We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
21st dec CCIS

SunDAy 21st DeC

sorry, havent been doing much of an update because my LAPTOP is officially CRUSHED and my broadband was spoilt. that means, i havent ZERO access to the internet. last night, it was being repaired, finally and now i'm back with the updates..

sunday, my kids from church had their final practice in church before they headed down to orchard for their annual performance.. i was very excited, so were the kids... and on this very day, all of them were nicely and "whitely" dressed.. and i took this opportunity to take many photos of my loved ones..
zhong le.. funny chap..
darling gawain...
dearest Ks...
oh, i made him take a photo with me because he gave me a present! haha.. so touched but he HATES taking photos.. oh well, i got my way to make him take with me.. wahaha... smile~

the kids in their costume, rehearsing.. and my dearest boy acted as the main character, Joseph.. =) he look so good in it.. should make him act every year now.. haha..
and my dearest Ks were the Shepherds..
and i LOVE this photo.. i've developed a photo of it and i kept it in my wallet.. they're my bundle of joy!! without them, i wont be twice, or even thrice as happy as i am now.. everytime i open my wallet, i would see them!

and at night about 7pm, the kids came back church for dinner and then hopped onto a bus hired by us to bring them to orchard rd.. and here, i saw my lovely kids and, photos photos photos...

isnt Kester cute? =D i told him that he was cute and he claimed that nobody has ever said he was cute except me.. haha.. but he is what.. what a waste, so blur... and i said keith wasnt cute at all.. he's mr. handsome.. for once, i said a kid is more handsome than me.. ;p (just kidding)
and the Ks got along well with my littke god-son... cheers~
trust me, during the bus ride, it was a ride of a lifetime.. the moment i reached home this night, i written everything i felt onto my personal journal book.. i didnt want to missed out or forget what had happened.. here go..

1) i asked gawain if he remembered what i bought for him on his birthday but he guessed wrongly.. then, jireh, who overheard tried to guess it and he was right the first guess.. haha.. it was a cup with our photo printed on it.. and gawain said to me excitedly that he used it every day with milo in it.. =D

2) while boarding the bus, the kids were split into two groups.. and i was like the last to board.. so i opened one of the back door of the van and i saw my little gawain there.. i didnt hesitate and i boarded instantly.. and as he sat beside me, he said he was tired and he was lying on my shoulders (more of chest), and sleep.. of course, here and there, he was awaken and chat a little.. but i must say, i will never forget the entire trip..it was so warm and loving..

3) i notice gawain was a little moody at a later part of the night before performance.. then i went to ask him what's wrong, and if he was okay.. he came close to my ears and whispered, "i'm afraid of dying." and i was stunned.. he said he cant imagine the kind of death, or even closing his eyes and never open it, even though he knew he would go heaven.. i really felt him, and understand the feelings he had.. and so, i held on to his both hands, looked into his eyes and said, "gawain, you must have faith. dont worry, i'll be there.. and we'll meet each other in heaven when we die. trust me, if i die first, i'll be waiting for you in heaven." and i also told him that he would make me very sad too when i see him so moody and unhappy.. and he smiled.. he smiled at me.. that was the best smile i got from him..

come to think about it.. i actually thought of what kind of death i would go thought.. and it could possibly be scary.. but look, i'm thinking of it like at this age. and gawain is like 10 years old.. he's sensible and mature.. hope he has more faith and grows up to become a man after God's heart. and as i promised, i'll never stop caring for him, never will i stop showering my love and care for him..

and honestly, the kids did so well during their performance and they deserve a pat on the back.. it was really a great experience... hope they enjoyed it... we took that photo after the performance.. and as the Ks left the place, my eyes followed them.. i just cant bear to part.. and the most touching thing was, kester suddenly stopped with an "AH!" sound.. he turned back, ran towards me and gave me a BIG hug.. ohh, i almost melted.. hahaha.. then keith came by to hug me too.. i tell you, that was what you'll never forget in years to come.. how i love them soo...

and after that, i knew my little boy was darn tired.. but he really did an excellent job, singing, dancing and smiling thoughtout the performance.. and i carried him as he slept on my shoulders all the way back to seng kang..

and this is from Jireh, he bought from gentings and he said it was very expensive.. haha.. ya, for a kid, maybe.. RM10. but it's definitely expensive when you value it from the thought and heart.. that's why people always say "it's the thought that counts." and that's expensive..


a precious day today...
i'll never forget it...