We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Monday, January 26, 2009
weekend before CNY

okay.. my blog is starting to have spider webs.. haha..

okay.. i am doing fine, if you are wondering.. many people think i am so free, well, i guess i am a little.. i am often present in st anne's despite serving NS.. haha.. well, i would say i grasp every and any opportunity i could just to see my kids, be it one hour or one minute; a hug or a distant wave, i will be more than satisfied.. who would understand that more than my God? =D you wouldnt.. you would say i am mad, why not spend time going home rest, sleep, find a girlfriend... well, that's me.. if God made me a servant, i will be.. if i were for the kids, i will be.. ;p

okay.. to back track a little...
24th Jan (Saturday)

it was the last saturday before chinese new year.. and i was tasked to take care of god-son.. so, on this very first time, we spent our time out.. first, i received him from his tuition centre.. then, we went all the way down to toa payoh to wait for someone... this was us waiting outside.. i was showing him magic tricks to kill some time..
and zhong le was that someone we were waiting for.. haha.. i asked him out to accompany me when god-son attends his tuition later that day.. and we had sakae sushi for lunch..
at first he tried to "siam" the photo.. then, i managed to capture again..
and this was taken outside god-son's tuition place.. nice~!!
another shot before we said bye...
then both le and i went on a very hurried shopping spree.. it wasnt that fruitful but it was always nice to have him around to make me laugh..
and not long before we headed back to pick sotaro.. didnt buy anything in the end..
and so, we were all at the bus stop waiting for bus to bring le back home as he had taekwando..
and we started taking photos..
on the bus, le really knows how to take care of my boy.. i wasnt as worried then... haha..
that probably sumed up my day..
the next day, sunday 25th Jan.. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORELL*
well, didnt get anything for my boy.. haha.. anyway, ya, it was the eve of chinese new year and i was quite desperate because i had yet to get my shirt and shoes and almost everything... and so, since i didnt get anything for le the previous day, i promised him i would bring him out again and this time, we will get something, at least.. and we went shopping again!! haha.. from OG, we started walking and trying on.. haha.. and he was just clueless about everything... he started off with crocodile shirt.. haha.. cute but wasnt appropriate.. see? not that bad though but his mum will sure give a "huh?!" kinda look.. haha.. and the young salesgirl outside the fitting room was so fascinated, she kept chanting "oh, so cute, so cute.." haha.. whatever~~
the shirt was nice but i preferred the blue strips.. anyway, i didnt buy in the end because i wanted to view more variety before the final conclusion, though i was running out of time (half day for CNY eve).
a better picture of us in the shirt.. i think it's very nice, especially we were in the same shirt.. haha.. can be my son too...
then, we went up to the kid's section and we finally found what's suitable for le.. though it was a little expensive and over his budget, i paid for the excess and there went the happy boy with the new shirt.. haha...
and so, we went off and i got a chance to find my clothes.. finally, i found what's suitable for me, after walking through bugis street and bugis shopping centre... i ended up at DOMANCHI~!! and i FELL IN LOVE with the clothes there.. man, how i foresee myself spending much money there in the future.. haha...
then, it was about time when i sent le home... we were happy we got our own clothes, last min.. haha.. and then, after i brought him home, i went alone to city hall to look for shoes.. it was at the brim of time when i finally, and i mean thank GOD, finally, a shop that was not closed by 6pm... it was where i got my very own shoes with $110 at cost.. well, cant help much.. i love the design, the colour, the comfortable-ness, and for a last min item, i just had to give it all, and i was at least glad to pay.. haha.. =D

HAPPY NEW YEAR!~!! stay tune for more CNY photos!!

my weekend shopping
with you was fun.
maybe next year again? ;p