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1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
goodbye boss...

last few days were rushing..
thurs, met my church friends for karaoke singing session.. haha.. felt it was too short.. we could go on and on but didnt have time.. lol~
friday, after work, went home change and rush to meet johanan cuz i promised him to bring him out.. but because our boss was leaving the sqn, he held a farewell dinner which attendance was compulsory.. and so, i went over just to see him and say sorry that i had to change my mind and break the promise.. well, i didnt want to, but to hear that boss personally invited even the ops A like us, there's no reason to reject. and so, we went MEDUSA.. reached there late, ate and went in.. boss gave speech, was like half drunk.. one by one, aircrew went up to toast with him. and made him 90% drunk.. both alfred and i were hiding at a corner, quietly drinking our own drink. haha.. and and, i saw one of my secondary friend there.!! so happy.. at least she stood beside me, made me look busy hooking with her.. hahaha.. and then boss didnt really aim me.. lol~ and i ordered vodka 7-up and i only drank half the cup, my face was hot.. haha.. wasnt really drunk but was high.. lol~ wanted to try the shots but didnt have time.. was asked to play hotel califonia again with dallas.. i played keyboard and he played guitar.. well, fury later wanted to drink with me but i siam.. haha.. cuz i dont wanna get drunk.. i'm not good with alcohol.. but was apologetic and sms-ed him sorry.. haha..
next day, was quite worried about the teaching at bumble bee.. but blessing in disguise, the child didnt turn up due to fever.. haha.. so, relief.. then slack a while at the place and left to meet sebastian.. planned a day out with him to blade but then it rained.. so sian.. met up with chong le and we went play lan and then bowling..
after that, le went off cuz he got taekwando.. and both sebas and i went over to east coast to try our luck.. we managed to blade a while but then rain came into our way.. sian.. then bo bian, return the skates and ate subway.. then we played arcade till the rain stopped.. then we went back.. ate wings and brought him home by bus.. i really loved spending time with him.. felt he really changed for the better.. may God continue to touch his life and change him.. :)
the only photo that's nice, taken with him..
he rested on my lap on the way back.. never imagine he would do that, for his character, i believed it's changed..
sunday, my first church service after one month plus being away.. haha.. it's great to see all my kids again, esp gawain.. but the ks were away on holiday.. miss my ks lo.. oh well, held gawain in my embrace and chat with him was everything i asked for.. miss him lots.. but then later on, the ccis made me headache.. well, just cross my fingers and hope everything will go well on that day of performance.. then later, went down to chinese children ministry.. miss my josh.. haha.. his smile always made me always smile.. played with him all the way cuz they do not have any lessons.. enjoyed.. then later at 1plus, dance prac.. i'm satisfied with the outcome.. hope we wont make any mistake and will do a good performance..
today, boss left the sqn.. felt something missing.. boss has been great and treat me very well.. i definitely will miss the times together.. callsign naming, dinner where he made me drink my first red wine and even made me drunk+puke (good experience), knows how to make me happy.. i'm so gonna miss the time together.. all the best to him.. know he will definitely do great outside.. cannot imagine my fav oc leaving.. haissss... one by one they go... :( hope i can cope.. Lord, make me look forward to work even after they leave..