We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
rusty entry



sorry... it's a little rusty in here.. hahhaa..
Happy Valentine's Day
okay... I'm like missing-in-action for almost a month... let me take you on a journey of the 3 weeks that had past...

1st and foremost, SCHOOL'S OVER FOR ME!!! YIPEEEEEEee~ yups... especially IEP, when all of us suffered so much from it... and here's our presentation photos...

my group mates

Andrew and I
Joy and I

Wan and I

having fun

The "Beng" and "Lian"

I was and is still so very busy with spring cleaning... may these picture speak of a thousand words to you cause i'm lazy to type them all.. hahaha...

Pardon me, this is my room before...

this is after i cleared..

me mopping

and if you are wondering where the stuff goes, they're all in the living room..

as i was cleaning my trophies, i decided to take a photo of it..

this is probably one of the most interesting medal i've got cuz it's the very first and still alive medal i've achieved... actually i won the 2nd runner up in baby contest and had a very huge trophy but i heard i dropped it and broke it.. so this is the oldest...
it says "Bean Bag Relay, Primary 3 boys"

this is very important to me and it's one of my favourites... the one and only person that has this in 2002... it's the individual champion.. given to only one girl and boy from each division...

oh.. i painted my entire room!! not very clear but it's in light blue..

last friday, Pats' School House had an outing and so Joy, Wan and I decided to join them... we went to Chinatown and it was a very memoriable and fun time together with my beloved kids and I miss them so much now... especially.......... u...

oh, and i made cookies for all of them right from scratch, right from flour and eggs and sugar... hahaa.. i'm so happy.. special thanks to Lynnette's ingredients and receipt, Lucy's patience and guidance...


last sunday, my group of friends, also known as the Apprentice, went to Batam, Indonesia for a one-night stay-over in Holiday Inn... we had so much fun from playing pool to playing table tennis to playing Cluedo to playing truth or dare to playing arcade to shopping to root beer float!! and here are the photos...

Waiting for boarding

Before boarding...

On the ferry!!

look at our hair!! hahaa...

check my friend out.. hahaa..

our room number..

view from the balcony

we are trying to balance..

YEAH!! A&W bear.. long time no see!!
(sorry, the photo is in the mirror image.)

the whole of last week except for friday and plus these 2 days, i've been going St Anne's Church Kindergarten to help relief the class with teachers taking MCs... i believe God gave me this opportunity to earn some pocket money for my new year clothes... hahaha... i had so much fun with the children, especially the nursery children... and as for one, whom most teachers would choose to avoid him, i had great fun and joy being with him... he's a mild autism and ADHD child... but despite of all the struggles and distractions, it's so exciting to try and enter his world and i felt so satisfied and happy cuz i believe i entered his world yesterday.. i took his class for relief teaching yesterday and man O man, all the complains i heard from the teaching about him hurting his friends and all, i see none of them... i truly believe that love heals it all and i will continue to shower my love of this kid... smile, i found another friend!! now, i'm trying to enter another child's world, whom had yet to speak to me since i met him... he's so so so quiet... i've only heard him say "yes"... i'll never give up!! :D

Happy Valentine's Day to the one I love most,