We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
5 days with sotaro

living in fantasy

sorry for the long absence. i've been living in my own world, experienced what you called "dream come true" and this was what happened in my fantasy world. i dont really want to leave the world, or even wake up from it...

let's start from sun.


the youths planned games at east coast park that afternoon. and i brought my blades along, wanting to blade with some other youths after the games. therefore, my day had been fully booked. however, that morning, Sotaro called me and asked if i could drop by for lunch with his family that day. well, i was disappointed though as i had to reject the offer. not long after i hung up the hp, his father called, saying that it was a pity i couldnt come that very day. but then he asked if it's convenient for me to pop by the next day. i agreed and there goes my Monday!

alright.. let's cut it short. outing with the youths was fun. played and i still got a little sun burnt, considering me as dark already. haha... and a fresh, enormous pimple growing on my one and only nose... aiyoo, hope it will disappear soon, especially before my bday party! haha... after outing, which ended with a downpour, we went blading at night. we really bladed, long and far... haha.. it was really great and enjoyable and memorable. (:


okay.. i was really excited... right after tuition, i rushed to Sotaro's house..

had lunch and we watched tv for a while...

and of cuz, boys ma... played fighting~... haha.. pretend only..

Round one... goes to me!Round two goes to Sotaro!
and the WINNER...!!!
haha.. just kidding... we were just acting... and after that, we played code breaker...

soon after, i realized i've got an overdued library book i needed to return. on the way, i still had to pass my birthday invitation to the yoko twins, who stayed just above cp. so i told them i shall leave for a while to cp and come back quickly. well, they didnt allow me to go. instead, they suggested to go together. and they actually called their mother... BINGO, they were allowed to go... haha... i could see they were really happy and excited about it. they were running round the house, calling "AUNTIE AUNTIE! MY SHIRT! MY WATER BOTTLE! MY JACKET!" haha...

and so, here we go! we waited for the free shutter bus that could bring us to cp. on the bus, we managed to snapped some photos...

as we reached cp, along the way, i received a call from the maid, saying that yurika supposed to have piano lesson which all of them forgotten. we rushed up, returned the book and took a cab back in order not to waste the piano teacher's time.

when we reached, yurika went into the house while both sotaro and i went out again to pass the invitation to the yoko twins...

while waiting for the "have-to-wait-very-long" shutter bus, we took many photos... and we were playing with the frames in my hp...
when the bus came, we went up, sat comfortably and then continue taking photos... haha..
it was really a great time out with him... when we reached cp again, i tried to recall yoko's address'. but i couldnt... the guard outside didnt help much either too. luckily, yurika was at home. i called back and told her to switch on my laptop to search their add in it. and finally, when i got their number, i called them and they came down to receive my invitation. (:

after that, we went out to wait for the shutter bus again, which really took us forever... but i dont mind... haha... it rained heavily... i carried him as i sat down... shant go into details but it was really a time of bonding... it was really unforgetable on the bus...

had dinner at their house... and when their mum came back home, we discussed some things and then............


okay... i know this might be very sudden to all... but their mums agreed...

i went to Sotaro house once again for lunch right after my tuition... after that, he got ready and off we went out........

this was taken on a double decker bus, in which he confessed it was his first time on one.

*happy him*it was really pouring heavily... i had to carry him all the way........ to a shelter where i finally could rest my hands...

under a flat... *oh no* still raining..

i continued to carry him till we reached.....

yes, Johanan's house! haha.... and i was made responsible for both of them... and so, i planned a wonderful outing together with them... before we leave, RULES, RULES and RULES... i bombarded them with all my rules in order to prevent many unnecessaries... yes... to bring Sotaro was okay, but with Johanan, i've to be very caution...

to Sotaro, i've got only 3 rules.

1. I (Teacher Joey) am BOSS!

2. Always follow the BOSS!

3. don't act like a BOSS!

haha... but when we met johanan, i repeated the 3 rules and then naggggggggg on and on for more rules... haha...

and after all my nagging, we took buses and trains to our destination..

at the bus stop after my rules!

on our way to the train station.. see the both of them? like really good friends/brothers.

outside mrtthe transition at outramon the bus again...

we travelled like the entire afternoon... and where we went?


haha.. i always wanted to go science centre.. and now, i've got the perfect two person to go with! (: i'm so grateful and glad... okay.. let the photos do the talking...

first, we had mac for lunch...

saying grace..after eating, we went to buy tickets.. along the way, we took photo with some dino.. haha.. and guess what the mc said? when i got the camera out, he said, "Kids, look at your Daddy." WHAHAHA!!!
we played with this.. where's our bodies?! okay, played some motion video game...
photo taking! i said, squat and act like the sheep.. hmm, guess only one understand.. hahaa...
okay, this is easier to imitate...some mirror thingy... at first, sotaro didnt dare to go in.. i said i'll go in with him, and he agreed... but that johanan, didnt dare even when we were inside... haha...
and this, i said "pretend to be sitting on the chair." haha... and only one understand again...
on the bus, learning about SARS and other viruses... haha... many funny things happened... okay, and more photo taking and playing!

who's this?

my muscular sotaro!! hmm, who's legs were those? more games ahead! so interesting...

soon, we heard "Dear customers, we will be closing shortly..." i was like "WHAT?!" really very sad because we were only half way through... we really took our time to play one game after another... we should have come earlier, if it werent because of the rain... but never mind... we quickly walk through those we missed and left the place...

this was outside the mac...

before we leave, a photo with ronald!

okay.. i brought them to see ice-skating... we played, ran around, watched...

then, we spotted neocard store and we decided to snapped a few shots!

i love these neo cards!! really very beautiful... haha... so rare that we 3 could take photos together, consider them being in different classes... okay... we then left to meet johanan's mum, who bought us dinner at New York New York...

on the train towards city hall...

how lovely...

okay... it was really a great and unforgetable day... it was a great time of bonding and fun and love... couldnt ask for more... thank God... and i could just say that both of them, especially johanan were better than i expected.. haha... well done kids!!

after dinner, Johanan went home with his mum, while i brought sotaro home... when we reached his house, i stayed for a while and chatted with his mum... i dont know what exactly happened, sotaro and i ended up discussing whether to stay at my place or what... haha... i was so surprised that his mum gave permission to stay and i was made to decide whether can or not... of course, since i didnt have work for this entire week, i agreed... he was so happy as he jumped for joy around the house... his mum helped pack his bag, with toothbrush and paste, extra clothes, etc... haha... his dad drove us to my house...

he was really overjoyed... and when we reached my house, he played some card games, basketball, etc, while i used the com a while...
then, it was time to sleep... we chatted a while before he hugged me to bed as i patted him to his dreams... after that, i took away my hand in which he was hugging and went down my own bed to sleep... and because his dad warned he might cry or pee in the middle of the night, i was on guard the whole time...i woke up at about 4am to check on him.. and since i am a light sleeper, every time he toss and turn, i was awaken by it... i often go up and check on him if he pee or cry, if he's cold or perspiring... all in all, he slept very peacefully and i, did not really sleep because i was so worried... haha.. but it was a great experience...

the next morning, he made a sound which got me running up to his bed... he was actually stretching and by accident, he made a weird sound... haha... i saw him opened his eyes and called my name... i laid beside him as he climbed on my tummy and lie on it... after that, he went down to play basketball... haha...

i told him we'll go out for breakfast... so, first, brush teeth... oh my gosh~ that's my biggest worry, biggest problem... first, he doesnt brush his own teeth... so, i called his maid and ask how was it done... she didnt help much, just told me he didnt like to use toothpaste... haha... then, i really struggled in the toilet with him because i wanted him to brush his own teeth... after explaining to him how to brush teeth, i gave up and brushed it myself... he did whine a little about toothpaste but i so-called ignored and continued brushing... haha... really, an experience money cannot buy...haha.. then washed his face and we went out for breakfast...

it was still raining... since donno when... so, i carried him again, all the way there... i actually gave him one umbrella to use but it was too big and heavy for his service..

saying grace before food... now he's getting smarter... he found out i always secretly take photos of him praying.. can you see him peeping? haha... okay.. we had half-boiled-eggs and buns and milo...


then, we went to buy some groceries and headed home by foot.. smile! see my boy carrying the two umbrellas? he invented a way to hold it... that's in his two pockets.. i was laughing when he told me that... hahaha...

we got home and cooked together for my sister and his sister, who was coming later... ya... i'm gonna bring both of them out again... so, he helped me cook... first, he failed to crack an egg and it ended up on the floor... he apologised and i asked him to try again... this time, i held his hands and demo to him... and i made him beat the eggs with sugars in it.. haha... yea, we made french toast...

okay, i trained him to bathe himself with a little help and changed him... i bathed after him and then we were all ready to go out... by this time, his sister and maid were already in my house...
we were invited to watch sotaro's eldest sister's cheerleading performance, or rather, competition... we were told to reach there at 11am... but when we left the house, it was like 1130am... haha.. so, we cabbed down... the 3 of us... that taxi driver dont know the place.. so i had to study the directory and guide him.. haha..
okay.. having fun after that...
it was really a long trip... *yawn*
when we reached, we were being informed by his sister that she'll only perform at 1pm.. i was like #%@$%^... haha... waste taxi money... never mind... we went to watch other school compete first... it was like years ago since i last watched cheerleading... i remembered i used to be in cheerleading when i was in sec2, and we got champion of the north zone sia... dont play play... haha...

okay... i was surprised to see jordyn there too.. hhaha... the third girl from the left...
then there's a break and we had lunch there... see? i was buying food for them...
while waiting, i was being taken... i didnt even notice someone took photo of me!

TWICE!! haha.. okay.. food's here!
then finally, sotaro's sister cheering...

we stayed and watched till everything was over... reason why we didnt leave because it was really raining very heavily and we dont have umbrellas... there's nothing we could have done... after the show, we left... the rain wasnt really heavy, but neither it was light.. heck already... nothing to do, and it was getting late.. so, since they've got jackets, it was used as a shelter for them.. i carried sotaro and ran all the way to the bus stop, with his sister behind me... then, we took bus back...

on the bus, i told sotaro that it was time for him to go home... he was really upset... see how he held on to me...
until he slept on my shoulders...
okay.. so i also sleep...
that's how he always hold me, both legs and hands sandwiched my hand.
it was so hard for us to say good bye this very day... when i left, i saw him tearing... though i couldnt bear leaving, i had to...

it was really a great experience having to take care of a child and all... i really thank God and his mum for this opportunity and i really grew close to sotaro... ilovehimlots...


okay.. i really miss that boy after just one day, or even few hours not being together... it was so empty that night... lonely and sad... i dreamt of him...

the next morning, he called me and ask if i could drop by for a while... i really wanted to see him so badly, i agreed... so, after tuition, i droped by for a while...
and taught him mathematics...
it wasnt a pleasant trip down, considered him being influenced by his sisters... i lectured him for some things and after a while, i really had to leave...

before i left, they wanted me to drop by for supper... well, i said see first... later that night, his mum smsed me saying she would be coming home late... so, i decided to buy them supper...

i dropped by at about 1045pm... they had pow! haha... and siew mai...okay.. his dad then came back after 2 days of staying in Bangkok... i knew that he was tired, after his flight and everything.. so, i wanted to leave secretly.. haha... but they told their dad i was leaving so i couldnt say no to him wanting to fetch me... it was their trend, i guess... haha... they are very nice people... and so, sotaro tagged along... he was really happy everytime he can be with me... on the car, before i leave, he clinged on to me as usual, hugging my hand... it was the best time and days i had with sotaro... thank you Lord...
sorry people
it rained like everyday
because i wanted to spend time
with my sunshine...
therefore, it took a break
from being up there...
can i have my sunshine
how i hope you dont grow up..
how i hope time wouldnt pass by..
will there be a chance again?
i hope... i pray...