We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

i left my house at 8+pm... first, i went to Compass Point and bought a soft toy each for Nicholas and Natasha because they will be flying to Australia at night... i had planned to see them off at the airport, knowing nothing but a little information from Nic that their flight will be at 11pm...

after that, i boarded the 27 bus all the way to the airport... at first, i alighted at terminal 1... i looked at the screen and my sixth sense told me "not here." or maybe the Holy Spirit prompted me... but i was confident it wasnt there as i sensed it, though there were flights going Australia...

anyway, i took another bus down to terminal 2... i walked as fast as i could, knowing that i was late... as i reached the departure hall, i saw the screen and it said "Melbourne Gate open"...

my heart started to sink and at the same time, hoping that i could see Nic before he board the plane... i searched the entire belt 8 and he was not there... i stood outside the "Check-in" area and was hoping to find him... i couldnt... i really felt so bad... after all the preparation, the hopes and desire, i almost broke down... i was blank, mind blank... i walked aimlessly up and down... i even went to the viewing area and looked at the planes, just to see him the last time... i did not... i went back the screen and looked... it was written "boarding" and i looked and tried to find other planes that was also going to Australia at 11+pm... gates were all opened... my heart was really heavy... i could almost not take it... i called him so so soooo many times and yet, his house phone was engaged.. i sat at the seat, thinking thinking thinking... why?! why didnt you call me? i did not blame God, in fact, i blamed myself... at that point of time, i hated myself... why didnt i call him and ask too... why didnt i have the courage to call him? why was i so late? all the whys...

just as i wanted to leave the airport, i managed to dialed his number and give it a shot one more time... it rang once... i hung up... i didnt know what i was doing... i called again and i held myself back from hanging up the hp... his grandma answered... however, since she's from China and has this chinese accent, i couldnt really understand all that she said, but rather, most... so i asked her about the details and stuff about Nic's flight... she knows nothing... not even the time they left the houes... i was disappointed... i hung up... then i thought, no, i couldnt give up... so i called again, and this time, i asked for his parents number... well well well, she knows none too... i was speechless, and i asked if she could find, if Nic did wrote anywhere... nope... i didnt want to stop here... i kept asking how can i reach them... how can i know if they were already on the plane or not... just then, i think Nic's grandfather came home... he was able to give me Nic's father's number... i was glad that i could have this last hope... immediately after i disconnected the line with his grandma, i called his dad... in my heart, i really prayed it would ring... 9....7... as i dialed, nerves ran through my spine... "...the singtel costumer........" and i hung up... arggghhhh... i supposed there were already on the plane... (for your infor, you have to switch off the hp when you board) so, i wrote a two-page sms, saying that i was there and i missed the chance of saying good-bye... asked him to tell them i will miss them and..... ya..

i tried my best... i hate the feeling of failure... hate it... i dragged my feet, down to the screen, i stared at it... "Sydney belt 7/8"... i walked, without any hopes left, i wanted to search again... even though i knew at the back of my head that i am just wasting my time and energy... but on the other hand, i dont want to lose any opportunity... well, first glance, not a sight... walked on, i saw some familiar people... as i walked closer, i couldnt believe my eyes... Nic, Natasha, his mum, god-ma and another grandma stood at the side, looking lost... at that point of time, i felt my legs were strengthless, as if they were cemented on the floor... my mind went blank again... all i could think of was how great is my God... i was stunned and surprised... i merely starred at them... just cant take my eyes off them... i really couldnt not believe, after all that waiting, almost an hour, i found them... it was hard to describe that kind of delight... yes...

for a few seconds, my eyes did not blink... the-starring-at-them made his mum noticed me and she waved to me... i started to feel the strength from my legs as i strolled to them in disbelief... "Hello Nic" i said, as i grabbed his head and "screw" it with my other hand... "i almost left!" but i was really glad them i saw him... i kept praising God... and "thank" Him for playing a prank with me... usually i was the one playing pranks on others... now i got the chance to taste my own medicine.. hahaha... then, he's dad came... i felt so embarrassed because of the sms i sent... i wondered if he read that or not... anyway, they checked in their luggage and went on the check-in in that we-are-not-suppose-to-go-in-without-a-ticket place... hahahaa.. ya... i managed to pass Nic and his mei mei the soft toy i bought from mini-toons... i was so so so happy... and so in love with Jesus...

Nic and I.. he looked so tired...

after all that, i was told that his dad wasnt going with them... he drove me home... weeee... but was still embarrassed with the calls and sms... hahahaa...

"Nic, as i am typing this, you are probably up in the air so many thousand feet above... i pray that God will protect you and those with you and also pray for a safe journey to and fro... hope you like the soft toy and i will miss you... if it werent for you, i wouldnt wait for so long... well, i'm already missing you..."

Nic will be back on 17th Dec but he will be going to China again on 22nd Dec... aww... can i go?

"Dear God, i really thank You for all the surprises You gave me... really, Your thoughts are higher than mine and i believe all these are Your plans... i would say that this is a miracle and never expect it... i'm touched... as i was walking home from where Nic's dad dropped me, i saw the cross on St Anne's Church and i just cant help but grinned... with my thumbs up, let me tell You, Daddy God, you got me this time!! (:"

...Jesus loves me this I know...
...I love You Jesus, deep down in my heart...