We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, November 15, 2008
last week of school

last week was a great and emotional week for me...

on mon and tue, i worked night.. therefore, i had opportunity to go st anne's!!

Auntie Anna bought me this "Mr Funny" shirt.. very cute!! and i wore to st anne's.. and upon seeing my shirt, the kids were so excited.. haha.. took as many photos as i could cuz it was their last week of school.. :(

joon young, who acted as king..
the smiley jia jin..
amanda got me this red shirt!! haha..
spent some time with my k2s..
here's marco..
my dearest Johanan..
had so much laughs with the As.. Ashton and Aloysius..
jia jin again.. smile!!
my dearest "Es".. eunice and ernest..
my best kids forever!!
this shirt was given to me by caroline!! hhaha...
my k1s..
Ernest and i.. (:
dearest Eunice.. =D
my unforgetable kids!! *notice sotaro doesnt come to me often? haha..*
havent seen josh and amanda for so many days.. their first day to school of the week.. and it's like thurs.. haha..
shy kerion and i.. finally, he's willing to take photo with me.. haha.. and he HUGGED ME!! haha.. it's like almost impossible.. ;p
josh's uncle, who suppose to come pick him, together with his sister was late.. so spend some quality time together with him.. (:
and today, it's THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
while many kids wished their holidays would come by soon, i dont!!!
i bold the words not because i was excited... arggghh... get it?
my new love.. it's amazing how God put us together.. zheng hao did so much that touched me, i could cry a jar of tears.. on the last day, he was stucked to me.. he gave me his photo, asked to take photos together and even did a lovely card for me in such a short while.. haha.. really felt his love.. i love him too!!
trust me, he's much more cuter and handsome in real.. just not photogenic.. and here comes my afternoon session kids!!
and the very first person i took photo with was my girl... she really look sweet this very day.. hate it when i was reminded that it was the last day of school.. hopefully we'll meet again..
better view.. love this pic... and then i saw gremio walked in.. so cute.. his mum made this cap for him.. (by the way, it's their theme to wear caps, head dress to school.. the K2s? EGGS!!! wear white or yellow.. so i had yellow shirt, as well as cap on.. haha.)
me and my Ernest.. :) handsome boy.. err, boys.. haha..
jia jin and i.. he's been asking me for photo taking! haha.. and that's johanan behind..
nicholas came by later.. haha.. great to see him!! went to classes by classes to eat.. haha.. and my gosh, since the theme for k2s was Eggs (cuz Egg-citing, get it?) the food the kids brought were all eggs.. all kinds of eggs!! i see already i was like, no more eggs for next week.. hhaaha..

saw this two cute kids together and decided to take a photo of them.. err, sorry, i think i match her more.. haha.. just kidding!! haha.. *opps* got hold of the boss, darius who everyone in school says he's so so so so so cute.. haha.. he said he'll miss me!! ahhhh~!! *that's because i asked him* ;p
and he said i look weird with the cap.. argg.. haha.. what about him?
and this is my last photo of the day.. EDISON!! haha.. so cute.. manage to see him...
the rest of the photos are with the parents.. they took more than i take.. realized i didnt take photo with Josiah... haiss.. but he did take one with me using his camera.. (:
and after that, i got a whole lot of activities...

was booked by dylan long time ago to go his house to play and rollar blade.. really looking forward to it cuz seldom, kids at their age skates.. only nic...
and so, i bladed to their house...

their room is very nice..

and i was shocked to see so many games.. haha.. they were playing computer games and i was playing their psp.. but quite discipline when i said "wanna go blading?" haha.. and he stopped immediately..
that's darryl and danzel, the other two boys in the house..
i wanted to bring nic along since he can blade, but it was drizzling.. so i didnt..
and here, the kids getting ready for blading!! so excited..
and here's the 3 boys, ready for blading!! weee, here goes Dylan...
smile!! the bladerS!!
danzel!! he looks like a pro right? haha.. but then again.... ;p our blades!!
the four of us with ;p action.. haha..
cool kids~ oh, i'm considered one of the kid.. haha..
darryl!! he can skate well too.. and fall well.. haha.. 4 pairs of blades..!! love it..
had dinner over at the Ds house.. his mother was so kind and great.. ordered pizza for us, bought donuts from DONUT FACTORY for us... and his grandma made almond jelly with longans and peach.. so loved.. haha..
that's the almond jelly.. yummy!!
after that, i went josh house to give him tuition.. i love giving him tuition.. but i hate scolding him.. lectured him for a while because he didnt know how to write chinese date.. was so pissed.. so i punished him, not letting him play the com over the weekends and gave him quite a number of homework.. opps.. but he understands why i did all these.. *hugs* to him...

then, i rushed down to god-son house just to spent time with them.. havent blade with them for a while.. so, although it's like 11pm, a promise is a promise... and here's my god-son..
played by the hall.. so fun~!! though tiring~..
dearest god-son..
to my dearest kids,
i'll miss you all dearly,
wish you all the best..
my blessing and love out to all..
and to zheng hao,
you're such an angel..
i felt your love..
and i thank God for you.