We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

a day i would never imagine it to happen

i woke up early even though i slept very late the previous night. reason being, to bake the cornflakes thingy for one more kid, Johanan. after baking, i took my blades and bladed down to his house, hougang. i tell you, i've never blade so quickly. it took me less than 10mins to reach hougang. i almost had hamstring. it was aching already...

when i reached his place, i called him down. but the funny thing was, when he came down, he was well-dressed. and he said he could go out with me. haha. and so, i took him OUT! but first, i had to go home and get changed. so we took bus back to my house... taken on the bus...took this at my house. we were in green. and guess where we went? continue... we walked down to cp and took a train down to habour front. on NEL...this was taken outside vivo...
we walked in toy'r'us for a while. here's he and the robot...
well, how much he loved thomas the train.

after that, we went to see some cruises and big ships... he was so afraid to stand near the sea. haha.. but i was able to help overcome his fears. but look at the photo, he's still scared. took this with the ship behind. and here's me and him with our different ship. mine's green. his blue. he took this for me. (:
we then took a lift together up to the 15th storey. why?
CABLE CAR!!! it's our first time sitting cable car. moreover, it's TOGETHER!! i couldnt think of a better person to be with!
and if you are still wondering where we went, it's...


anyway, i couldnt remember when's the last time i went sentosa. 6 years back? 7 years? but what's great was, Johanan could tell me everything about sentosa. (just that he couldnt pronounced those words properly and i had to figure out like so hard.) so, i went to take the map and was walking aimlessly, just like a blind leading a blind. then he told me he wanted to go santong beach. i told him i only know siloso beach. he was like "santong san tong..." haha... then, i looked at the map and i realized, it's TANJONG beach. haha.. and we got help from some people... we took bus there... (what was great about this trip was he knew where he wanted to go..) taken on the bus...
finally, we reached the beach he's been so excited over with. i was excited too... and he started playing with sand... haha... it was so fun... he really was great entertaining himself, as well as entertaining me. how? by throwing sand at me!!! and we were all wild throwing sand... wahahaha... see how he squeezed the sand like squeezing orange juice... haha...
and i drew his name on the beach... *with love*

noticed why no "n" at the end? i tell you, i was already halfway from being washed away by the waves... haha.. watch was like all the way to my knees and i cant move back any futher... so, this was the best...
the reason why he wanted to come sentosa was because he loves bridges too.. haha.. and here's us at the bridge...
and there goes him throwing sand at me again... and we were running around... wahhaa..

both of us at SENTOSA!

we were so blessed... as we traveled back to the other side to continue playing with sand, we found 2 spade... he was so happy!! before we found the spade, we were also blessed because we bought mac's ice milo... i quickly finished it so he could use it to build sand castle...

okay... here's something for you to guess... know what's the black thing? hahahaha...i was sitting behind johanan, listening to music from my handphone when he came over with the milo cup filled with sand.. i was so ready to run away because i presumed he would pour on me... then, piiiiouuuuuuu.... down onto my hp... arrrrrhhhhhh... i ran after him lah!!! haha... *stupid* >.<

well, it was a great experience bringing a kid out. parents out there, i understand how you all feel already... wahhaah...

it was challenging to make him leave the place... i had to think of alllllllllll i've learnt during my poly days about Early Childhood Education stuff... and then, i was firmed and walked off, where he had no chance but to follow. heehee~!!

we took a train back, since we took cable car already... on the express train back to vivo...when we reached back vivo, he was like "i want to go restaurant and eat." zzz... i had to phyco him so much just to save myself from having a hole in the pocket. haha... and in the end, we had Long John instead... cheap and good... haha... and he was so sweet to feed me some of the crums... then, we played fries game.. he bite the fries from a fries (or is it said "a fry"?) i was biting and hanging out of my mouth...
a video below of him entertaining me...

after that, we bought a cup of ice-cream and shared... we chatted a lot on the bench and it was so nice having just the two of us, laughing and playing with each other... i suddenly felt so in love...
then, it was quite late already... we took mrt back... on the train, it was once again our so-called "honeymoon time"... i tell you, we were as if in our own whole... laughing and chatting... being with him will never be bored... great entertainer... it was sweet he could remember so many things i tested him...

here's a test for you too... no cheating... cannot look up the photos...
(as i asked johanan all these questions, i was covering his eyes...)

1) what colour shirt was i wearing?
(ans: look at any of the photos with me)

2) what was the colour of the cable car we were in?
(ans: look at the cable car photo)

3) what colour watch i was wearing?
(look at the photo i took with him and thomas the train)

4) what bottled-drink i bought for him?
(look at the photo of him below long john)

5) what's my favourite colour?
(if you dont know, haiss... he knows)

...and many more... i really had a wonderful time with him... thank you God for such a well planned day... i piggy backed him all the way home and it was about 1030pm where his mother came down to bring him back home...

i realized time passes so damn fast when i had to return him back... haha... it's always like that... but i'll never forget the things he said and done... many many sweet memories...

so, what a day i would never think it would happen actually happened!!!