We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!!

okay, wasnt anywhere but home during countdown.. my paternal cousins came over and celebrated with us too.. then went out for supper.. =D

well, 2009 started off weird.. dont feel like it's a new year, and guess i dont wanna feel like a year older too.. but at least, the great thing was, gawain appeared in my very first 2009 dream.. ;p

Friday (2nd Jan)

well, went to st anne's on their first day of school.. and only the nursery kids were present.. it's to facilitate their comfort level with friends and teachers, and to help them adjust to the surroundings, accompanied with their parents in school.

the kids in st anne's.. wonder how much tears were used up.. haha..

parents anxious to see their kids...playground time!!

i went to st anne's around 915am, just to realized it's only half-day.. *SAD SAD!* but that's nothing to regret when i met this boy... and i literally STARED at HIM!!! okay, actually on my way in, i saw this dad that's very VERY FAMILIAR~!! and i was getting very EXCITED~!!! (cuz i know him, and his kids, till i realized it was half-day school)... anyway, i quickly went into the school and then for the first class (PEACE A), i looked into the class through the window and there.....this little boy looked at me and then a few seconds later, he said "hello" in a soOOOooOo innocent voice..!! and i was still looking at him... so many things running through my head.. he has this little pony tail, just like his brother when he was young.. yes, it's BRANDON KOH's little brother!! i sure do miss my brandon boy.. and YES!! he's in amanda's class~!!! this time, i hope nothing happens like what happened to his brother where they ended up transferring him to another school and i had to hunt down everywhere to look for him.. and of course, i said "hello" back.. i'm really looking forward to seeing him again next week...

that's brandon's bro~!! look exactly like brandon.. =D

then, along the way, i saw E-an's parents.. we chatted a little and then i rushed in to take a look at E-dan, E-an's little puny brother.. soOoooOo adorable.. will definitely take photos with him... and he was so little, sitting there alone, not crying... others were making a huge fuse and tearing like waterfall but him.. and i approached him, talked a little and left cuz tr karen needed help in holding on to a crying boy.. oh well, time was really short and all of them left.. will see them again soon!!! and years ahead to come!! (finally got another reason to go st anne's, to take leave/off, and even to fall sick!! haha.. i'm ready to over-write my history, to make history again!!)

okay.. amanda has this specs and it made both of us so "high".. haha.. so facinated by it... LOL~!!

haha.. self-snapped photos..

at night, got a call from Zheng Hao.. oh, it's been weeks since i hear his voice.. really glad that he called.. we were talking about his first day of school.. (: *love*

then, minutes later, was shocked to see "e-an's father" name flashing on my hp... as i picked up the call, it was my little apple, E-an... haha.. it's been ages the last time i heard his voice.. and was really glad to speak to him.. heard from him that he scored 2nd in class last year.. everything seemed so perfect.. =D *love* got the chance to wish him "Happy Birthday, sweetie."

thank you God..

3Jan (Saturday)

okay, i seriously was looking forward to this day.. had a date to play basketball with one of my kids in church.. it's a long long story how we even came to a conclusion to meet up.. but at first we weren't that close, but thanks to the christmas singing (CCIS), i got a little closer to him... pri 5 boy, easy going, fun-to-be-with, funny guy, "humble"... haha.. yea, and we met up for a basketball game..

well, it was worth waiting for my morning before he called and met up with me at about 2pm, though i reached the destination at about 12plus.. it's just a little pity i dont get to spend more time with him.. never mind! hope it can be an every-saturday thing.. =D

went we met up, i was so glad to see him.. chatted all the way (long way) to the basketball court.. when we reached the court, we saw people playing.. then, we sat down a little while to wait.. just then, rain came... haiss.. i was like -.-" sians lor... so we went to look for shelter.. but i don't know why, after a while, we decided to go back to the basketball court.. (he said that it was just drizzle, never mind...) and by God's grace, really God's grace that the rain stopped.. and come to think about it, i truly thank God for making space for US!! love it.. it's really well-planned.. the rain chased off the gang playing and when we went back, the rain STOPPED and the entire court was empty!! haha.. so happy!! and so, we started playing......and laughing... (cant stop laughing... i wonder if i'm funny or he's funny.. haha..)

took a photo during our drink time!

the entire time spent together was great, precious, unforgetable.. gave him a treat on drinks and then i got to run... was late for church.. worse still, after sending him back, i took mrt and bus and lo and behold, i ended up lost... LOST!! thank God regina was in church, backing me up for pianist.. phew, lucky.. and i reached church about 5.30++pm.. haha.. no choice, was guilty and i bought them dinner.. (sorry, got the wrong drink and maggie mee.. ;p) yup.. but great day!!

and at least for now,
i've got another reason
to go church...
Love you God..
Your plans are always