing the ice skating shoes.. i had blisters, abrasions and cut(open wound) on both legs.. most of us had abrasions.. but, no pain no gain!! we gain so much fun, joy and laughter.. and after the ice skating, we went for lunch and then home sweet home, where i could finally catch some rest..

some random photos taken..

it was truly a blessed time spent together and i'm glad to have caught up with them.. and moreover, i was invited to their BBQ this sunday.. weee... hahaha.. cant get enough of them..

thank you
for your blessings