We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, March 19, 2009
many posts

Ok. i havent been updating my online blog. reason being, Lazy. haha.. more of troublesome.. haha.. another reason was i got a new device, an Ipod touch!!! weee... (cheers!!) and i stored most of my diary into that small little darling.. so nowadays i seldom blog.. sorry..

anyway, here's the number of photos i owe since a month++...

the events below were not in sequence...

one of the sundays...

i brought Le to the National Museum.. the board actually gave free entry to people who smsed to some number and will get an sms in return.. that sms will give you the permission to enter into many tourism attractions for free.. i just thought NM is one of the lesser popular places from the rest like zoo, singapore flyer, etc. moreover, it's only for the first 2009 customer on weekends.. we tried our luck and we managed to pass..

outside National Museum
inside NM..
a photo with an antique music player..
older days where people grin their food using this..
we went into the history of singapore and we learnt many many things.. very interesting.. and we were given this little device to listen on our tour.. i thought it was very useful because it aided our understanding and helped people who are more of a listener than visual like me.. =D
haha.. me lying on a hard bed with a hard pillow.. so uncomfortable.. i wonder how the olden people sleep.. no wonder some got iron head.
Le asked me to take photo with these baskets because i always say "BASKET!!" yaya..
him with some seats which were used by the royal people..
and me with the founder of singapore. Sir Stanford Raffles..
before we end off, here's a photo together.. a fruitful day of history education.
one of the sundays where the Ks and I happened to wear very yellow!! love them lots~!!
darling gawain!! =D
another sunday where we walked vivo...
and ate subway.. took this as an evidence of his first subway meal..
a sat after hokkien where sebastian spilt water and i asked him to mop the floor.. haha.. looked like i made him the slave.. hhaah.. CLEAN~!! haha..
another sunday where Le and i went on an advanture never to forget, especially the number of stairs.. come to think about it......errrkkkk!!!
more stairs ahead with the compliment of scorching sun!!
okay.. i wore my nerdy specs and he wanted to try.. hmm, next!
i was introduced to this bridge weeks before and i wanted to walk.. so i brought Le along.. it took us so so so so so long to conquer the stairs.. we sat around this cooling bridge for a break.. it was very nice and relaxing.. come again soon!!
one of the top views..
on the bridge... idiot.. hair messy!!
know how hot the sun was? try pouring boiling water over your head.. haha.. just kidding.. it was hot!!!
ya, see his face? know what i mean?! haha..
nice view.. nice weather..
weee.. top of the world!!!
and as we continued to climb, we reached somewhere high again..
and so, we meet our old friend, merlion!! =D
more and more stairs.. we came across this garden.. wasnt very nice.. hahaah.. okay.. another bridge we encountered.. this was not planned for.. some metal bridge that seemed no end.. haha.. since we walked so far, why not continue on.. haha..
phew.. we made it to the end.. thank God for good weather and someone great to accompany me the entire journey.. =D
Le and i on some random sunday.. haha..
this? i think was valentine's day.. haha.
he was there to spend valentine's day with me and we went to east coast park to rollar blade!! wee... haha..
it was his first time and to consider that, he actually learnt quite fast!! nice!!
great weather, i must comment..
we had lots of fun.. and when we headed back for dinner, we saw mark lee filming.. ahha.. funny expression.. =D
at night, went rollar blade with god-son!! =D
aint this a wonderful v-day? =D yes it was!! too bad i couldnt meet nicholas tan.. he had to do homework.. well, nvm..
one of the weekdays, st anne's kids had their outing and i was there very early to surprise them.. =D
this "da xiong", a nick i gave him was so cute la.. look like the xiao ding dang's da xiong.. haha.. and of course, darling little zj..
zj and garreth.. hah.. so cute!!
isnt this lovely? very nice!! this is josh.. it was so funny when i asked what's his name and his friends said "joshua".. so i asked him again, "you are joshua?" he said "Tan".. i said "you joshua?" he said "tan".. hahaha.. cant stop laughing.. then i asked after some time, "your name joshua?" "tan" was his reply.. hah.. the innocence of a kid! =D
ohhhh, my janice and shy little chirstopher..
he smiles everytime i placed my hp in front, ready to take photo.. =D
he's so chubby and cute.. who wouldnt like him? haha. moreover, he's those innocent and "gong gong" kind.. you wont bear to scold him.. hahah..
he so funny.. ask him smile and he smile but never look at camera.. haha..
and that's what i call a "smile big!!" goshhh~ how adorable..!!
another weekend where i spent my morning with my lovely kids, jorell and jordyn.. been a long time... so i brought them out..
and at home, as i played com, he was asked to mop his floor.. haha.. good servant.. =D
feb 18 was his birthday an i got to see him cuz i was working night.. so love him~~!!! my little pilot!! =Di was invited to charlene and charlize's birthday party.. it was a very warm welcome, together with many of my long time no see kids.. really great to meet up with them again..
first person i saw was nic and nat and i thought, phew, lucky got them.. hahaa... love to have them around.. =D
nic was so happy.. wonder why.. =D actually, i was smiling as big as him too, just that when i show, i dont look as good as him, so i kept it.. haha.. ya, i was really glad he was there with me..
then came marco!! wooo.. grown up!! haha..
and surprisingly, my god-son was present.. haha..
and we spend most of the time in a small room beside the function hall watching channel 5 jet li's show.. hhahaha...
this is charles.. the twins bro.
marco requested another photo before hugs and goodbyes...
finally, a photo with the birthday girls.. =D
i was tasked to baby sit god-son one sat and after his class, we settled down for lunch.. how sumptious.. haha.. is that how you spell it? haha.. pardon me..
i finally got to meet up with my johanan.. all along, i wanted to pass him his present and apparently, he seemed more busy than me.. haha... but yea, i managed to grap hold of him one friday night.. =D
and my dear little boy has grown up.. he had so much to share, that one night was definitely insufficent.. say, i really miss him... gave him eat his fav ban mien...
one of the st anne's days.. haha.. and my josh love me so much!! =D naughty but then, lovable..
my loves.. the reason why i still go st annes!! haha..

and before i end off, here's a lovely cookie made by alfred.. love say~... haha.. ya, am very touched.. haha.. thanks bro..

now i finally know the reason
why God brought me to know you
dont worry, cuz i'll carry
the other half of your burden..
trust me!!!