We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
science centre FA

Oh boy, i'm sick!

i've been coughing and coughing... dry cough and i hate it...

today, i brought my class out for an outing to the science centre... after the entire trip, i just kinda lost my voice... arggghh... and i've got another class to bring out for field trip... *shucks*

anyway, we had fun today... i still coughing away.. *stupid* let the photos do the talking... if you cant hear clearly, maybe you want to try increasing the volume.. haha..

..bus journey..

..walking by "Faith"..smiley
Bryan and I
~ huggie~
Mr mac's kids

okay... *cough cough*

i dont want to be sick
i want to go with you to science centre

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

once again, today, something unforgetable happened to me... but it's not from the same person... anyway, i wont post details on what happened... it's stored in my head... if you want to know, try cracking my head... haha...

and it is you... so innocent and cute, funny and adorable... you just surprised me.. but i know sooner or later, you would have done it... wahaha... i wont forget that too~!!

tomorrow, i'm going to science centre with my morning class... well, bless my trip O Lord...

i love you just more than 100, dearest...

Monday, October 29, 2007
monday outing

once again, a holiday for the children as well as the staff of st anne's church kindergarten today due to a make-up for hari raya... therefore, i had a date with caroline, veronica, grace and her two children... i met caroline at about 920am and then we went down to meet veronica... but on our way there, we realized the destination we wanted to go (Yum Cha) opens only at 11am... so dumb... hahaha.. then, we decided to go mac to chill and at the same time, wait for grace...

it was so funny because before grace arrived, we discussed and agreed on another place to eat; Red Star Hotel... it's a dim sum shop too... well, food was not that bad... hahaa... then, after we finished eating, caroline left to meet her mother while the rest of us decided to explore vivo city... hahaa... but main reason was because veron wanted to buy donuts... haha..

so, when we reached vivo, we went to some window shopping... shops like Zara, Addidas... i donno the rest lah~.. branded stores which i dont think i would ever own them... hahaa... so, i will use photos to own them... hahaaha...

here's one that i really like... i just wonder, do i really like strips shirt? haha.. they just catch my eye... okay, comments?
this is another one.. it's actually brown in colour and grace says this makes me very very thin...
and this is from another shop... but so sad, they condemned me lah~! even the kids said it's not nice.. hahaha... well, i just dont have sense of fashion... weee...~!!
so, after walking here and there, we decided to go get some donuts and go home... and these are what i bought...
strawberry, penut butter, 2 chocolates, royal cheese and sweety cheese... i hope they are nice... hasnt eaten them... okay... better start doing my year-end developmental checklist for my class... come to think about that......... *headache*
i wonder what my magnet is doing...

Saturday, October 27, 2007
pat's schoolhouse carnival

i spent my day here on this very saturday...


no, i did not go there to jog... i went there because Pat's Schoolhouse held a carnival "The Sound of Music" at fort canning centre... it was joy that told me about this carnival and i was so excited to be there because it's probably the last time i could see the few children i used to teach in pat's school before... and so i did...
i saw Alex, Jerold, Yi Jia, Jonathan, Eammon, the twin sisters and even Joshua Raymond... got to speak to some though, but others, i just have to see them from far because i have no voice to call out their name... having some throat infection that is taking away my voice...

i'm just very sad that i wasnt able to see my E-yang and Amos... one left before i came because his mother was mending one of the stores and she told me her son left early in the afternoon... while the other did not even turn up... awww..~ i miss them...

anyway, here's what happened at the carnival... so many interesting games...
and this is interesting... a double decker bus appearence while inside was a like a gym or playground for children to climb around and play... so fun...
and this is so interesting... an adult playing with a small boy... so funny... and both of them look as though they wanted to win so badly...
will i ever see you again?


i just came back from Malaysia... Shaun drove Rachel, Lynnette and myself up at about 6pm... on our way there, we met with many motor-bikers... so scary, they were like just 1cm away from our car...
well, when we reached Malaysia after doing all the necessary stamping and stuff, we headed down to GO-KART~!! weeee... it was so fun... cost about 30RM for 10min... we drove the 80cc car and it was quite fast already...

lynnette and rachel getting ready
this is me.. i saw this helmet and i thought it was so cute... since my head is small, it could fit just right... cute isnt it? but i didnt used that in the end... my friends couldnt stand the pic... lol...
getting ready for the big race!!
finally, after 10 minutes of thrilling race, here's the winners!!

hmmm, where's the champion?
there he is!! haha.. i'm second~!!
posing with 2 hot chicks!!
after go-karting, we went for some nasi-lemak!!! WOW~!! amazing... nice, delicious, fragrance, rice in coconut, tender meat, marvelous chilli... superb... i'll probably rate a 9 out of 10 for this...
Rachel and Shaun
sharing meat~!!
then, we went shopping!! hahaa... i bought this shirt... couldnt find any blades... but i'm satisfied with this shirt cause i think it's nice... right?
and before we left, i bought donuts and a piece of very cheap cake from secret recipe... it cost me 5.50RM... cheap la~!! in singapore, you need about $4.50 to get a slice of cake... there, it's about $2.50 after converting...
then, we drove all the way down to eat at a zi cha store... it wasnt that bad, but comapred to the nasi lemak.........
however, for my two friends here, it doesnt matter... whatever that's called "food", they will take it and put into their mouth... and they wont leave before their plates were clean!! haha...
okay... it was a great day... and something happened in st anne which i wouldnt want to share here but will always be in my head forever... it was so sweet and unforgettable...
thanks Johanan!
I wont forget what you did

Thursday, October 25, 2007
bankart lesion

yesterday, i went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to collect my MRI shoulder report... it was shown in the report that i had something called the Bankart Lesion...


here's a website to explain about what Bankart Lesion is... at first, the doctor wanted to give me a one year MC and he told me to look for a job or take a degree course during the one year rest... i actually freaked out... after waiting for so long, he asked me to wait again... but, after discussing with the doctor, he decided to give me the permission to enter NS but have to downgrade my pes... pheww~!!
and as i took the train back home from Novena, i suddenly remembered JR said he has a poster on the MRT.. i walked from cabin to cabin to search for his photo... after searching very carefully, i found him.. hahaa.. so small sitting on a little boat... okay... that's all...

i'll definitely miss my kids to death in the camp... i'm sure about it... aww..!!~~!! and i will miss YOU the most... zzz... i dont want NS~!!
and andrew will be in tomorrow... so fast..~ good luck buddy~!!!

luckily, You will be with me in camp!~

Monday, October 22, 2007

i was walking around paragon with the Apprentice when i received this sms...


which means "See Game loves Brother Joey"

See Game is a young and bright boy in thailand...

i was so touched... even though we are so far away, at that point of time, i felt so close to him... i replyed to him, "I love you too!" in thai...

game and i

anyway, i'm back from dinner with the Apprentice... my Andrew is going army this friday... oww... gonna miss him so... all the best buddy...!! dont forget to miss me too~!! haha...

i'm suspecting myself of having tonsillitis... painful feeling when i swallow my saliva and a little of fever... haiz...

who is willing to sponge me and take care of me? wish you were here...

i'm counting on you, Lord.

wee ike-rae

it was a boring morning... fed the animals in my house... cleaned the dog poo... changed my bedsheets... till afternoon, i realized i havent had my breakfast... so, i decided to go compass point to eat and then visit the library...

as i reached compass point foodcourt, it was packed with humans... so many of them... so, since there's no seats available, i decided to go to the library...

actually, of all my children, i didnt really expect or think i would, in my life meet this boy... so, who i met? hahaa... it's someone someone doesnt like... but i kind off like him though...

it's my Wee Ike-Rae...

it was so funny at first because we werent warmed up... in the library, i was looking for my book while he was trying to get my attention... at first, i ignored him... then, i gave in and asked him to come over... from then, he chatted with me without a full-stop!!!

then, his ah ma came back to look for him from the bank and was so happy to see me... she wanted to treat me mac but i didnt want it... she insisted and i agreed to lunch with them lor... but we went to the foodcourt instead... so funny... it's as though now all the humans in the foodcourt had fled... so many empty seats... haha... so, when the ah ma and the maid went to buy lunch, i took this photo with him...

well, Ike-rae is definitely entertaining.. if you werent born patient, you'd probably dont like him... hahaa... he was really talking NON-STOP... i just nodded and "umm" to him and he just continued and continued... even when food came, he was sharing so much about him and his toys and his house and his maid and grandma and mum and dad and his dreams and his friends and his morning stomach upset and this and that... my gosh... he's so cute...

then, when it's time to go home, he was still going on and on about this and that... couldnt remember what he said... cuz i kind off shut off, just respond to him when he ended his sentence with a "oh? really?" or "ya" or "umm"... hahaha... we decided to take bus home... so, he wanted to sit with me... when seated, he still share about he came here before, his friends, an injured dove, so many things... but i thank God for someone there to share so much with me, and kept me entertained... love him~!!


my parents are in Malaysia now...
my younger sister is staying in my cousin's house...
and me?

all alone in this 4-room house...

of course, i'm making good use of this house now... sleeping in the master bedroom, king-size bed but i dont on the air-con... well, i like it quiet, but.......

anyway, tomorrow is a hoilday for all st anne's children... gonna be a boring day again... who's here to hug me?

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.
Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.
Matthew 10:16
i dont want to be the same again!

Saturday, October 20, 2007
concert day

today was the big day for my kids and i... Year-End Concert!!!

well, all i could say was, they did okay and they deserve something for their hardwork and determination... but, what i think was they could have done better... well, it's all over...

i took this on the way to the concert...
this was taken during the actual dance on stage with their parents watching...
the teachers of FAITH~!!! we rocks!~

at night, j.a.m. went to balde at east coast... it was great... i love skating and i am so determined to buy one rollar blade... yeah~!
i could have been in thailand now

Friday, October 19, 2007
he's back

...my prayers' answered...

i was surprised when one of my students told me that sotaro is here... here and there i searched with my eyes, i couldnt find him... at first, i thought it was a prank.. then, he walked up the stairs, trying not to smile but smile... hahaha..

i'm glad his better, i'm glad his back...

his dad made dinner for me, it was awesome... curry with rice... nice!

back with smiles~

Home is Heaven,
one day Lord i will live..
in Your courts, You'll find me
in worship at Your feet
hide me now,
in the shadow of your wings
where i will be
where i will be

Jesus, the Healer!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
i love my boy

my boy has acute tonsillitis

i just want to cry for him... it's always at night that the pain comes, like a pickpocket, it took away his smile...

he cried, and i could feel that type of cry says "i cant bear anymore!" if only i could bear half, or even 3/4 of his pain... he threw out again.. i saw... his puke, as well as his tears... )':

i left at 10pm... he waved to me with strength that was about 5% of him... he was "drained" and suffering inside... all i did today was only to let him hold me, hug me, make him feel comfortable... if only i could do more~

the only reason why i've been going to see him is......

that makes...

thank God his fever subsided...
hope he'll be fine... i miss him~!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
still sick

My precious boy is still sick

i reached his house at about 345pm. his mother told me he's resting (nap) because he threw out most of what he had for lunch.. so i stoned till he woke up a few hours later...

he woke up and laid on the sofa as if he was really strength-less... i was so worried and depressed seeing him like that.. then, he came and laid on me... i held him like a helpless being trying to heal him when i cant... poor thing... for almost the entire time, he was using me as his support, whereby he couldnt sit up straight all by himself... weak as i could describe, i just held him with myself feeling so hurt inside, yet most of all, with all my love i could give him, i hugged him and made him feel the warmth from me within...

after a while, i had to sponge him once again because he seemed hot to me, as always...

i took his temperature again... 39 degree celsius... didnt change at all... i was so so nervious and scared... i really didnt know what to do... he didnt seemed sick cuz i was chatting with him, making him smile and laugh and i just love hugging him... it was like 4 hours (or more) of magnetism stucked together... that's the most i could do to make him feel comfortable... there were many times i wanted to leave but he held me like a handcuff, i truly couldn't bear to leave...

he's still hot... very hot... i'm still worried... crying inside for him... how i yearn to not go work tomorrow just to accompany him... please get well soon, my dearest...

"a promise is a promise...
and i promise to take care of you...
and love you always!"

thanks to his mum for dinner
thanks to his dad for the ride home

Monday, October 15, 2007
my boy is sick

my precious boy is sick...

i took care of him, sponged him and watched over him... at times, i hope the one having the high fever was me, so i dont need to bear the pain of looking at my love one fall sick... i took his temperature... 39 degree celsius...

i hugged him till he was alseep on my lap... i never wanted to let go...

from 4pm~11pm.

at times, he managed to surpress a smile... i kept trying to make him smile...

i hope he'll be okay soon, but i know it wont be soon...

i've learned one thing, no matter how strong you are, how much pride you have, when it's time to cry, you will... and i feel so helpless hearing him cry...

i'll pray for you...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

why didnt you come today?


i missed you last week,
i miss you this week,
i don't want to miss you next week.

i actually was angry by the fact that i did not learn much in church today... not that i didnt listen but......... arggghh, whatever... gonna read the bible and pray for wisdom later...

after church, i went to compass point library to borrow books... ya, no prizes for guessing, i saw one of my kids... hahaa... and not just anybody, it's...... Bryan~!! hahaha.. honestly, his voice was like thunder in the silent library... "TEACCHHHERRR JOOOEYYY~!" he called out when i touched his head... hahaha.. but i was happy, really happy to see him... he was smiling from ear to ear too... and because i was also looking for books behind another shelf, blocking Bryan, i could constantly hear my name again and again... and once in a while, he would check on me, as if i would run away... hahha... ya.. and before he went home, he actually sat beside me while i read through a book to him... (:

Bryan and I on Chn's Day

Blessed be Your Name