We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Coleman boy...

brought my guitar to childcare on thursday and friday... the children were all very excited.. well, the thing is.......

seriously, i have NEVER sang "Tong Hua" so many times in a day in my entire life... really... and all i can sing is that song, and the "Huo Cai Tian Tang" about a girl who's mother had died and was alone in the chilling cold snow selling matches, and JJ "Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou" and another most sang song, "LAO SHU AI DA MI"... hahahaaa...

friday, about 610pm, the K1s came in my classroom... because it is time where all the children are gathered and it's the only place where parents will come and pick their children from... well, Coleman, a cute little dude, who i dont really know very well... yet it's so amazing how our relationship just got so close... it's just the every morning greetings and waves and goodbyes and smiles that made me noticed him and draws me close to him... but i didnt talk to him much... just one experience is that it was his birthday and when he came to my class for combine class, he ran to me and said
"Teacher Joey, today is my birthday and i have a present for you!"
i was surprised... i dun even have a present from him and he has a present for me... so i gave him a birthday hug!!! he's so cute, so pleasant, so lovable...

okay, when the K1s came in, Coleman came to me and said,
"Teacher Joey, today is my last day."
and my heart just sank... oh gosh... do you know how painful it is? i was so sad... really sad... i cant bear to see him go... and i went to sit beside him... i asked,
"so how do you feel since today is your last day here?"
he replied,
"i feel sad and happy... happy because i end school same time as my brother... then my daddy will try to come home earlier then we can play soccer together."
i said,
"i can also play soccer what... ask me to play also lah!!"
he said,
"we play outside our house."
i told him,
"why cannot? i also can play there.. hahaa... then why are you sad?"
he said, with a low pitch voice,
"because... because i cannot come here to see you."

ohhh... i just feel like crying... i just feel like hugging him so tightly and convince him not to go... really... i feel so painful to just see him like this... and the thing is he did not say like cannot see my friends and you and all... the thing is he only say "you"... i really love him so much... he made me feel so important too... i struggled when i asked him if he wants my number... he wants, but i told him what if his father scold? will he? and he said he wont... even if, he is not scared... i was so touched... such a kid will be willing to get scolding just to call me, it's the greatest sacrifice a kid can offer... i gave him my number... hoping he will call me soon... then, his maid came... gosh... i just cant describe the feelings i had just watching him step out of the centre... i cant do nothing... if only i can, i would just grab him and not allowing to go out.... he just kept saying, "byebye Teacher Joey... byebye Teacher Joey..." i want to cry... i miss him... really miss him... somemore his not my student and i got so attached to him in such a short period of time, and only see him once in the morning, not for long, and at 6plus, also not for long... some days, i dont even get to see him at 6 plus because the maid will fetch him earlier... well, my heart aches now as i type all these... just three words for you dearest Coleman...

I MISS YOU!!! >,<