We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Thursday, October 02, 2008
chn day


i've been looking for fighter jets so as to give my kids for children's day present.. looked for one entire day on monday but failed to find one.. however, after asking around, i decided to go along with my instinct.. and YES!! BUGIS has them!! haha.. so excited when i saw these.. i was going "Thank God! Thank God!" haha.. spend the rest of the night wrapping presents...
i was wondering who i could spend time with on the eve of children's day and i thought of him!

it's been a while since we had a great time together.. it was a cosy and windy night and i held him in my arms.. he, who reads my blog often, had much to comment about me and it was hard helping him understand certain things.. at that point of time, it was definitely not pity, but more of compassion upon him as he looked at me and questioned me some things.. was touched by his words though.. well, rest assured my little boy, you're and will be loved..

the next day, woke up early and was excited to go to a Children's home with my church to celebrate Hari Raya... wait, i mean Children's day...it was definitely an experience for me..

we reached there about 10am, after the driver got lost.. haha.. their kids joined in a a while later and i was already prepared for some challenging kids.. true enough, there were more than i expected.. however, i donno why, i had so much compassion on them... just wanted to help them so much, hug them, and show care for them but for that few hours, you realized you cannot really do much... they just reminded me of times when i was in thailand doing my mission works.. they resembles the kids i used to teach and play with.

both wanyi and i organized games, and i tell you, it wasnt easy.. i was already in a mood where anything also can~.. well, it was an experience for me.. just lucky i didnt faint.. hahaha.. had fun though..

here's one video of my kids playing at the playground. haha.. having difficulty manupulate the game and getting up after fall.. hahaa..

after the games, the kids were then invited to a mini fun fair our church set up in the canteen... then caught up with this kid who is really into rubiks cube.. i thank God i know how to do it.. so, was actually spending most of my time with this boy, teaching him how to do it.. was quite interesting when you interract with him.. he's got this character that you donno what to do.. he got very strong stand, he knows what he wants.. in another word, stubborn.. haaha.. but i know how to tackle that.. was very funny the method i used..

then, during the last session where we had to pray for a kid, i knew for sure God wants me to pray for him... prayed for a while, and i really want to do more for him.. but i cant.. see him holding on to that rubiks? he has that passion to solve the rubiks so much more that anyone who wants to rule the world!! get it? haha.. *exaggerated* oh well, the best i could do was pray.. and oh, did i tell you i tag together with wanyi the same colour clothes? haha.. her bear was even green!!
i was so burdened to leave the place, knowing i did just so little.. *sad* will there be another chance? well, let's pray..

took some photos on our way back.. *too bad no jireh*
at night, i was grateful to have a companion with me as i give away the children's day present one by one, house by house as of what i usually do...
it was really nice cuz i wasnt as lonely as before.. but the disadvantage was, it was a little slow.. haha.. but it's okay.. he was of great help, giving out gifts... though didnt manage to give all, (left about 2 or 3) but i was thankful to be able to catch up with a few kids..
was really glad to see Coleman again.. i was lucky to have his number and called to ask his exact storey he stays..called and went to look for him.. ohh, he's a gem man... donno how to describe, just precious to me.. really misses him so much.. hope he calls me soon!

Lord, use me to touch lives,
use me to change lives,
thanks for the passion...
use me...