We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
week planned!!

i was so tired today when i had to wake up at 8am... and if you think "8am only ma", think again... yes, it's 8am... hahahaa...

i slept at 3am the previous night, because i went all around SengKang to send my christmas cards to my children!! actually, i enjoy doing such surprises... however, i never had so much nerves and anxiety in my last 2 years of such delivery other than this delivery... i started at near midnight, from Jovan's house... before i reached his house, so coincidental that he smsed me, saying that he just reached home after his trip to Japan... well, then, i smsed him saying that it was so nice to see him enjoying his holidays and i just went his house and left the letter outside his house... hahaha... after Jovan's house, it started raining... sad... i planned the areas i wanted to go but plan failed because there's not plan B if there's rain.. so, since i had no umbrella and transport, i had to quickly deliver all my stuff and not get drenched... well, the next was Owen, just to find out that i had been to the wrong address... meaning, i copied the wrong address for him... darn~... but it was fortunate for me to remember that it was another kid's house... if not i would be so "ma lu".. well, went E-an house next... and went to buy stamp from S.A.M and decided to send Owen's letter to his 2nd home in tamp... well, after that, i went home to eat my supper, took an umbrella and went out again for the next few delivery... next stop, Jorell's house... upon arrival, i noticed that they had not closed their main door... it was so frightening, because you dont want to be noticed... so, slowly but carefully, i bent as low and left the letter beside their shoe rack... phew, close shave... next, Coleman's house... then, from the east to the west, Gordon's house... it was a long walk, but God was with me... as i was singing and praising His name... when the lift door open at Gordon's level, i realized his gate was wide open and i quickly turned the other side and climbed up the stairs... adrenaline rush!! i creeped and crawled to his house and found out that the main door was not really closed either... it was kind off closed but not shut... so, i went over to placed the letter at the door and left as fast as i could... what an exciting night... well, after that, i went ShiJun's house, Brandon's house and Davin's house before i went back to my own house... it was sure a tiring but exciting night... hahhaha...

now comes why i had to wake at 8am? i was offered to work at my year 2 attachment NTUC childcare today from 9am-1pm... i totally miss the children terribly!! (what a statement but you get what i mean) and Jun Zhuan came too!! ohh, i miss him so much... i took about 7 children today... it was really nice to see them again... and of cuz, an easy job for me just to teach 7 children... i could focus on their strength and weakness easier... i started off with a story about how christmas came about... gosh, they dont know anything about it la!! not Jesus, not "joy to the world" song, not anything... just presents and trees and santa... ya... then, i taught them maths... MY GOSH..!! i almost fainted!! i asked just a simple question, [4+1=?] and i got a whole list of answers... and they had to use their fingers to count... i was really on the verge of fainting... thank God i taught in Kumon before... so, i used their methods to teach and it was at least a quite effective to some... after their bath time, i had maths games with them too, running around looking for the numbers and answers... it was truly a fun time together... leaving was sad... but i got hugs from all of them... so lovely... and guess what? i wont have boring holidays anymore because the principal just reserved my thurs and fri for teaching them once more... i'm still and just amazed that God can plan my week like that... AMAZING!! not even touching tomorrow as i'm meeting joy ma to celebrate her birthday... such great planning, only my Heavenly Father can give to me... thanks Dad...

i'm loving you more each day O God..