We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Monday, March 03, 2008
short outing

you are my sunshine
my only sunshine

sotaro called me the previous night at about 1030pm... he wanted me to drop by his place to get an invitation card from his sister to her birthday party... haha... and i said okay, i'll be there after giving tuition... of course, another opportunity to see him agian..

right after tuition today, i went to his house... i was fortunate to reach there before the rain poured down... as he saw me, he waved and ran to open the door for me... this time, we did not play "pretend fight" but rather, soccer! haha... not that i wanted to play, but because the invitation card was in the room where his sister was having piano lesson, we had nothing better to do than to play soccer... haha... a great time of bonding...

my sunshine and i... okay.. this photo is a little odd... can you see the colour difference? haha.. i did not edit anything ah...i think he's white, not that i'm dark... you judge...
this, he took all by himself and he left me out of the photo.. *.*

okay... after his sister completed her piano lesson, i got the invitation card from him... i then told him i had to leave and then...... drama began... hugged here, hugged there, dont wanna let me go... aiyooo~.. and i told him i was hungry... the best part was, he said he would follow me to the food court... i was shocked... so i told him, ask your mummy first... i thought he would give in and not go... BUT~, he said okay and used my hp to call his mum... oh no~! i didnt felt good because i know the family quite strict and they dont go out often... so i was afraid he would be scolded or something... my oh my, as i placed my ears against the hp while he spoke to his mum, i heard her say "OK! can..." haha... i was amazed! and so, i brought him as i had my lunch... haha...

alright, as i left the house, i carried my bag which contained my lappy... so, at the food court, i told him to look after the bag carefully because i had my laptop in it... i placed it on the seat next to him and asked him not to leave the seat... funny thing was, as i returned, i saw him hugging my bag... i laughed... he was so protective over it... very responsible.. (:

then, i noticed the television outside was playing soccer, so we moved outside to watch... haha... and i tell you, sotaro had soooooo much to share... as i was eating, he practically talked every second... haha... from the ball passing to the players, to the referee, to throw-in, to linesman, to goalkeeper, to people falling, to....... wa... cannot stop... haha.. i just listened and explain all that he didnt understand or questioned... haha... one of the funniest thing was, i told him that one of the players was called "Nani" and nani in japanese is "what"... so, he said who? and i told him the black guy... (Nani's really black) haha... and sotaro told me "i think he got sun burnt." i tell you, i almost got choked... HAHA~!!

he's so excited over the game... and before we go, a shot of us...

then, i walked him home... along the way ,we chatted and i really felt so comfortable with him... now that i'm home, i really missed this short time of "outing" and it's so much different from me bringing johanan out.. bringing jo out is like a father and son... but so's different... more like... donno how to describe... different lah~... okay... cannot compare.. they are both different people, character, personality... well, i had to say, when i sent him home, he didnt want me to go off... even when i explained to him, he stepped into the house and went straight to the room... the sister then told me he was crying... my goodness, i felt so bad... i went in and told him i would stay for a little while and asked him dont cry... got him out and i was hugging him as he pressed his face against his booster... he's eyes went redish... my heart just sank~... i had an appointment with my friend, if not i would have stayed longer... i told him that... i looked at him helplessly... alright, after a while, i said i really had to go... he nodded, with his two innocent eyes which were turning red looking at me... it was so hard to leave... as far as i wanted to stay by his side, i cant... well, i still had to... good bye my little boy... he then went off and straight to the room... i turned and walked towards the lift with a saddened heart... well, good thing is, i will see him the next morning in school... there'll be some more times we play soccer together, go out together, etc again... i'll wait...

you're always my sunshine
even on rainy days,
i know you're somewhere behind the clouds.
and i'll find you,
and i'll wait for you,
till i see you again.