We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
birthday weekend

opps.. here's lazy joey blogging like finally.. haha..

well, he's been busy with his kids, his games, his shoulder.. haha... yupp.. here's some updates:

1) did my shoulder operation on 25 march (if you are wondering why, i had a very loose left shoulder.. bankart lesion.. so i went to fix it)
2) had one of the best birthday..
3) caught up with st anne's kids during the mc period.

here's all the photos..

my dearest kids..
a new boy i know.. Nicodemus really made a lot of my days while i was there.. very sweet boy.. =D
oh so cute.. isaac became very close to me.. finally he's opening up cuz he used to be the very shy and quiet boy.. he's doing funny faces when i wanted to take photo with him.. he would not do such thing last year lo.. haha..
there, another one.. rawr!!
during the week, it was also zheng hao's bday.. so i made this especially for him..
with our photos inside..
and here's isaac and i again.. see.. so surprising..
i love this pic.. =D
i had lots of time to visit my kids..
and so i went to play with the two z...
they did many cards for me.. haha.. so touching.. =D
and this was one of the saturdays after my dressing that they invited me for breakfast.. and afterwhich, we went to their grandparent's house where they wholeheartedly did cards for me.. so nice.. haha.. it was a great time of bonding... even with their mei mei.. haha..
and zj initiated a photo shot.. hahah.dearest ks.. they were very sweet.. it was my birthday the previous day and they hugged me to wish me.. i was so touched.. keith was first to come by.. =D
and this was a long story but i managed to get gawain to celebrate my birthday with a movie together.. that made me like the happiest person in the world at that time lo.. best present.. haha.. le came along too.. so great..
but before that, lynnette made DURIAN CAKE for me. isnt it lovely? haha.. thanks!! so touched.. nice nice.. yummy!!
my birthday companion..
and we set off to watch movie.. long story but then again, we managed to watch though we were late..
movie wasnt nice but with them around, great.. hhaha.. and we then plan our way home.. haha.. this looked like we were lost and needed some help.. or maybe like amazing race.. haha..
before mrt station..
on the mrt.. le like so scared of us.. haha..he shy la.. lol!!
outside gawain's condo.. haha.. great day!!
another sunday. i love taking photos of kids praying.. so pure and innocent.. wont you grant their prayers? haha..
and he's praying too.. not sleeping.. haha..
2 weeks after my birthday would be my dearest gawain's birthday.. so i spent much days and nights and effort to come out with this.. haha.. i love it..
and so that sunday, a day before his bday, i prepared the present and went to shinners.. the kids were worshiping and i saw this very touching scene.. julian was kneeling and raised his hands because he wanted Jesus.. i think so.. haha.. and this really touched me..
and we watched a movie.. it was jesus' cruxifiction. and i was sitting with my ks and gawain.. haha.. and marc was so funny because he was afraid and ran out of the room.. haiss.. and this pic showed kids raising hands because they were asked "who wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts?" and they were so eager.. i was excited.. long story between gawain and i where i wrote on my ipod.. haha..
and after that, present time!! haha.. i asked him to open..
and he was so happy to see it.. haha.. he was really overjoyed and he kept saying "very nice very nice" and he made my present as the best he'd ever gotten, by far.. haha.. i hope every year would be the best for him.. happy birthday boy!!
and on his actual birthday, i went down his school to find him.. it was really a great time together and we really hated to see time flew by.. but i thank God for a day and hope we can have more time as such.. i pray.. haha..
you are my angel.
and i will be your angel
and your best best friend.