We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Sunday, November 30, 2008
one week after

oh yea, it's been a week and everything seemed to pass by very quickly.. no time to even breathe.. but at least now, i can quietly sit in front of the com to blog because my kid cancelled today's tuition.. so now i'm breathing!

some photos i uploaded, which was taken last week..

26 dec, wed..

as usual, brought my boy home from his class..
27 dec, thurs..

thanks to my officer, i managed to go in my base late.. so, i planned a breakfast with my two kids i havent seen for a while.. hahaa.. precious day...

jorell and his sis.. is she camera shy or she just dont want to take the photo? i donno~.. ha..
we dropped by st anne's a while and i saw some of my missed-dearly kids.. one of them was ernest!! *hugss*
28 dec, Fri.
and so, since it was no fly day, i actually went into the sqn late again.. and this time, i had breakfast with jireh!! haha.. so blessed..
and at night, i was invited to his grandma's house (just opposite my house and he stayed there since sunday) for dinner..
and he was wearing this shirt.. noticed anything? haha.. it's my surname there!! haha.. he knows it and he purposely wore that.. lol~..
then i saw this on his pants too.. haha.. and i told him that it was my club cuz it's J=Joey club.. then he said, no it was his, J=Jireh.. then i started laughing because i realized we were Js.. and i told him then it's our club and he blushed sia... hahaha...
after dinner, i asked him, or rather begged him for photo together.. but then he was so shy, rejected a few times before he agreed.. and know what, he said wait because he need to go style his hair and he left to the toilet... zzz~.. haha.. how cute that was..
actually all not very nice but looking at them reminded me of what happened there, and it brings a smile to my face..
after that, he came over to my place to play...
29 dec, Sat
i spared my sat morning just so to meet up with my little loved boy..
he so wanted to go to airport again but managed to convince him... in the end, we went IKEA~!!
and we had our lunch first.. it was great and cheap.. i actually like it..
he love this shark.. haha.. can you tell?
i know you can.. hahaa..
he went to play at the indoor playground while i played my psp.. and after a while, when i needed to go church soon, we left the place.. and of course not empty handed.. haha.. ICE-CREAM~!! nice nice~!!
on the bus, he was so hyper and cheeky.. haha..
loving day...
and finally, after two weeks of waiting.......
30 dec, Sun.
and i saw him~!! yes, he came.. haha.. my dearest Joseph.. OPPS~!! it's Gawain lah.. hahaha..
and i wont go off without a photo with him... i really miss him...
and i was stunned when i saw this kid.. haha.. ya, ethan, my dear one that came back from china for a performance.. so grown up already...
and my dear little handsome... thinking back, i used to pray hard to get to know him.. haha..
and now, they're my dearest two kids~!! *love them*
please come church next week~!!
and oh, for your info, i lost my bible.. sians~~!! i'm sure i left it in the MRT.. oh well...
left church before youth ended because i went to meet my two very close friends~!! yea, they entered army and meeting up has been tough.. this time, they called me out and i couldnt reject this once over the blue moon offer.. haha...

i'm really satisfied.. thank you God for you great plans.. i'm really happy, besides my work everyday.. haha.. oh, the thought of going work tml just killed all my happy thoughts.. chaos~

cant wait for sunday
cuz that's the only time i see you.
and what about you?