We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

look at the time now!!! hmm, 10.34am... on a wednesday morning... that would be Elizabeth's lesson... who, with a laptop wouldnt play with it? my God.... who she's talking to?

last friday was st anne's last day of school... while many children are rejoicing because their holidays starts the next day, i was moaning because this very day was the last day i see my K2 children before they proceed to their individual primary school... it was so hard for me to leave... i had already missed the first lesson this morning... i had to push and drag myself to step out of the class and the church... pain and brokenness drenched over me... i just cant let go!!! oh oh oh, how i will miss them terribly... i reached school with a heart not with me, a soul wandering around and a mind not working... people around me will know how i feel... though i dont really explain or describe, but actions speak louder than words...

i want to pray for them, not to remember me but not to forget me...

i've already placed myself as a seed in every little angels' hearts and i cant do much... it depends on them whether this seed of mine, in 10 years time will wither and die or became a tall, strong tree... they may either remember me clearly, i am familiar to them but they cant remember or they dun even know who i am...

dearest angels,
i miss you like the plants misses the sun at night...
i love you all like the mouse(lao shu) loves the "da mi"...
i pray for all that God will protect you all...
i hope all of you will never forget me...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

sometimes, it's better not to know something than to know....

i was on the bus and i flipped open my wallet... i saw this green paper, like a shinning star struck my sight... and immediately i shouted, "SHIT!!!" it was my god-ma's kindergarten concert ticket... basket... i was so anxious about what's the date before i opened it... "11 Nov" was writen on the ticket... arggghh.... missed it!

just watched my concert DVD... arggghh... the camera man is an idiot... dun even fit to be called a camera man... basket... dunno how to video... @#$%^!*?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
the Begining of everything

it's been a long time since i last blog... i lost my wireless connection position at home... now i'm just lazy to go downstairs my house to just use internet... moreover, the mosquitoes have no mercy...

WED. 2Nov
school starts!!! so happy that i could see my friends again... was late on the first day of school... darn!!! well, i still have to thank God for my friends... they are still with me after all my craps and jokes... hahaha... i pray for them for more patience too because since school starts, they will be with this irritating little baby kangaroo... hahaa.... :)

WED. 9 Nov
now i'm in school, having ITA class and i'm blogging...

FRI. 4 Nov:
it was concert day... the children did very well... hooray!!! the parents were happy... some of them even give me "props"... thanks... but credits goes to the children themselves... the did well... and of cuz, God... thanks...

MON. 7 Nov:
didnt have school today because practicum haven started... so i went st anne to collect stuff... well, not leaving without hugging all my little angels that have been with me since they are K1s... not they are graduating!!! :( miss them lots... and i told nicholas (chen jian wen) that i missed taking photos with him... because i was so busy on that concert day... haiz... then i went home and watch YUGIOH!!! yeah... borrowed from my teacher... cool... then, at about 415pm, my hp rang... ohh.... it's nicholas... guess what he said? he told me he had his concert costumes on and waiting for me to come and take photo... i jumped out of my bed with my laptop still playing YUGIOH... and i get changed!!! he added that i have to be at his house before 5pm... oh my.... i CHOING LA.... from my house, i ran and stoped and walked and ran again and about 1km, i reached his house at about 4.40pm... gosh, just that i was drenched with my own sweat...!!! well, was happy and touched that he actually do such things leh... ohh.... that my bao bei... if i look on the other side, it was God who gave me this opportunity to take this unforgettable photo... i've been dragging myself and felt regretful for not having a shot with nicholas during the concert... moreover, his costume is so nice... leathery leathery... like biker... but God was great.... thank GOd... He did this for me... felt so good... :)

TUE 8 Nov
FINALLY!!! i've finished reading my first book "The Curious Incident of of the Dog in the Night-time" hahaha...

John 14:1-6
Jesus will be back for you and me!!! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

well, i went to play majong with my st anne's ex-teachers yesterday... was not on a winning spirit until the end where i won each players $3.20... hahaaa.... the smallest amount you can win was 20 cents... the biggest was $3.20... hahaa... then in the end, won about 8-9 bucks... thank God... didnt disappoint anyone... at least i made my parents proud... hahahahahahahaha.....!!!