We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
long weekend

my LONG weekend


i received a call when i was over at josh's place.. it was from god-son.. something happened, so i was asked to take care of him on this day.. (of course can..) yupp.. and so, i brought him to his tuition.. realized that if we take train, the fastest route would still lead us being late.. so, we waited for a cab... waited and waited and waited...
after i left him in his tuition class, i went to taka to enjoy a glass of lychee soda with vanilla... very refreshing.. with ears stucked with earplucked that led to an mp3 tuned to 92.4FM, and hands held onto a book i read since months ago, i sat there reading, drinking and listening till it was time to pick sotaro...
there, after i got him from his tuition, i thought of a place to bring him~ this was taken outside his tuition centre..
but first, i settled his empty stomach..
then, we went to my favourite ice cream place!! ISLAND CREAMERY~!!
it was so nice.. shall come here again.. then, we were sitting outside, thinking and deciding where to go.. and since we were near....................
yup... MacRitche!!
both of us were so excited..!!
hmm, i dont understand why was he taller than me.
there.. better..
wee... going to see some flowers and plants first..
after which, we went to see the reservoir..
aiyoo.. but he wanted to sit and rest first..
okay.. half time!
here, dont he looked like that water droplet? haha..
cross a bridge..
so hot and sunny!
yo yo~!!
this is funny.. i was pointing to him a little boat across the lake and he told me, "is it that banana boat?" i laughed la.. canoe~!!
okay, then, we went, no no, ran up a hill.. *pant pant*
took photos with this grave.. was supposed to be sad.. whatever.. haha..
we saw human growing out of the bushes.. haha..
up on the hill...
candid.. he did some taekwando moves..
hai yak!!
nice reflection..
he saw people jogging..
and he joined in.. hahaha..
till he saw this.. half the tree disappeared..
okay, what's this? he went to find out..
see us so sweaty.. haha.. *yucky*
bird nest ferns..
donno what i was doing.. haha..
he was actually giving me a stick..
great view...
we met our friend!! little monkeys!!
he was looking at tadpoles and little ski-insects..
another half-time..
smile~ though we were tired...
wow.. a big, fresh, floating leaf...
okay.. bottles up, drink up!
nice low branch..
crossing another bridge..
low lying branch..
by now, we were so tired and sweaty.. at one point, i saw this short cut into the "woods".. although there was a sign that states, "soft ground", however, i was desperate for the exit and went to step on it to try and walk through.. in the beginning, it was rather soft but still okay.. i invited sotaro to join me.. then, as we went deeper, we stepped into this area where our feet sank into the mud!! eeekkkk, it was as deep as our ankle length.. the moment we stepped out, our feet were soaked in mud... so yucky..
however, it was a great experience.. the good thing was, both of us looked on the bright side.. i thought he would complain a lot, or would be unhappy... however, he responded that positively with much smiles.. i soon forgot i was walking in muddy shoes...
and as we walked high and low, fast and slow, we FINALLY see light at the end of the path!! we were so excited.. we walked quickly, jogged, and even run all the way up... and YEAH~!!! we were out!!
we then hitched a ride home, since both our feet were very disguisting.. pretending to sleep..
when reached my house, we washed and scrubbed our shoes together.. what a time together.. i just love it.. =D
then, after that, took him out for Subway dinner together with joshua teh..
that summed up my lovely saturday...
early in the morning, went to pick my boy from his house to go to church... both of us wore long sleeves shirt.. :) i love it..
on our way to church~!!
in church, i saw both my kids doing this and i asked them to hold there while i take a photo.. haha.. and i name this...
and this is my dearest gawain..
my two most loved kids in the world~!!
it was suppose to be a children's day sunday.. and so, we watched Strek 2... funny.. but most of all, great time of bonding.. sitting in front of me was sotaro, beside me was keith and kester, the other side was abel.. and hugging me from my back was my beloved gawain.. surrounded with my loved kids.. wonder if heaven will be like that? haha.. can see a little of gawain and i?
then after that, i noticed caleb and asked him to take a photo together..
outside, i saw my two Ks and took photo with them too..
both sotaro and i then headed to Junction 8 for lunch..
and we had yoshinoya..
and after that, we took a bus down to his taekwando test hall... what a great morning with him..
after that, i rushed to meet my parents for lunch because it was my mum's birthday.. however, no photos because it was all with my sister... and by the way, that's her bf's car...
at night, i rushed all the way to fetch my little johanan out (thanks to my dad)... to? mei yun's 21st birthday party~!!
oh well, this little boy sure enjoyed his day after seeing his fav. teacher..
took some photos together.. notice he's got this same smile..
right? and so, i copied him...
okay.. this was what she had to do after the cake cutting..
she hit and many sweets, chocolates and others fell onto the floor..
haha.. Happy birthday Mei Yun Teacher!
then, took bus home together with him...
and so, i stayed over at his place, as i promised.. (:
and before sleep, he prayed...

great day... great night...

more of such days?