We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, February 23, 2008
jo 4th outing

today, i finally can see my long-time-no-see boy... thought he would still have at least a little sign of chicken pox, after missing in action from school for almost a week since his birthday... but today, as i met him, i see none.. just maybe 2 red blood stain on his handsome face... hahahaaha...

anyway, i was suppose to meet his mother, whom introduced me to CONCOURSE which i never heard of, speaking about whether i've been there? hahahaa... ya... she was my tour-guide for the day... and since johanan looked well, he tagged along...

didnt want to go into details... he was quite difficult to handle at times and many times i had to scold him or say him in front of his mother.. so pai seh lah~....

but apart from that, the outing was okay... he's good with me (as his mother had to go for some dinner at work, i took over the "babysitting" by sending him back)...

here's us on the bus using my hp camera... some was on the way to bugis, some on the way back...see? got "gou zai" again taking photos of the "stars".. haha...

this one funny... like just came out of some court... hahaha...

okay... went to johanan's mum's office at raffles hotel... ate ice-cream there... then went to walk around (his mum already told me to plan my wedding there... a bit soon huh? who wants me?!?!) after walking, i suggested to go LV! hahaa... and i eyed on a LV belt.. it was nice and tempting... haha... model was m6812... (you all go check lo... very nice!)

okay, i then took over johanan from there... went national library first and read some books before we headed home... we found some seats a few metres away from bus stop... we saw 3 buses drove passed us and i thought it was a good time to take photos now... and so we did... we took like BILLIONS of PHOTOS CAN?!

here's those taken while waiting for bus... haha.. both of us were so high... look at all the different expression? you sure can guess... both of us can really act out... happy, sad, angry, mischevious, emo, stern, etc... hahaha... enjoy!!! soon, the bus came but we missed it... then i though, something is wrong... that bus is so popular, sure will have someone alighting or board... then we walked to the bus stop and realized that the bus we wanted to take was not stationed there... sians... we then have to walk to the next bus stop...

when the bus came, we sat upstairs the double decker bus... and then, the camera started the click again... and more photos came by... of course, well picked by me, those unglam will not be revelled... unless you pay me!!! okay... enjoy... look at every one of them ah!!! after taking that many photos, we changed our seat places and then the camera came out, clicking away AGAIN!!! hahaha...
now... tired of photos? hahaha... really, the entire journey, about 1 hour was all about snapping photos... haha...

after that, i went to his house for dinner and then played with him his newly-bought toys.. i was about to go home when he he asked me to stay for a while more... i was bored playing toys and i suggested basketball.! exercise mah~ and so, we went to play... both of us were so high, like once again... haha... so energetic... hahaa... and after play for like half an hour, we were drenched with perspiration!!! look~okay... i really had a great time with him... and i must really thank his mother for helping so much for my birthday preparation... from catering to decos... really is God-sent... haha...

anyway, i got sotaro and andrew's present... wont blog about andrew's present first because he reads my blog... haha. later no surprise... and here's sotaro's present... i like... i actually asked him what he wanted for present and he told me "anything". so i said i shall buy him that "anything" can drink and he was so excited and happy. he nodded away and agreed... haha.. of course, i wont only buy that lah~... plus the cup i love so much!!okay... cant wait for tomorrow too... can see sotaro, can see andrew... haha...

thank you God.
even when things dont go my way
you are still there...
i thank you for being there always
and i will always believe in you
even it takes a miracle
God is love.