We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Friday, December 26, 2008


i was off this very day and i got in touch with my 2 kids.. supposed to bring them out for breakfast but apparently, i overslept.. *sorry*.. but still, i brought them for a late breakfast.. haha.. after which, i spent some time with them at their house.. played Yu-Gi-Oh cards with Jorell..
then we were chatting away in his room.. haha... quality time..
and he tried on my specs.. haha... looks good. (:
then, left their house and went to meet my boy, whom i havent brought out for a long time.. Johanan. noticed i chaged specs? (if you're a boy, you'd probably notice only when you read this cuz most of my female friends/kids would tell me i changed specs but the boys dont notice.) does the specs suit me? haha..
as usual, both of us went down to the airport.. haha.. we're regulars to the place already.. haha..
together, we took photo with the man-made control tower..
we went to ride on the free ride train in the basement and guess what? we saw MARK!! haha.. he's my ex-st anne's student.. so funny la.. he was videoing us.. =D
and here we are on the tram...
blur cuz the ride was very bumpy...
after that, we decided to go IKEA for dinner!! yummy~!!
then, it's SHOPPING TIME!!

crabby crab~!! it's snapping his ears!! haha..
then we went to see all the different display rooms and we really had so much fun.. can you imagine him being a house husband or chef next time? he's so interested in the kitchen stuff.. haha.. you see and you'll know what i mean..
we kept role playing the kitchen scene where he cooks for me and i'll pretend eating and drinking those delicious food.. haha..
i told him that in the kitchen, you dont only cook, you wash.. and here, he's pretending to wash the dishes.. wahhaha...
exploring the lights...
bake? haha.. yea, a huge oven...
a kiddy set of kitchenery play...
preparing and setting up the dining table! haha..
we really had great time there.. after that, i went to his house and as i promised, i stayed over his place.. =D

spent so much quality time together.. love it.. and i bet he enjoyed himself too.. a good night kiss to end the wonderful day!!
24th DEC!!

the start of my santa claudsing.. haha.. i love giving presents and meeting my kids~!! however, this year, i didnt have my blades on, my guitar striped and my christmas cap on.. haha.. it was raining and i guess i'm not prepared to play and sing this year.. anyway, here's what i did..

the start of the day, i went to Jorell and Jordyn's house!! haha.. and they each made a card for me.. haha... i like them very much.. thanks~!!
and then, walked down to Coleman's house.. i'm really excited to see him, such a lovely and adorable boy... =D love him, love him, love him~!
then, took bus and went searching for the next person's house till i finally found it.. haha.. it's zheng hao!! haha.. was very anxious and excited because it's my first time, first year i was going his place.. dont know the parents well and have no idea how things gonna turn out..

i took a deep breath and pressed the bell.. the mum came by and was so happy to see me.. well, but was disappointed to hear that zheng hao had just fallen asleep(nap)... although he's taking his nap, his mum invited me in and tried waking zheng hao up (since i came a long way)... and there, he woke up, looking puzzled at first but went our eyes met, we hugged.. =)

had a great chat with his mum and due to time issue, it's a pity i had to leave.. more hugs and then a photo with him.. well, am really looking forward the next time i meet him, or even every sunday... pray hard that God will use me mightly to be a servant, a role-model or even a big brother to this little boy.. hope this will also bring me a step closer to the Creator too.. lots of love to him and Him.. till we meet again~~real soon!
then, took a bus down to the 3 Ds house (Dylan, Darryl and Danzel)... but to my surprise, their house were full of people.. haha... they were having a party.. i didnt know what to do.. haha.. shocked.. didnt expect so many people and i didnt prepare anything great.. cuz when i looked into the house, there, under the HUMONGOUS laid countless of HUGE PRESENTS... and i, got three puny presents.. haha.. but i told myself, since i'm here, just for the kids,i shall see them.. and there, the three of them came out and greeted me.. and we even took photos.. haha.. lovely..
then, left with no regrets, i called up my dearest Eunice and was glad she's at home.. so, i took another bus and drop by her place... gave to her one of my three special bears... (first to gawain, second to her. third is still with me).. haha.. was really happy to see her.. *hugs*!
gave her the bear that comes with a photo we took on the last day of school... love it.. and i love this photo too.. (: *sweet*
last stop was suppose to be Nic and Nat, but they werent around... and i was late for an event at SBC.. so, i decided to go home and rest...

25th DEC!!

i love you!

it's christmas!! so excited as i got up and went to church... service was okay.. got a korean speaker but couldnt catch what he was preaching.. haha..

and sitting in front of me was this two mischievous boys.. so cute and adorable.. so distracted by them.. haha... and the funniest thing was, since they are twins, i got a photo with one of them and when i asked them who was it, both of them actually started fighting and arguing that it was themselves.. haha.. so funny, even both of them got confused about each other, let alone me.. ;p
anyway, managed to talk to gawain for a while but didnt snap any photos because he was rushing off.. haiss... and i wont see him next week cuz he'll be away.. what a pity.. gonna miss him a lot!!!

caught up with the Ks and had some time with them.. haha.. loved man, and keith was so nice to accompany me... haha..
my cool little Kester..
but then, he became silly kester.. haha..
after church, i called nic but he wasnt at home.. and so, i went home and com-ed for a while.. till about evening, he called and told me he was home.. so i got changed and rushed down!!

nic and me..
cute!! with his christmas cap on~ haha..
and the funniest thing was, he didnt realize he got the cap on till an hour later during dinner! haha...
and talking about dinner, he's dad went out to packet PIZZA for us and his mum made WINGS, as well as BAKED RICE for us.. YUMMY~!!
that's about my christmas... how about yours? got many presents? i got many! haha.. thanks to those that contributed!! love them.. i've yet to open them... and my lovely OWEN and REUBEN came by my house just to pass me a christmas present!! and Owen even showed me some of his magic tricks! so cool.. haha.. okay.. i shall find some time to open my presents! and after i've seen my presents, i'll do a ranking.. look out soon!!

i'll be waiting
even though
you wont be around
this sunday
see you next sunday!
i will miss you~