We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Monday, September 15, 2008
ikea sunday


though i had only about 3 hours of slp, i still pulled myself out of bed because i just love sunday.. i was at god-son's house.. i woke him up and quickly prepared ourselves to go to church.. i brought him to my house when i also changed, wash-up and got ready for church..

it was always great to meet up with my kids in church.. and right after church, we were discussing where to spend our time together.. he then suggested "Tampines." i was puzzled as to why tampines. well, reason was simple-IKEA.. haha.. i'm fine with that..

we took bus to tampines.. along the way, i was teaching him how to smile better.. haha.. did i succeed? hahaha.. the BIG smile~!!
just smile..
before we went to IKEA, we had lunch over at Pizza Hut.. i wanted to eat that since....... haha..
we were so bloated after teh meal..i was left with these and i made used of it to make a smily face..
sotaro got some party stuff and he took out for me to wear..
and i made him wear too~.. =D
and then, we waited for the shutter bus to bring us to IKEA..~!!

first, we went to GIANT to drink water.. hahaha.. funny.. then, we went to view all the showrooms.. and because the previous day, we both slept very little, we spent much of our time lazing around the sofa and beds.. hahaha..
he was really curious about everything.. and i can see a potential ARCHITECT~!!bubbles bubbles..
okay, i just dozed off a while.. hahaha..
suppose to be flying sotaro behind but think the horse took off without him.. haha..
and who's the great photographer that took me like that? waste my effort for smiling.. hahaha..
oh, that's chang er on the moon..
chang er's dad.. wahhaha..
is this used for sitting or praying? haha..
and he was confused as to what was this.. so he took out and decided to play with it..
and was still figuring out what was it..
he thought it was Casper, the friendly ghost.. then, i realized at the side, it was writen, "BLANKET".. chey~ i laughed out loud..
more beds ahead.. we decided to sleep for a while..
(that's what i enjoyed most with him.. SLEEPing together~!!)
err, bet he was thinking why was this kid on his bed.. haha..
oh, look.. hahaha..
this was taken outside the toilet.. i saw this poster outside and i asked him to pose for me to take.. haha.. he was reluctant but was convinced..
and he suddenly said he would help me snap one too.. aiyoo.. i regretted asking him pose man.. haha.. so pai seh.. many people walking pass.. now i know how he felt.. haha.. and this was nice, just that this stupid man just walk pass.. no manners.. hahaha.. and we just cant snapped a nice photo with these babies..
oh well, we proceeded to the first level... he wanted to sit on the trolley.. haha.. look so funny.. but i said, like this he's closer to me.. haha..
see, my baby.. wahhaha.. okay, maybe not..
haha.. i wonder what he was doing..

bought ice cream after all the shopping and not buying anything.. haha.. and i asked him to buy one so we could share.. then the man charged us twice the amount.. so, i stepped forward and asked the man why.. he said told sotaro he made two already, one for him, one for his father.. i was like, okay~.. hahaa.. the last time we bought ice cream at sakae sushi, the salesgirl also said he could share the ice cream with his father, who was me..

we left to GIANT to drink water again.. haha.. then went back..

when we alighted, he didnt want to go home.. instead, we sat downstairs to chat and chat.. it was my favourite time, just the two of us... quality time.. we talked about everything under the sun.. we played, disturbed each other.. hahaa.. could have been together longer.. aiyah.. hahaha.. his mum spotted us when she came back and called out "hi~".. that ended our "honeymoon" period.. wahahah.. jkjk.. ya..

i'll never forget this day
nothing beats time spent with you alone
anywhere, anytime.
they're always precious.