We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blessed 2nd day of 2008

a day so well-planned by God...

a little confused about whether i'm going out with Johanan again today. we actually talked about it but then again, some things cocked up... well, in the end, the mother was okay about it and we went...


we reached the airport by bus and it was a wonderful time together during the journey. as we reached the airport, we immediately went to the viewing hall. he was so happy snapping photos of planes away...

now the photos i uploaded were jumbled up... i'm just so lazy to arrange them... i just love being with him... he makes me felt so loved... well, let the photos do the speaking...

we even dropped by T3... but there were nothing...

Johanan with SIA planeus at T1, T2 and T3
in front of viewing hall
control tower!
still in christmas mood
he was facinated by this water cooler thing. at first, he didnt know how to use it. then, as he walked nearer, the sensor sensed it and water shot out. haha.. then, he was stunned and stepped back. i said it's like that and he came forward again. then, he didnt know how to drink, and his face was so wet... haha... so funny...where's the restaurant?
i can fly!
going Terminal 3
going Terminal 1
*where should we go?*
* geeeeeeee*
*are we reaching? *
" where's the plane?"
after having such great fun at the airport, we went down tampines. first, i planned to get a neocard with him. didnt upload the neocard we took... lazy.. haha.. ask me if you see me...

window shopping at Toys'r'us...

dinner at Pizza Hut!!

then, i took him for a haircut... at first, he was reluctant... but i had to convince him so much till he was willing... the only reason he didnt want to have the haircut because the hairdresser was an auntie instead of a pretty girl... -.-
then, once again, he was so over with Thomas...

having fun on the bus... different facial expressions... i was carrying him at first on the bus.. so ultra crowded... no kind soul willing to sacrifice his/her seat.. but i think cuz i look like a strong guy, but inside, i was struggling to hold him... luckily, someone who was seated left and it was in front of me. i didnt sit at first... i gave it up and offered a not-so-old-but-old lady but she insisted i sit... phew... if not i had to hang on to him till the last stop...

alright... it was such a blessed day... i'm so happy, loved, blessed, grateful, thankful, appreciated...

before i returned him, i chatted with his mum... Johanan was so stucked on me... it was like a half an hour chat... and then, when i had to leave, Johanan was like grabbing me... and then, he was like "i want Joey Kor Kor to be my brother." and repeated so many times... not only that, he started crying... i felt so bad... if only i could, but i couldnt... it was a 10min convincing+struggle till he had to let go, cry while walking away and waving back to me...

the fact is, whatever you have it, treasure them. cuz when you dont have them, you want them also cannot... (this is so singlish la... whatever. i'm tired) After being with Johanan, i realized he taught me so much... and the thing is, he's living under a roof with only his mum, bro and grandparents... i know, to you, he might occur to you as naughty, playful, rude, irritating... but, i know him and i think he needs so much love and attention... and all i can do is to add that little love and care he needs... what's the biggest difference between Johanan and Sotaro is family... and i understand that very well...

i will never leave you alone...
if i can, i would be your brother...
but now, the most i can offer to you,
is my unconditional, unfailing love and care...