We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

go and view the clothes my sister posted on her blog.. it's safe and they're all very nice.. support support..

i cannot seem to post them onto my left side of the blog.. i'll try again..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
owen and reuben

i met my god-son earlier than any other days.. was there to take care of him while his sisters, together with their maid had to go get something..
after that, i brought him home and headed to my tuition kid's house.
and this was so not planned..
i called my tuition kid but the respond was, he was having his nap.. and since i was already in punggol, i decided to drop by one of my many kids' house.. and they're OWEN AND REUBEN..!!
you dont expect this right? i dont expect that too but it's okay.. reuben looks so cute in here.. and dont be surprise, he's not wearing and pants or shorts.. haha..
i waschatting away and reuben was playing my hp.. guess he was bored..
snapping photos away.. haha. good job reuben..
he even went to he's mum's room and i literally heard her say, dont want lah, dont want.. haha.. and when i saw this, i laugh out loud..
and before i left to teach, i took another photo..

i'll see you two real soon again.!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
monday badminton

Mushi Monday..

planned this monday with my kids days ago and i've been looking forward to this day.. met up with nicholas and natasha.. *love* it's been a long time since i visited them.. really miss nicholas a lot.. at least i see natasha in st anne's.. my boy is getting bigger, brighter... and he loves me still.. haha..

we played badminton this very day..
full of joy, fun and laughters.. and most importantly, love is in the air.. haha..

end off with a song played by nicholas for me.. (:

shall visit you kids soon again!!
next up, mahjong! :p

friday nights

Precious Friday Night

met up with my close air force friends.. we dine-d in KFC and as usual, chit-chat about our usual life with complains, exaggerated stories and craps..

after that, we decided to play cards.. played the "7" game.. haha.. and the loser do pumping.. and this poor alvin was the biggest loser.. in just one game, he clocked 36 push ups.. haha.. and worse of all, you do it in public.. haha.. all of us did so quickly and he's the one left.. so, i recorded a video...

the brothers of air force.. so, when's the next outing? taboo? haha..

it was a waste the circle wasnt complete


My Precious Sunday

actually planned a day out with my god-son after church but due to bad weather, i had to cancel it.. it so like work, where i had to cancel flights due mostly to weather.. haha..

in to end, we went to marina square a little of shopping.. we took a bus down..
he's very engrossed..
looking high and low..
and even kissed the screen..
excuse me, you know i took like 10 shots of you? haha..
kiddy palace, where i made him wear this..
dont look like him..
then, we took the underpass to go to esplanade.. but before that, we saw some art displays.. very nice and i asked my god-son to show me some of the moves in the picture.. and he actually did it.. haha..
i can dance ballarina... *not* ;p
artistic sia...
and the sea behind the boy...
is he stoning? haha..

a cozy rainy day together.

graduation 2008

The day hath come

it's been a great joy watching my kids grow up, and especially this batch of children whom i know them since they enrolled into the school.. time flies as they are now in K2 and are the graduates of 2008.. how i wished i've got the power to stop them from growing up, stop them from leaving, stop time for passing by.. none, but at the end of the day, i, still had to bid farewell.. (you know i hated that)

and this day had arrived.. my kids had their year-end graduation cum concert..
dearest k2s.. my heart and soul and effort and sweat..

i was helping veron's afternoon class for that particular morning.. made a new friend! haha.. cute..
but i just cant manage to take a nice pic with him..

i was at the back stage for a while before i step out to enjoy the entire show as an audience.. it was rare of me to be able to watch from outside because i always wanted to help out..

and for what reason being at the backstage, of course, photos.. memories..

dearest ernest and marco..
aint this beautiful? my gf and i.. wahhaha..
blur but can see it's my god-son and zavier.. wasted..
ernest and i.
natasha and lucas..
together with josiah..
dearest Ashton..
same.. and nicer..
my play-along "son".. haha.. long story..
johanan and i.. feel the love? hhaha..
andric and geneviece..*love*
i dont really have time to take photos with my Am session kids.. they were all so busy, changing, make-ups, etc...
the concert made me teared like twice lo.. sians.. really touching and it's rare to see a concert and to know all the kids that's on stage.. haha.. and i practically clapped for all the kids who went up stage to collect their cert cuz i know like all of them.. haha.. but it's really touching to see my kids all up there performing.. my heart goes out to all of them, along with my blessings.. wish them all the very best and hope they will not, and never forget me..
after the concert ends, i stayed longer to take photos with my kids, not with my camera but with theirs'.. hopefully i get them sooner or later.. haha.. spend also the last few hours chatting with the kids' parents..
after which, i bumbed into my two cute boys.. owen and reuben.. chatted with them and played and it was a great time of bonding together..
some other random photos i took during and at the end of the concert..
with janice.. so cute and pretty..
dearest nicholas..
" kids, my heart aches as i see you all in this outfit. yet on the other hand, i'm overjoyed to see you kids have grown up, physically and mentally. you kids gave me so much, so much of what money cannot buy-memories.. i believe that one day, in the years to come, we will meet again on the streets and hopefully, you all will not forget me.. i will miss all of you very very much. take care my dearest.."

we'll meet again.
i believe..