We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
time of my life


i went CMPB to get my pes downgraded... i am now a Pes C1 L2... however, it was so annoying to know nothing about my enlistment dates... sorry guys, as far as both you and i want to know the dates, i'm still clueless about it...

then, i went compass point, purpose was to borrow some books i've been looking for... it was about 10 when i reached... library opens only at 11am... shagged~ i went around shopping around closed doors... then, i realized there's Missy Donut with less than 5 people queueing... so, i joined in the fun... i then remembered that they have a promotion of buy-one-get-one-free for the first 10 customers... yeah~ because i was the 7th customer... in total, i bought 24 donuts at a cheap price... cool~

anyway, went to st anne's and i saw him... i just cannot describe how 幸福 it was to see you... i tried so many times to just stand at a distance to watch you but you seemed to be a stronger magnet now, attracting me with such great force that i cannot resist but to be "magnetized" by you...

he was wearing an apron... i'm not! ha

..while waiting for his maid's arrival..

i was blessed that his maid came late... i then offered him a donut and he was glad to have one... and i said "one donut cost a kiss" and there, a willing peck on the cheek... haha..

i left st anne's about 10mins after he left and to my blessings, i saw him again at a bus stop behind my block... oh, i tell you, it was a time of my life... he had another of my donut, and got one for his maid as well... i went home and changed after that and as i came back, he was still there... i sat there, with him in my arms, with nose rubbing mine, with my mind praying that the bus would come rather slowly... i really did not want to let go, even when it was time to go... and when he boarded the bus, he quickly sat at the front seat and waved to me... i ran, stupidly and involunteerily without hestitation after the bus till it drove out of my sight... but even when i closes my eyes, he's never out of sight...

at the bus-stop after i went home to change


i was invited to a barbeque in st anne's because one of the father(priest) is going to leave the centre... it was another excuse to be able to see him, spend time with him, talk to him... as i walked in the door step, i saw him having his class already... so, i went ahead to help start the fire... here and there, i will peep through a window glass to see him and the very first time i peeped, he looked at me and smile... that smile with really make me melt even when i am an ice in the freezer... he waved, i waved... *love*

i said, "your shirt looks like the table cloth" and it was true... i kept laughing...

didnt have much time with him, other than a few moments squating beside him, to look at him, to talk to him, to disturb him with jokes, to let him hold my hands, to touch his hair, to hug him before he leave... then, back to barbeque...

i bought the magic cube and tried doing it, after remembering what lynnette has taught me the previous day... and gosh, i took a pathetic 7 hours to complete it!!! i've got witness because they was with me the entire 7 hours, just cracking my head and doing!!! poor them because i've neglacted them so much... i started at 8pm and was done with it at 3am!! ahhh!!! but good... i felt good after that... yes!!
i want every day with you
while You are with me every day
that's 幸福 to the fullest