We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
fruitful day leave


woke up very early. one of the reason was because......
yup.. my god-son, who wanted to go church with me.. i got ready and waited for him at the bus stop while his dad drove him to meet me...

church was great.. played piano for kid's ministry... and of course, got to hug my kids!! caught up with some of them too...
my loves!~! and this Keith was so excited about our similarity.. know what right? hahaha... checked shirt!
it was just great to see your kids grow up.. spoke to some and they really were matured.. i was so joyous and touched at the same time.. donno why la... hahaha.. i just love the short time spent together.

and after church, i brought my boy to my auntie's house where he played so much. haha.. bet he had lots of fun.. my sis snapped a shot of him and my cousin.. think they match each other.. haha.. should post one day!


we were *forced* to take half day leave.. so, in order not to waste this half day leave, i planned my day well..

first, of course, my kids in st annes... i took a cab to st anne's once i was dismissed at about 1215pm.. and there, i saw my kids even before i entered the school.. many were shouting "TEACHER JOEYYY~!!!" and waved... but the funny thing was, i received the most SALUTES in a day man... hahah.. many of my kids saluted me... of course, i had to return the salute.. funny sia, i not officer, but pai seh to tell them.. the kids also know nothing about ranks.. so... ya... hahaha... i really miss them to the max.. just unfortunate that today, the kids didnt play soccer.. haha..

Lucas! got to have a nice chat with him..

Josiah! shy boy.. but very sweet too..

Eunice! my "gf"! haha... but blur la.. *wasted*
Josiah again. while waiting for chinese speech and drama, extra classes after school. ReuBEN!! haha... kept calling me.. "hi, hi.."
Isaac!! thanks for dancing for me to see!! haha.. and it's so precious cuz he's so shy and i didnt expect him to dance in front of the entire class!! *applauds!*Si Yin and Josiah! waiting for their class...and of course, my god-son.. hahaha..

i regretted not having the time to take photo with Johanan.. but of course, he hugged me like 10000times.. hahaha.. and i helped 2 classes with their year-end concert dance.. felt good to be teaching again.. and even better, it was dance.. haha.. if i had more time, i would have taken more photos and hugs.. but i'm satisfied..!

went CP with some teachers and principal.. looked around for concert costume before we settled in ya kun for a drink and chat.. haha..

after that, i took the time to visit one of my longtimenosee kid.. hahah.. chatted for a few minutes before i had to rush home.. miss him too!~had a fruitful day out!!

draw me close to You~
never let me go...

Sunday, July 06, 2008
sat sun

Last night, as i wondered what should i do to spend my day wisely so that i can book in on sunday night with much satisfaction.. and just then, i received a call... it was my god-son's mum..

and there, i (more than agree), agreed to bring sotaro to his taekwando test on sunday afternoon.. so, on sat, he came by to stay over so that sunday morning, i could still attend church..

and here, on sat night, before our lights off..woke up early to go church... it was always great to be able to catch up with my kids in church.. hugs from Gawain, Keith and my Kester... hahaha.. after that, came home, took our stuff and went to toa payoh sports hall for sotaro test..
it was a quick one... and sotaro was one of the few... if you can find him, you best sia... i'll give you $9999,9999.99 wahaha...

taken on the bus, on our way home...

on our way there, he slept on my lap.. on the way home, i slept on his shoulders while he played psp.. hahaa..

then, dinner, we had MACS!!! hahaha.. (my god son just corrected me. saying it was KFC.. hmm, thought it was MACS all the while.. lol~!)anyway, it's back to No. 3.. hahaha.. and i'm staying in till friday.. unless i've got RP!! haha.. see ya all soon.. i should be enjoying inside, just without my god son whom i will miss very much..bye~

if only every sat and sun would be like this.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

these are who i really miss..

the botak gang.