We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
sat, sun, mon.

I Love my SAT~!!

okay, i was really looking forward to this very day. i actually told my dear boy nic that i'll bring him out the sat after his birthday. but i was afraid he would forget. at 0830h, he called, and i was so glad to hear him say "yes" to going out with me~!

i quickly prepared myself and went over his house to fetch him. he was all alone waiting for me when i reached his house. haha.. poor boy.. then, we headed to PLAZA SING~!! had breakfast first @ Cafe Cartel..
and i tell you, we were more than blessed... why?
first, i entered and i asked if there's breakfast set meals. the one that served me dont know and asked another to serve.. so we ordered.. but when i asked if there's milo, (and i was pulling their legs) they replied no.. ya, i kind off expected that.. so i got him milk and i had tea..
later, while we were served our breakfast, one of the girls came with this hot chocolate drink. immediately, i said, "oh, sorry, we didnt order that" and her reply? "That's a complimentary." i was stunned~!! should be the joke i played came true!! haha.. taste like milo but was milky and thick in the chocolate...
then, a while later, a girl came by and chatted with us.. (should be nic's smile and look cuz he was really cute and sweet and handsome *i think* that attracted her) then, from her pocket, she fisted out a bar of "hersey's" chocolate.. awww, so sweet... isnt we blessed?
and see the amount of drinks we were served? haha..
after that, we quickly went upstairs to buy movie tickets~!! we were like late.. hhahaah.. queueing at 1130am when 1130am was the show.. oh well, in the end, we werent late..
and we took photo before we entered..
blurred.. but never mind..
guess what we watched?

the show was actually okay.. the best part was...............when i held nic's hand and watched the movie.. haha.. there wasnt anything significant.. quite expected.. and i thought magdagascar2 was nicer.. but never mind, i was so glad i watched the movie with him... having him beside me was more than blessed too.. and now i start to think, i couldnt have anyone to watch better than him.. :)
we left immediately after the show because he had bowling lessons.. but i really had a freaking great time with him... more? haha... yes.........~~!!
after that, i headed down to church. just then, i received an sms saying if i could bring my god-son from his tuition.. hmm, initially, i said i cant because i had to go church to play piano, not convenient.. however, regina was gracious enough to help when i asked her if she could help take over me.. (i owe you one "tasty" k, if you read my blog. haha..) and i rushed down to fetched my little boy...
on the way to meet his mum, we saw this and i was so "high" about it.. haha.. i like it~!!

god-son promised me to wake up early and he did.. was awaken by him at 645am when i actually slept at 4am+ last night!! (went out with anthony, played audi and watched soccer)
okay, brought my boy to church.. haiz, gawain, keith and kester wasnt there.. yet another sunday~..
after church, ate at tekka mall..
and we took bus..............
then mrt, and him sitting at the priority seat.........
and finally, we arrived at.......

there's this sports exhibition..
but to my surprised, most stores were closing when we reached.. i was angered by that... well, though that wasnt anything, we made good use of our time there.. played around at an open space, went john little and shop(i BOUGHT NEW SPECS!~!) and we even met my yihua cousin.. so funny, should have taken a photo together.. ya, and we watched karate performance..
well, the best part was the frisbe play.. haha.. we played at the big space for hours!! wow~!
and i stayed over that night..
it was a public holiday and i used the time to pack my room (a little). haha.. and then, my parents and i went over to the asai's home for dinner..
it was a pleasant trip down.. thanks for the dinner!!
and i think this is funny because it's actually "god-grandfather" and my god-son.. haha.. indirectly lo~...


hmm, what's the next movie
i should watch?
with you?